Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel, Full 25-Minute Movie

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Robogabriel : Wow, I had no idea John Dilworth (Courage The Cowardly Dog) animated this. Even more surprised, my Intro To Animation Teacher Doug Compton was one of the other animators! Small world!

joshtimasprime : I cried out of nostalgia.

22Tesla : I have this video on VHS still from when I was three, and that was almost 20 years ago. *blissfull sigh as a tear rolls down my cheek* I watched this video so many times I can recite it by heart and I still remember the songs too. Those were the good old days. How I miss them dearly

Deorse : Holly cow I haven't seen this movie in over 15 years. I was in the second grade when I first watched this movie. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.

Jerry Rudd : The steam shovel in the cartoon was named to sound like the name of the real company that built the real ones, The Marion Steam Shovel Company of Marion Ohio, Mary Anne/ Marion.

RockyRailroad Animation : I consider this to be more of a tragedy because Mary Anne's boiler being put under the constant stress of being in steam continuously, never seeing the sun again, being fed poorer quality coal, she is completely immobile, and is forced to continuously produce sufficient steam to keep the radiators of the town hall working. They could have dug a trench at a 22° angle, and gotten the shovel out instead, but that one kid showed up and decided that buying a kerosene heater was too big of a stretch. I read way too deep into this, but still, they did that earlier in the story with the skyscraper, and in real life to an extent.

MeU Bunny : this made me cry when i was little

Lynn Stoller : My favorite song was "No Steam Shovels Wanted!"

Kohala Iron Works : This is the 1st time I saw an animated movie of this Old Favorite of mine... My Mom read this to me in 1961...I was 4 years old. When I became a man I joined the Operating Engineers Union Local 3 (Northern California & Hawai`i)... This story sealed my fate to be a Heavy Equipment Operator...

Poopiter LikeJupiter : 13 people had to pay for the cellar.

David Sterling : If the economy goes against you just try harder! But forreal, my childhood. Love this!

Poopiter LikeJupiter : im literally having a nostalgia related anxiety attack from watching this

steamerthesteamtrain : Why do i feel like they ruined Marry Anne, when they used her as the boiler room furnace.

ScottaHemi : my childhood D: this and katy bulldozer!

Jerry Rudd : I remember seeing this in the 3rd grade as a kid, One of my all time favorite stories, Yes i am a 47 year old kid, LOL!!!

Joey Pincombe : he look like the old bad man from courage the cowardly dog show

TheEngineGal : I had worn the vhs out watching this as a kid! Still remember all the words! (^◇^;)

Kongo Bongo : songs: 2:30 Workin' Together 7:35 No Steam Shovels 9:39 No One Wanta Us 15:49 A Cellar in a Day 23:53 Awesome Credits

Oblio Arrow : Mike is quite the hunk!

7090charlie : First book I've ever read, 30 years later  this will be the first book my little one will read!! Thank you for this video my kid loves it, just watched it for the 4th time today...THANK YOU!!!

Marco Silva : I don't know why but this just popped into my head at work and I had to look it up. Talk about nostalgia, loved the no steam shovels wanted song was my fave but looking back, why did she become a furnace at the end just because some kid said so. They just literally buried her alive and guess what? The other shovels won.

Josh Vassallo : This is my favorite book. I still read it today.

Joey Pincombe : what decade do you think this is. asides from the1970s

Granpa Ray : I aint seen this in years

Robert Martin : Mrs. Mi Gil I cut e's Son as Champion the bull

Robert Martin : And the no one wants us anymore song is what matt and I sing when matt and/or I get sad about something.

Joey Pincombe : ever wonder how the fire dept still use horses the pull the steam fire wagon

Jon Stupidanus : why not?

The Nerd : dig a cellar in a day was my favorite song so inspiring!

Manuel Ayala : Mary An looks cute

M Linthz : My 22 year old son recently mentioned his favorite video as a child - this is it. Borrowed the library's VHS copy until we wore it out and they couldn't replace it :-( Can't find it anywhere on DVD just for ol' times sake....very sad.

Jaime Julian Peters : This was my favourite story as a child. I first read it when I was 6, in 1969. A fantastic story.

Rinate Meto : 7:57 those are some sassy shovels!!!! 8:54 yaaaas girl work that engine!!!

Blake Bartenbach : 8 people had their jobs taken away

Dirty Beef Curtains : Remember this movie and book as a kid. Thank you

Mattias Hellkvist : Cellar in a day is sooooo good!

Gabby Wall : I was cleaning my bookshelf when I found the book and tape of this movie and I had to watch it for the memories

Baba Looey : Mary Ann reminds me of a brontosaurus.

crescent fallen : Remember this from a 70s version encyclopedia. It had a bunch of short stories and Aesop fables. Trying to locate it.

Andrew Horne : 22:49 - "Why not?" said Mary Anne.

Dirty Beef Curtains : Just dig out a walk to get out ! Make a ramp!!! Jesus

Detailedstream 1991 : Mike mulligan and his a steam shovel i read the book and watch movie!!! :D

Chris Agnew : I love this book

Don Panzer : This was one of favorite books in grade school. Thanks for the great memories.

Gabe PL : the only thing about Mary Anne is that she has a pure look

Robert Martin : Everybody Makes mistakes.

Random Stuff In Oregon : I'm pretty sure I've still got an original book somewhere. I had also forgotten how much music was in this.

Gabe PL : those 3 powered shovels are showoffs

Connor Cleary : Air date: September 10, 1991

Perrygallo : I dunno, in the end it still leaves an unsettling taste afterwards