“I'm Chris Hansen." "No you’re not." "Yes, I am." "No you're not!”

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Mandinka Warrior : All the predators disliked this video. lmfao

AbnormalAnalyzer : Wow Caillou grew up a lot worse than I expected.

DocZero : 32+12=420

Mr Thief : *Mathematics has left the chat*

Ray Braud : He's a math teacher he wanted to see how many times 32 would go into 13. Now he'll find out how many times 12 inches goes into 32!

the notorious l.a.3 : *Eyebrows have left the chat*

levi potts : “cAn i g0 pLz” go that way “bUT iMa gUnNA GeT ArrEstED iF I gO ThaT waY” *gets arrested* LMFAO

daniel : It's the famous Instagram egg!

BakaStryx : chris hansen was arrested lolol

Kewpie Doll : Since the smashing pumpkins broke up billy corgan has not been doing well

Justin Stone : Plot twist Chris Hansen gets caught

Danolix : 0:30 32 + 13 = trouble _but it is 45_

Jaek Pail : Roses are red That girl is a Thot. “I'm Chris Hansen." "No you’re not." "Yes, I am." "No you're not!”

Danny Boy : He’s the least creepy That’s sad considering he called A 13 year old his soul mate

World Record Egg : *Humpty Dumpty has joined the chat*

Versaucey : This new Hitman 47 movie is intense.

Lou Phillips : Guy was feelin himself in his sunglasses at the front door before his life got ruined

freesf ftrefv : His balls dropped into his throat when he saw Chris!!

Emilee Lynette : does he think if he exits through a different door, the police magically forfeit the right to arrest him forevermore? LOL

King Julius : This man looks like Humpty Dumpty grew a body

Bulbadork : "I deal with kids all the time"....yikes.

Rocmax417 : There YouTube I watched it please stop recommending it to me

Redfire dragon : What it fills like to chew 5 gum

Elli-A : " his t-shirt is a math equation, popular with graduates of MIT, but he didn't go there he went to a small New York college" lmfao Chris chill 😂😂

J Renèe ツ  : damn even his eyebrows receeding

AlexAuAsmr : Eyebrows have left the house

Danolix : 3:13 Pedophile kun: Well I was slightly concerned about her talking to- Chris sama: Well tell that to judge uwu *polices busts in* *Mission passed another pedo destroyed*

no thankyou : I didn't think a human could actually look like an egg. Boy, I was wrong.

Don'tAskAnimations : Boi looks like a tic tac

a cat stuck in a glass jar : "I'm Chris Hansen" "No ur not" It must be the other guy with a tv show about catching pedofiles

LJ B : “Because 32 + 13 adds up to... trouble.” That was a little weak Chris, but I’ll let it slide this time.

william whistleblower : sure he didn't say anything sexual BUUUUUT I MEAN LETS BE REAL HERE we all know he wanted to do more than sesh

Samuel Glover : he was nervous as a snake in a belt Factory.

M J : 0:43 Did he just say "He is obsessed with pizza"

Jordan G : We all knew what he was gonna do, no sympathy for these types of men

mysaac 12 : Only the pedophiles disliked the video.

Art On Fire : Good thing he wasn’t a high school swim coach even though he looks like a high school swim coach.

SeaBass : Poor guy just wanted to smoke weed with a 13 year old girl 😪

I'm a cat? Stop lying. : Cheddar Bob from 8 Mile.

Rosie Cheeks : He looks like an 👽

HawksNest : You can almost feel bad for him. Then you remember why he was there lmao

David Merriman : I wonder how many of those cops have been with underage girls.

ElementarWRRRYYY WRRRYYYcess : "As he's booked, he bites his fingernails." *gasps*

Jessica Irokwe : Hair has left the chat

Itz Iron : Didn’t know Baldi’s Basics existed in real life...

The1MainEvent : Mr Clean Has left the chat 😂 Omg I can’t believe this got 1k likes 😂

Owloftheflames47 : Why is he saying “please no” like it’s gonna change anything... like-

Anthony Xochipiltecatl : Imagine someone knew this person irl, “yO iS thAt tHe tOutOr?!”

kk : 32 + 13 = *Trouble*

Clash Smchitcle : Lol its always 13 year old girls, catch female predators sometime