“I'm Chris Hansen." "No you’re not." "Yes, I am." "No you're not!”

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landon alizzi : *Eyebrows have left the chat*

Prot07ype : Dumbass math tutor should've known that 32 doesn't fit into 13.

infamous_ : Pedos be like “ I drove for 5 hours brought condoms ,alcohol and KY but I swear I wasn’t gonna do anything “

brooke Mua : His eyebrows wanted NO PART in this... 👋

Amanda M : Chris: What do you tutor them in? Pedo: Mathematics Chris: Mathematics? What about smoking marijuana? Damn Chris getting right into it lol

Funny Instagram Vines : All the predators disliked this video. lmfao

MetalizedButt : 0:43 he’s obsessed with pizza????? How is that relevant lmfaooooo this show.

0penYourEyez(Heidi) : I knew that little freak Caillou would grow up to be a perv! 😂🤣

Dusty Foot : "Im chris hanson" "No youre not bc i am" ....WHAT A TWIST!

greatunz67 : How can they arrest this guy? he's a friggin angel! he was so concerned about this girls welfare, going there to make sure she is safe from internet predators until her mother got home, and he was also interested in making sure she was fit and healthy, giving her yoga advice and offering to help her with her downward dog position. The guy is a saint!

Justin Stone : Plot twist Chris Hansen gets caught

Peanut Butter : 32+13= trouble 😂😂😂

Joshua Dickey : His t-shirt is a math equation. It's a t-shirt popular with graduates of MIT... but he didn't go there. He got his whack ass degree from a small New York college. Chris finds every angle to work these guys over lol

Khepri : “He solves complicated math problems” >Shows a FOIL problem Please, i can foil in my sleep


LJ B : “Because 32 + 13 adds up to... trouble.” That was a little weak Chris, but I’ll let it slide this time.

brooke Mua : He went from white to red real quick. You can totally tell theyre guilty by the complete color change and purfuse sweating!

Red Ghost : "This is harrible."

Jean Pierre Wehry : Don't worry guys, they transferred Mike to my cell block this week and I tasted his nuts. The only Math he's gonna be doing now is subtracting his clothes and dividing his buttcheeks.

Boskoe200 : The fact they travel long distances just to sleep with little girls is disturbing

Versaucey : This new Hitman 47 movie is intense.

Clay In the cut : "Will I be able to leave after your que-" "Did u blaze"

Dina B : I don't feel sorry for him. He knows what he was doing was wrong . This is the only way he will learn

Johnny Gonzalez : "Sir, it would be best if you went this way" *Points where police will arrest him* lmao

tobo86 : The decoy should invite the predator into a different room each episode where Chris Hansen is waiting dressed up, starting with the bathroom and a yellow rubber duck

The1MainEvent : Mr Clean Has left the chat 😂 Omg I can’t believe this got 1k likes 😂

Michael Beasley : 6:21 Chris: “you’re my soulmate. You call a 13 year old girl your soulmate?” Guy: “we we were just talking, please!” Chris: “cmon you’re 32 years old you got nothing else to do on a Sunday?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Me The Guy : "Did they film all of this?" "Yes Mike, WE ARE."

n α m j ο ο n luv : man really out here begging to not go to jail💀

DankHub : I'm Chris Hansen No you're not You're right. May I take a seat?

AlexAuAsmr : Eyebrows have left the house

Wyatt Webb : Eyebrows don't want none of this math equation....🙅🏻‍♂️✌🏻

TrappedCash : put him on blast for not going to MIT

Jeff Leigh : Smart in math but dumb outside of math

theflyingegg : "is this Chris Hansen?" "No this is Patrick"

Bulbadork : "I deal with kids all the time"....yikes.

NiBBas whonst wear Colgate : Last time I was taught maths you couldn't round 13 up

Jeff Leigh : Hmmmmm. A freshly shaved receding hailine haircut...got to look your best...this will surly attract a 13 year old girl.

Kevin Marquet : Don’t you hate it when people use apparel of universities they didn’t attent? Like this dude wearing an M. I. T. shirt.

Sad Satan † : You’re smart enough to be a mathematic tutor but you aren’t smart enough to realise that this was a trap

mysaac 12 : Only the pedophiles disliked the video.

Andrew Andersen : 32 + 13 = 45, not trouble.... trouble ain't even a number lmaooooo come on Chris

ZeroGHome24 : All those nonces all have that creepy look about them!

How does this guy have 10,000 subs with no videos : Pretty sad this guy didn’t serve any jail time

Harveen Kaur : Obsessed with Pizza? Hmm Pizzagate.

HawksNest : You can almost feel bad for him. Then you remember why he was there lmao

bunny Shadow's and Josh : Egg has joined the chat 🥚 Egg:Hello!

aislinns nova : idk this is the funniest predator to me i’ve rewatched it so many times lmaooo “i’m chris hansen” “no you’re not” “yes i am” “no you’re not” “yes i am” *frustrated sigh*

marko glisic : Imagine if he was actually telling the truth lol

Alex Demarchi : “UGH. this is horrible”