Potions - AVM Shorts Episode 4

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MoonKase : All your animations are amazing! Congratulations on a job as spectacular as this one. You're incredible! I'm a huge fan

Lxki · Luki : Eres el mejor animador. Por favor carga un tutorial a tus animaciones !!! Gracias :)

SLAIZY : Y'a tout les sous-titre, mais pas en français ! BRAVO

Electro Gamer : We need more Stick.Texts!

Neo Gamboa : I have a feeling a blue stickman, and a drunk pig are fighting. and the pig is winning....

TheApoke : Never in 100 years would I expect animation vs pig *TO BE THIS AWESOME*

MusicalGoldGamer MGG : Wow, I really enjoyed this. Loved the fact that the pig had superpowers. I could watch a whole movie about the stick figures fighting animals XD

MGaming : During all these AVM shorts, I wonder how Alan would react if he came back to his computer to see a rollercoaster or stick figures fighting a pig.

treehugger0241 : Anyone else starting to get some Minecraft: Story Mode vibes from this series? Blue: Ivor(Alchemist) Yellow: Elleguard(Redstone) Green: Soren(Builder) The Second Coming: Gabriel(Fighter) That would leave Red as Magnus but he doesn't seem to fit the bill(unless you count his troll in "The Rediscovery" and him going nuts in the original "Vs Minecraft"). Hmm....

Zxios : Ah yes, Alan Becker, the creator of my favorite flash animations in 2008 or so. Fantastic stuff.

xLepsy : Stickmen vs minecraft bosses

Marco wang : Chi e italiano

Drago Shimada : Hey Alan, there's a company that does emojis..., They stole ur stick texting video and put it on an ad Did u give them permission or u don't know about that? BTW the company is called Cute Emoji Studio

찰떡띠프 : You don't post videos these days. I'm worried about something.

mischief_ Wizard YT : The pig Knows karate ? XD

Oja Mačuda : Me while watching: *He need some milk!*


Mr. Gamer : Pü suratini sikiyim :D

Lazy Skeptic : Imagine Alan wanting to use his computer and just seeing this.

Furious Pounder : Hey, you might not see this but I thought I should tell you just in case you do see this, so there is this 'emoji keyboard' app going around and one of their ads is the stick texting video which you made on this channel, I think this is copyright unless they have asked you but I very much doubt it, I thought I might tell you this since they are claiming you work as theirs.

Nicolas YouTube : Water is the best Potion for Living :-)

MysticMythIcat : The endings just make me to like 10 billion times

ThatOneShortDude : Keep it up!!!😃

Ayberk Burak Durgut : tipsiz salak mal oğlu mal şerefsiz

Nathan Matus : MAKE MORE VIDEOS!

TBNRappleworth : Orange guy = leader and crafter Red guy = animals Yellow guy = engineer Green guy = builder Blue guy = farmer All of the stick figure are different :)

Ninja Gaming : Blue stick man is drunk

Arctic Wolf Official : Ive never seen a pig square up like that lmao

MegaMan ツ G4Mer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwLqyY2h_2A&t=16s

Alexander Hernandez : Amazing


Demogorgon Gameplays demo : Sticks figures vs wither boss

craftcall6 mc. : your videos are great and i like it i m new

PetrioChannel : Alan, what about "Animation vs Real Life"?

Honey Bully_ : Aqs

Zaggo Gaming : I am loving this series so far, it may not stay completely true to minecraft logic, but that gives it a bit of a charm to it. And I LOVE that each one of them has their own way of playing, like the red one likes animals, and the blue one likes farming or plants, and the yellow is good at redstone, and green with building, they all have different perspectives on minecraft, AND ITS AWESOME! Please Alan, continue to make these, ignore the hate, and look at the love. But don't overwhelm yourself to the point of ignoring your responsibilities as a parent, but just continue to do what your doing. We love ya!


slime gril D.Y.I : הייי אתה מגניב


Darkshark213 Moreno : Rest in piece Ruben 😭

ANES GAMING : Soooo coooool

Paraskevas Bilios : You are an amazing animator and you are making amazing animations!Keep going like this!:)

ThatradAnimation Dude : Hey guys this is a nice animation i have a cool animations click here to see --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzSKHUPYDtHJKfnjXqX6lPg?view_as=subscriber

Loan Prado : lol 😂

Loan Prado : Why’s he putting his hands in the air when he tastes it????????

Hawayo • : He needs some milk! :D

Miguel Parra : Goku ultra instinto vs Jiren

szymon łabul : MEGA ;] SUPER [@]

EpicIzAwesome : The greatest challenge yet.

Agustin Luque : My favorito os Orange