First year Skateboarding Progresion
Restarted skateboard one year ago Im turning 45yo

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All the tricks I learned since I restarted to skate one year ago. Discover OMS skateboards: And Salvation Skateboards: CHECK #2OLD2SK8 NEW SHIRTS After 20 years, I deceided to ride again a skateboard. Middle life time crisis? Yes it is! :)


Adventures in Skateboarding At 40 Plus : No comply boneless finger flip was Rad! Also like the style on the Ollie 360. It had to have been hard on that concrete. Right there with you on the kick-flips. You are close man. Drink water.

Skate Crisis : What a long day of skate. I hope you will enjoy it!

Midlife Skate Crisis : Nice progress! Lots of nice variations. Keep it up!

hannomack 2016 : Congrats on your anniversary 👍 keep it on . We are all 2old2sk8 😄

Joshua Hamell Sk8 : You’ve got a nice bag of tricks on flat now!👍😎

Gosk8now! ! : Good job man that was awesome keep it up good one year progress 👊👍

Javi Puig : Congrats bro!! Hope to skate together sometime.

Become A Skater : Excellent tous les tricks que t'arrive à faire ! Et bravo pour faire tes vidéos en anglais, bel effort ;)

hahahaha : Oh dude, those kick flips are almost landing man! Especially @8:16 onwards, those are supposed to land man! Look at your slow-mos. You are focusing more weight on the front foot now and you landing nearer to the board more now. Just your flick needs a little more work and for your first lands you need to retract the front foot just a bit faster to the board and you WILL LAND IT 👍 But Hey no worries man, you'll land it in the next few sessions I'm sure of this. And the 1yr progression, damn you are good👍 you've got much of those tricks in lock and it won't take you another year to be getting tre-flips over a gap etc I'm sure! Keep it up, you are an inspiration

rotze45 : crazy good ,so many tricks .great 1 year ...keep on rolling <3

Two Eye : Your progress is nothing short of amazing

Salvation Skateboards : Damn my friend you have learned sooo much amazing stuff on this year super great job and dude i wasnt expecti g a shout out that was super amazing thank you soooooo much 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✨

Bryan Patrick : Great job! And 3 hours is impressive... for an old man! Thanks for the inspiration!

not2old2sk8 : That's great progress for only being back on the board for a year!

Skate The Fat Away : Nice list Bro. This inspires me to get a similar task list. Thanks.

FD skate : Pretty close to landing that impossible! Nice arsenal of tricks! :-)

Michał Malewicz : Whoa that's a whole trickathon :-) Those nollie and switch tricks - man congrats! Finger 360 flip also looking dope :O

Michał Malewicz : Whoa that's a whole trickathon :-) Those nollie and switch tricks - man congrats! Finger 360 flip also looking dope :O

Sill Gorilla skates : Great switch ollie! I can barely ride switch..

NessaDarps : Great job 👍🏻 you’ll get that kickflip soon

Elkee Sandoval : Looked like such fun session.

Middle age skatin jpn : amazing! many flat tricks!!✨✨✨ 44year old!!??( ; ゜Д゜)

AM Skateboards : Nice set of tricks you got. If you combine them with your grinds/slides some great progess over the year. Maybe the next progess should be getting them all consistent.

DTay45 : hahaha man your'e never too old to skate, I just started learning to kickflip and landed 2 already while moving

simeon180 : Really good stuff. Impressed you could skate for 5 hours!

SheSkates 926 : :)

OnewiththeWheel : Congrats on one year of progress. My favorite thing about your skating is you do most tricks while riding with a little bit of speed (more than most). I can’t believe you haven’t kickflipped yet considering the rest of your tricks, but I have no doubt you will get it.

Francky : Présent depuis le début 😆 quelle progression ! J'ai le même kickflip que toi en ce moment, j'arrive pas à en faire un correct. Cette pause d'un mois a vraiment tué mon kickflip je suis dégoûté !

Alex Vazquez : kool

Joao Delinger : awesome!

Propkill : Awesome video!!!

Burning Knie Club : awesome tricks!!!! :)