PG Sandblast - 2003
My hometown used to have an event where people would ride unconventional objects down the steepest hill in the city This is why it eventually got shut down

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The original Extreme Sports event. Skiing down sand in the middle of summer. Evolved into riding anything down, like this couch. Sandblast ended after this near tragic event. No one was hurt badly.


Ron Pitts : People putting their chairs on the course with their back to the course... Double Darwin award winners

Vincent Garcia : I can't tell who won - the guy who got the most air, or the guy who did the most flips

Spectrum : Me if this was a videogame: Those ragdolls looked fake af and their movements were so exaggerated...

Jesus Estrada : those ragdoll physics tho

GS : i saw this years ago as a cursed video and later saw it on reddit today

chaosawaits : 0:31 way to go dad: quickly get up and run out of the way leaving your 8 year old daughter to get helplessly ran over

Marshall Brown : Lol i was there too i was the couch

darkcomet112 : What song was playing?

Communist Pootis Birb : This was my favorite license event in Gran Turismo 2.

MMO Vault : So did they win?

wqzlfhegdvarxpisbumoctyj : Guy on the right did like 3 perfect headstands 8/10

Globo : Song: Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid

justin regenwetter : i live in this damn town.fuck man

AshleyIsAMexican : man I remember this I was standing right behind those balloons

Braydon Host : i remember watchin this i almost got hit by a couch

Michael Myers : holy shi*!!

Whiskey jack : When you stumble on the horse in Red Dead 2

Mark Ferguson : slap shot Jersey NICE

DarkFoX750 : Unreal Engine?

HowGamersPlay : "no one was hurt badly" it looks like everyone involved was seriously injured, that initial wheel to the head of the spectator looks gnarly.

Jared Pendleton : Shoe flew off. He ded

rocksteadyish : Who knows the outcome/injury report? Would love to know what happened.

random : Am I allowed to put all the blame on the family

Trains, Clocks And Variety Center : One of the two girls that the sofa slammed into was hospitalized and treated for a concussion.

Christophe Jergales : Haha, that's great.

crzy1gs : The rag doll physics in this game are excellent!

HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS : rollin out

Red Squirrel : That looks dangerous. And fun!

Siddharth Bhatia : Alexa you know what to do

clubredken : Here he comes. I guess we could get out of the way. But.... nah. Why did they cancel this? Just because someone almost died. C'mon. We all have to go sometime. I mean we live in frickin' P.G. for chrissakes. Dear god take me now. Run over my head with a chesterfield.

Johnny Dong : Seems like a fun event

jdl77535 : Did they ever find the airborne shoe?

jdl77535 : Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Kelly Pineda : Damn that looks like fun

LanguageOfTheMad : One of the first videos I remember from the internet.

Chris Resendes : Savages.

Graciela Domínguez : Nice Garbage soundtrack.

Jay Argh : Good lord

Austin Cola : Oh my god oh my god gewd oooooweeeh

Valjin : None was hurt badly? How the hell is that possible?

Daniel Shimoda : They dead.

Chrome Glasses : would've gone swimmingly had the idiots not sat in the way of the course

fpsfreak : Hahaha

Lyle : anyone here from reddit

sa : He ded.

TehDiablo : 0:33 idk if I need sleep or what but it looks like this black headed figures head gets decapitated O_O

Gaoɴɴa : what's song is playing? anyone know?

Reaching for enlightenment : How Did everyone who is there find this post

Rawbdog : But did they died?