My First Unboxing Video

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Andy Milonakis : I thought because of the tone of the video, in the envelope was going to be a pair of gloves. funny vid

ANTHONY BELL : OMG, when that hammer came down I lost it :D

Soltra45 : lmao the manual way

Shikamaru747 : On one hand (I'm sorry) this is brilliant comedy, on the other I feel so guilty for laughing. It's also weirdly inspiring? I want to see more basic things done by her so I can feel amused/inspired/guilty/conflicted. also if you liked this, check out the standup vid on her channel, it's fantastic XD Also also, WHO TAPES AN ENVELOPE?!

Courtney Gilmour : Welp, this really took off didn't it! This was a very quick and somewhat impromptu promo vid for my JFL42 performances and was meant as a tiny baby teaser for my upcoming unboxing vids - had no idea it would get this much attention already! WHAT CAN I SAY PPL GO NUTS FOR THE NUBS 😎 anyway for the record the festival did not really send me a duct taped box with a sealed envelope containing one pass, shout out to someone who said it should have been a wristband. There's lots of stuff we wanted to do, but just pumped this one out fast for my shows! You're one step ahead of me so now I gotta get on these new vids. Thanks for watching, subscribe to see more coming soon. COME SEE ME LIVE IN TORONTO. Also I already regret saying the 'nuts for nubs' thing a couple seconds ago, oh well bye. xo!

Sarimperil : lmao 😂 shout out for the manual way. I'm missing one arm and the nub is way better at busting open packages. you're hilarious.

Michel Angelo : Now that's the healthy kind of body acceptance that I support.

Stephen Summers : Who else was rooting for there being gloves in that box?!?

Trine Langohr : Since I was a small child, I kept thinking "Why do one-armed pirates have a hook? Where do you ever need a hook?" - Unpboxing. That's where.

Anthony Kavanagh : Haha! Hammer time :D

Joshua & Zerubbabel : so crazy! LOL

lokalikesasia : I love this video! I feel guilty for laughing but this shit is hilarious and inspiring. You doing unboxing/opening stuff/doing daily chores etc could be a whole channel. I'm sure it could be a huge hit. PLEASE GIVE ME MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS ! :D

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I'll never take my own unboxing for granted again.

gphebus72 : No clue how this was going to go when I started to watch. "Who duct tapes an envelope!" Hilarious.

eerereps : 2:41 Right? that also beats my understanding really 🤣

QraTz : Shit I drop myself of laughing.

Stretch The World : This is the funniest god damn thing I've seen in months. You rock.

Ickuriss : Yer way awesome! 😁🤘

vincent : That was a very graceful unboxing. lol

Inoubliable Douleur : Remember: no hands, no cookies. :)

Salad Hate : Girl, omg! Why don't you have some cool devices, like metal hook or mechanical claw? I mean, i get the joke, but rly wanna see some unboxing with like muscle controlled circular saw added to your hand

Mr. Brocoli : u are adorable <3

Jeff Holloway : I'm an instant fan. Thanks.

zerg47 : lol

Jonathan Rocha : I need more of these

Mathias Hellerøe : Super duper congrats!! :-) And best unboxing video I've ever seen ^_^Y

Zec : Ha.

Jeff Trout : I applaud you.

David Ortiz Davila : Holy shit, this is gold. Thanks for this!

Jason Thomas : love it!

Simon Rakoff : They take security seriously. Congrats!

danny alexander : This video makes me so happy ♥

Scordark : I love it your sense of humor, you are awesome xD

Takkyu1981m : Hi Courtney, sorry if I may ask as I see you unboxing... I am asking as I got a piece of my finger amputated and still after 12 years it still kinda hurts me touching things too hard or fast. Does it kinda hurt you holding things like a hammer or so?

AnOldYoungGuy : I was imagining her finally opening the box after struggling for several minutes, finding prosthetic hands, and saying "well, it's a little late for THESE!"

Jacques Erasmus : The best and funniest video I saw today! My stomach hurt so much from laughing after you voiced your frustration at the envelope. Looking forward to more from you. 😎

JacobBe5 : I was hoping for some games. Monopoly Trouble Parcheesi ... Perfection

beardglebbeard : You're awesome! ))))

Stephen Summers : Also, you used the scissors on the box... but not the envelope?

BonEndeavor : I honestly thought this was a 4chan troll on an unboxing channel.

Beach&BoardFan : Need some sweet robot arms! Like Jax from mortal combat...

Alejandro Pallarés Nadal : Clap, clap, clap!

dag1984 : Seems like she's stumped on how to open it.

Nicholas J Stainer : God dammit this is great! Well played.

Manny Peters : Why isn't the camera person helping? 🤣

J L : This was gold, love this.

B0BThePounder : This is golden, I'm going to enjoy this one for a long time

Marshy : *throws away Jim Abbott rookie card

fromtheptothab : great video.

Adrian Hoe : Now THAT is an unboxing! 🤣👌😍