Anchorman 2 : Fight Scene

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Chris Ray Gun : "History team wants in on this. We're news too! Only told much ... much later." Oh come on. Liam Neeson fighting alongside the Mighty Minotaur is IMPOSSIBLE to not enjoy.

Grayson G : It always gets me that burgundy is the only one who actually gives a shit about the ghost of stonewall Jackson 😂

Hristijan Talevski : "They can't have news, nothing happens in Canada."

Viktor Arvidsson : I wonder how much money they spent getting all these people into the same place.

ricardo9696 : 1980s: “What’s MTV?” 2018: “What’s MTV?”

ultimaT : Leslie Knope sure did change after becoming governor.

Kyle Wysh : Hold up is that Kanye

Silentype Student Producer : This what happens when the one sober writer in a smoke-filled room, types away frantically, struggling to piece together the rants of his several stoned colleges into a single cohesive plot.

Henry Knippling : “InFiniTy War Is tHE bigGest CrosSovEr EveNt iN TelIviSioN!”

matthew Knueven : "Brick what the hell is that?" "It's a gun from the future." "No fair, he's got a gun from the future." "Where did you get it from?" *brick laughs* That my favorite part of this fight and that laugh says everything about continuity in this film.

Mom's Spaghetti : The real Infinity War

_ MIC _ : We all know that this is a hilarious scene... But are we seriously gonna downplay the fact that that's the ghost of Stonewall Jackson

DarkHero Gamer : Ant Man vs Cyclops vs Borat vs Kanye vs SNL News Crew vs Riddler vs Talia Al Ghul vs Deadshot vs Ras Al Ghul vs the Sasquatch from Tenacious D vs Han Solo/Indiana Jones vs Mary Jane Watson vs Will Farrel.

John Michael Gonzalez : Lol this is the Star Wars fanbase after the last Jedi came out

awoken god : I don’t understand what the hell is going on here and I love it They got like every actor And Harrison Ford is a were -wolf- *hyena* What in gods name is going on here

Filip Djordjevic : well i guess thats where 99% of the budget went.

Ddlala63 : At 2:17 you can see Jim Carey about to break character

MA HURAAN : 02:25 They can't have news , nothing happens in Canada 😂😂😂😂😂

Mr Fister : Will Smith calling in the airstrike is awesome

Naveed Ahmad : Jim Carrey screaming is by far the best part of this video @2:09

Bill Bear : Man I kind of miss the old Will Smith before his father/son projects

Christopher O'Neil : 6:51 Only Jim Carrey can make falling down THAT hilarious LOL !!!

WorkWhale : Michael Scott killed Kanye. Best movie ever

Treedy Ralte : Who else wanted to see the Minotaur fight the Werewolf? 🤣🤣

Joe Masters : "What's MTV?" "I think it's a veneral disease" XD

Bruce Lee : Borat should represent Kazakastan

Anakin SkyWalker : Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson, both Star Wars icons and both appeared in films directed by Steven Spielberg, (Neeson in Schindler’s List; Ford in the Indiana Jones franchise) in a scene fighting each other. Too awesome.

Adam Dow : The Riddler, Ra's and Talia Al Ghul and Deadshot fighting each other.

QuietGuitaristfan : Why is ESPN calling in an airstrike?

King Justice : A great selection of celebrities in one shot.

lapamful : Now we know why there's so much fake news. All the real journalists died that day RIP

Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio : HEEEEEEEEY! Theres not gonna be any fight, without Scott Riles.. and the incredibly polite Canadian news team

Dannie Mathew : I repeat cook these fools

jarednil69 : It's a shame the film went downhill during this sequence. It had some funny points but was silly and over long.


Huron .Blackheart : "What's MTV?" "I think it's a venereal disease." - Basically.

N Figueroa : I wish I smoked weed for this scene. Because sober, I still thought I was tripping.

Skinny Wacky : Steve carell “I love your ginger ale” Steve is my spirit animal

HowAboutNo : Cook these fools I repeat cook these fools 😂

DJ Burst Fire : "there will be a mint julep waiting on the other side, son"

Sari Durgham : the real question is which news will report this?

Dood Bro : 3/4 of Ron’s team has been on the office at one point

Jade Nguyen : All those news teams and STILL BET News couldn't get in on the action!

Colton Lee : Steve Carell killed Kanye West

Faith Gabrielle : The way Jim Carrey screamed tho....🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rici Mercury : imagine the audiences at the theatre reacting to this

frankthespank : Will Smith had the best weapon, calling in an air strike, LOL!

Yeet : “Oh yeah Jack Lime? When I’m done with you, my mom is going to pick me up and take me home”

K00shGaming : Gta online deathmatch in a nutshell

EvilFookaire : 6:10 - "There will be a mint julip waitin' on the other side, son. Release your soul to me." I never noticed before now but shit got WAY dark there! I approve!