Anchorman 2 : Fight Scene

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Chris Ray Gun : "History team wants in on this. We're news too! Only told much ... much later." Oh come on. Liam Neeson fighting alongside the Mighty Minotaur is IMPOSSIBLE to not enjoy.

Jade Nguyen : When I'm done with you my mom's gonna pick me up and take me home.

ricardo9696 : 1980s: “What’s MTV?” 2018: “What’s MTV?”

Godfather 17 : Marvel : Infinity war is the greatest crossover of all time. Anchorman 2 : haha thats cute.

manojh sangar : 6:40 “Sex Panther powers activate” So that’s where he was during the Avengers Infinity War

Bill Bear : Man I kind of miss the old Will Smith before his father/son projects

Robbie Miller : This has more cameos more than avengers infinity war

Athelise T : I watched this with no context and I have no regrets.

John Michael Gonzalez : Lol this is the Star Wars fanbase after the last Jedi came out

Treedy Ralte : Who else wanted to see the Minotaur fight the Werewolf? 🤣🤣

ultimaT : Leslie Knope sure did change after becoming governor.

Eclipto : Wait wait wait... Kanye West Harrison Ford Will Smith Jim Carrey Liam Neeson Sasha Baron What type of Infinity War epicness is this...?

WorkWhale : Michael Scott killed Kanye. Best movie ever

Max Mungroosingh : When I first saw this film, the moment I saw Jim Carey my heart started pounding thinking he’d say “Bruce Nolan for Eyewitness News”...

MA HURAAN : 02:25 They can't have news , nothing happens in Canada 😂😂😂😂😂

Bruce Lee : Borat should represent Kazakastan

Colton Lee : Steve Carell killed Kanye West

Skinny Wacky : Steve carell “I love your ginger ale” Steve is my spirit animal

Josh Stiles : I feel like ever celebrities does this in secret every year

Jade Nguyen : Let's not downplay the fact that Ant-Man, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Qi Gon Jinn, Ra's Al Ghul, The Riddler, and Deadshot were all in this scene! #Nerdvana

Mom's Spaghetti : The real Infinity War

Matheus C. Takahashi : I lost it with "In the name of MARGARET THATCHER"

Brian Rommel : For a movie that had Ron bottlefeeding a baby shark, this was easily the most bizarre sequence in the entire movie.

Dannie Mathew : I repeat cook these fools

Dun diddly doo doo : Can we talk about how for like one second ant man became the black panther

lapamful : Now we know why there's so much fake news. All the real journalists died that day RIP

Jeremy Smith : Wow - Deadshot Captain Amazing Ant Man Han Solo Qui Gon Jinn The Riddler Cyclops and Michael freaking Scott!! Epic.

N Figueroa : I wish I smoked weed for this scene. Because sober, I still thought I was tripping.

Jade Nguyen : Mac Tannon: Where is Ron Burgundy? Jeff Bullington: I'll do you one better, who is Ron Burgundy? Stonewall Jackson: I'll do you one better, WHY IS RON BURGUNDY!?

Mr. TacTown : Oh so this is where Ant Man was while everyone else was fighting in the infinity war, at least he was able to summon the power of the Black Panther from Uganda!!! 🐾💣💥💨😱😫🤮💀☠️⚰️

jarednil69 : It's a shame the film went downhill during this sequence. It had some funny points but was silly and over long.

Dood Bro : 3/4 of Ron’s team has been on the office at one point

Enri ¿ : Probably the greatest scene in cinematic history

Jade Nguyen : All those news teams and STILL BET News couldn't get in on the action!

Rici Mercury : imagine the audiences at the theatre reacting to this

Yeet : “Oh yeah Jack Lime? When I’m done with you, my mom is going to pick me up and take me home”

365 Black : How did they get these guys to come out and do this most of them are in the 20 million dollar category


태선우TaeSunWoo : Idk why this came up on my on recommend but hey ok let’s watch infinity war again for old times sake

Rubber Ducky : Ra's al Ghul finally reunited with his daughter Talia.

Fredrik10 : In the name of Margaret Thatcher

KrappyFriedCat : "Oh yeah Jack Lime? When I'm done with you, my mom's gonna pick me up and take me home." LOL

YOUNG BLACK AMERICA Y.B.A : This man called in an air strike 😂😂😂😂

The Amazing Tv Man : 3:25 to 3:56 How the idea for Thriller was made. Thanks Matt Tanon.

Huron .Blackheart : "What's MTV?" "I think it's a venereal disease." - Basically.

Jade Nguyen : Let's not downplay the fact that Ant-Man, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Qi Gon Jinn, Ra's Al Ghul, The Riddler, and Deadshot were all in this scene! #Nerdvana

Helmet Man : I love that Stonewall Jackson is John C. Reilly

vol Rogue : Holy shit, there's alot of celebrities!

LL Armstrong : Werehyena vs. Minotaur

Filip Djordjevic : well i guess thats where 99% of the budget went.