Potions - AVM Shorts Episode 4

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AutoDead : 05:16 top 10 saddest deaths in anime. PS: Oh my god, people i commented this while eating instant ramen with my weeb-self 10 hours ago now i have 500 likes.

Komique Adler : The pig is named Reuben in the subtitles. "Minecraft Story Mode Confirmed"

Opal Star 27 : 3:02 captions on! REUBEN MINECRAFT STORY MODE AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

XTREME PVP : Alan becker is such a creative person

TGG : Your channel should be mentioned more you have more subs then Jaiden animations! And almost same amount of subs as Domics

TheApoke : Never in 100 years would I expect animation vs pig *TO BE THIS AWESOME*

Мурка Queen : 5:44 ахах

Andrew and Ray Spivak : Animation vs level 99 pig

potter by nature : This is my favourite alan becker episode #karate pig

Koray's Origami : 03:25 HE NEEDS SOME MILK!

Amy Z : Orange guy = leader and crafter Red guy = animals Yellow guy = engineer Green guy = builder Blue guy = farmer All of the stick figure are different :)


Make M.C.P.E Plays - roblox n minecraft : 4:21 animation vs anime

Maksim Bereznay : охиреноэ видео

Nurison : Animal abuse be like.._

Oja Mačuda : Me while watching: *He need some milk!*

Миркой : 4:20 Whaaaat?

DRAGONofGTA TheGamer : I'm about to download minecraft

Amar pal Singh : Who are you Orange : leader Blue:farmer Green:enginier Red:best craft. Who are you Write in reply 😎😎😎😎

Jacob Burden : This was no joke my experience with potions in Minecraft. I was just throwing crap at the wall and seeing what stuck.

Andrew Channel : Your videos are amazing! I feel a child again :D

Daniel Petrovic : Reuben. 😭😭😭😭😭

videoxgamer : Wow animal abuse

Komique Adler : *Animation vs. Level 99 pig*

Pixels Boys BR : Pig Vs Stickman

Fenix : I don't think I've ever seen a Youtuber (or Newgroundser?) that has consitently put out such quality videos!

Alisa Gelfuß : Super Pig!

Zorolve and Asriel dub : Poor blue got drunked lol

Nada SS Al Syabiy : شكرا 😘 على الترجمه

Marian games : What minecraft server did u have?

JediJoe2001 : Dead meme incoming HE NEEDS SOME MILK

Lupita Perez : 4:47 is funny

Tabitha Johnswood : SUPER PIG TO THE RESCUE!

RYP x King : wow

Spencer Guttormsen : *I AGREE*

Bruno Soares : I love animations of minecraft

PixelDan 18 : Stickman ball Minecraft

Rizky. Abdillah : Mantap ini pgi what

Тим Дележаn : 4:00 guruero

игра Крутая я мечтала п : 00:01

Studio Yol : Roses are red Violets are blue 48 views 769 likes This is youtube logic And I can't rhyme

ihopkpop luver : DAMN that pig got some moves!

Haker Radic : 5:44 wtf

Cristian gonzales : Es pro el vídeo

Lloyd Leyson : Perfect

Hawayo • : He needs some milk! :D

The Eclipse : *And that’s how Electric Man 3 was made*

Тим Дележаn : 3:58 Award Palestinian Road Pig Dealt Food

Timothy : 4:18

Chara and Fluttershy : O.o