Anchorman 2 : Fight Scene

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ricardo9696 : 1980s: “What’s MTV?” 2018: “What’s MTV?”

Eclipto : Wait wait wait... Kanye West Harrison Ford Will Smith Jim Carrey Liam Neeson Sasha Baron *the ghost of stonewall Jackson* What type of Infinity War epicness is this...?

Jade Nguyen : When I'm done with you my mom's gonna pick me up and take me home.

Athelise T : I watched this with no context and I have no regrets.

Godfather 17 : Marvel : Infinity war is the greatest crossover of all time. Anchorman 2 : haha thats cute.

Robbie Miller : This has more cameos more than avengers infinity war

Josh Stiles : I feel like ever celebrities does this in secret every year

Jade Nguyen : Let's not downplay the fact that Ant-Man, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Qi Gon Jinn, Ra's Al Ghul, The Riddler, and Deadshot were all in this scene! #Nerdvana

Max Mungroosingh : When I first saw this film, the moment I saw Jim Carey my heart started pounding thinking he’d say “Bruce Nolan for Eyewitness News”...

MA HURAAN : 02:25 They can't have news , nothing happens in Canada 😂😂😂😂😂

manojh sangar : 6:40 “Sex Panther powers activate” So that’s where he was during the Avengers Infinity War

Jeremy Smith : Wow - Deadshot Captain Amazing Ant Man Han Solo Qui Gon Jinn The Riddler Cyclops and Michael freaking Scott!! Epic.

Tyler Edge-Partington : Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford in the same movie? I'm so happy

Matheus C. Takahashi : I lost it with "In the name of MARGARET THATCHER"

365 Black : How did they get these guys to come out and do this most of them are in the 20 million dollar category

Enri ¿ : Probably the greatest scene in cinematic history

FBI : Will smith killed that espn impression it’s spot on

Dood Bro : 3/4 of Ron’s team has been on the office at one point

Oneal the music man : This man called in an air strike 😂😂😂😂

The Flores Musician : Will Ferrel Paul Rudd Steve Carrell Jack Black Vince Vaughn Ben Stiller Liam Neeson Amy Poehler Tina Fey Kanye West Will Smith Harrison Ford John C. Reily Jim Carrey Now I see why these movies are so frickin awesome

Saurabh Verma : "What's MTV" "I think it's a veneral disease"

Ethan Carpenter : Marvel:Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event Anchorman: Hold my future gun

Yeet : “Oh yeah Jack Lime? When I’m done with you, my mom is going to pick me up and take me home”

Jon Trejo : You can tell Jim Carrey was about to start busting out laughing after he said his line😂

Jade Nguyen : Mac Tannon: Where is Ron Burgundy? Jeff Bullington: I'll do you one better, who is Ron Burgundy? Stonewall Jackson: I'll do you one better, WHY IS RON BURGUNDY!?

Alexander Ward : *There will be Mint Julip waiting for you in the other side, son*

Fade : *I like your ginger ale*

Coded : I just realized the girl in the pink sweater is the actor for Leslie Knope lmao

Helmet Man : I love that Stonewall Jackson is John C. Reilly

Curtis Durane : this Scene is insane... Will Smith ,Sacha Baron Cohen , Liam Neeson , kanye west, harrison ford(turns into a werewolf), gun's from the future, ghosts and a minotaur... wtf


Free Bird : In their prime, Ford and Neeson would've taken down all of them with one arm tied behind their backs.

The Amazing Tv Man : 3:25 to 3:56 How the idea for Thriller was made. Thanks Matt Tanon.

Jade Nguyen : All those news teams and STILL BET News couldn't get in on the action!

Huron .Blackheart : "What's MTV?" "I think it's a venereal disease." - Basically.

LL Armstrong : Werehyena vs. Minotaur

Ivan Paul Bautista : If endgame will not top this fight scene, its a failure.

Jake Shevitz : 5:00 Proof that Steve Carell is the funniest man alive

Mr. TacTown : Oh so this is where Ant Man was while everyone else was fighting in the infinity war, at least he was able to summon the power of the Black Panther from Uganda!!! 🐾💣💥💨😱😫🤮💀☠️⚰️

ImmaChiaotzu1 : Civil War II looks great. Can't believe Marvel finally got the X-Men rights and DC characters joined in.

DARK YODA : *Hahaha Canadian news team was just apologizing.*

Michael W Lam : Did I miss this movie? Or was a just blitzed out of my mind. The Minotaur repping with the History channel LOL.

DARK YODA : *The BBC should have had the Rule Britannia song playing when they came in.* "oh and they forgot the tea."

Jose Veliz : I dont remember this scene very well. So many great actors/comedians this is pure gold

lapamful : Now we know why there's so much fake news. All the real journalists died that day RIP

Connor Southern : Sacha baron Cohen "In the name of Margaret Thatcher" I've just melted 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

New joy : The cameo's in this are beyond epic! Jim Careys "HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" was amazing!!!!!!!

Gaara1800 : They'll be a mint julep waiting on the other side son

Takashi Kurisagi : That moment when Jim Carrey screamed. XD