Potions - AVM Shorts Episode 4

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Zaggo Gaming : I am loving this series so far, it may not stay completely true to minecraft logic, but that gives it a bit of a charm to it. And I LOVE that each one of them has their own way of playing, like the red one likes animals, and the blue one likes farming or plants, and the yellow is good at redstone, and green with building, they all have different perspectives on minecraft, AND ITS AWESOME! Please Alan, continue to make these, ignore the hate, and look at the love. But don't overwhelm yourself to the point of ignoring your responsibilities as a parent, but just continue to do what your doing. We love ya!

Dragon Fire : Congrats! You have be sued by PETA!

Bright Falcon : No animals were harmed in making this video 😂

Jesus Eduardo : activen los subtitulos en español y miren lo que pasa 7u7

PizzBio GT : Red:Um blue You ok? Blue:oh hi Red!,want a drink Red:No thanks Blue:come on just a little zip Red:No! PIG:me want a zip Pig:(drink potion) Blue:Ohno..! Blue:were all doom!! Red:My pig!! PIG:TASTE LIKE EXPIRED YOGURT BLUE:SAY WHAT?!?(BARRRGGHHHH)

Nicolas YouTube : Water is the best Potion for Living :-)

karınca kardeşler : 4:19 funny 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍👍👍

Willyboi!! : Step 1: tenderize the meat

Ben 10 animations : 4:31

Left4hire 101 : Put on captions on 4:20 Orange: NANI?!

Oja Mačuda : Me while watching: *He need some milk!*

Kolz J6 : PIGMAN

Minecraft ender dragon kid : 5:29 reds like "my baby!!" And the others are like "are you okay,?" Then he jumped up and picks a liam and is like "my new baby!!"

Rexogamer : 0:25 >Has full hunger bar >Can eat the beetroot Same goes for the carrot a few seconds later. And also: >Using fist to mine the melon block (not a silk touch axe) >Gets melon block instead of melon slices

كيري علي ملاك : شنو

MoonKase : All your animations are amazing! Congratulations on a job as spectacular as this one. You're incredible! I'm a huge fan

Oğuzhan Cantürk : Turkish subtitles are very good and greetings from Turkey!

Kingarturs 09 : Yo do colossatron

Black Cat Katie : Loaf! ♡♡♡♡♡

awesome scarlet : alan becker is an animation god am i right.

ANES SPACE GAMING : Soooo coooool

ngo trong cuong : This is...

Türk Greninja : HeadShot Of Lama :D

Natan Vinicius de Albuquerque Dourado : PIG SSJ!

Robert Barnett : That pig is going ham on them.. *Pun intended*

Rynerath : I bet that he plays stick fight the game



Dęßõчķå ūҙ ẳDẫ , : Есть тут русские?😁

Yoshi Bros. : You have reached level 1000000000000


Yan Kdkdh : Q mal

ngo trong cuong : Sao bạn ko dich tieng viet :(

El Sebas one : Like

Pik4sE YouTube : Quelle détermination de ce cochon waouh

Hawayo • : He needs some milk! :D

Miaw Girl : Me encantaron los subtitulos

Autistic Bacon00001 : Don't Eat Warts Blue! That's How you Get HIV

wolfiie gaming : Turn on captions, especially for the part when the pig beats up orange

Szymon Todryk : The pig is very XD! Karate pig!🤣

AutoDead : 05:16 top 10 saddest deaths in anime. PS: Oh my god, people i commented this while eating instant ramen with my weeb-self 10 hours ago now i have 500 likes.

maxbans -gamer y pro : Pig super saiyan!! :v

emo trevoso das trevas : Caramba o porquinho manja em

Павел или Strelok 31 Загарских : For russian mens

Zahira Magallon Obeso : if pigs could do that in minecraft, we would all be doomed.

Amy -RBLX : Orange guy = leader and crafter Red guy = animals Yellow guy = engineer Green guy = builder Blue guy = farmer All of the stick figure are different :)

Cellphone Qh : Very good

_LunaCrescent_ : Super pigggg


Ayce Yang : Not for long.