VIDEO The most insane jump line ever seen! MTB Downhill

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Hugo Sabato : it didnt seem like you guys were going fast enough for those big jumps, but that's easy to say from my lazyboy!

Razvan Alex : the first jump by the guy in red pants damn

Jomo Klösse : hold my beer, i can do that too!

Michael Whitaker : Ultimate respect there fellas.... redbull definitely has given u wings

Charles McDowell : For once, the clickbait title delivers.

Allstar88 05 : The best part was the jumps

Edgar Marroquin Esquivel : Sickest line I've seen in a while! I noticed it was still under development, is there a video of the complete line? Thanks for the upload.

Xenoph : Where is this?? Edit: it's BC, Kamloops :D

andrewpm2 : Anybody else notice the size of the friggin next gap on the jump they stopped on? Holy shit the lander was like 100ft away

Jack Williams : The jump before that tree one 😱thought he was not gonna make it like if u agree

Salahadeen Ross : Got damn the title is true

Jomo Klösse : where is this?

Noah Wibmer : lacondeguy

Nick Lamarche : Is this real?

John S : That was absolutely incredible fantastic job guys!

Ahmed Fodili : easy to do.......on feet

ฬizarD : 0:25 that landing looks litle weird

crabtrap : SEE!? i knew the Earth wasn't FLAT!

GeddyMX : God damn that tree jump caught me totally off guard!

Troy Bergquist : I bravely do this, no problem . . . right up to about five seconds into the video where I'd get off my bike and carry it over those two logs.

Matthew Simnor : 0.33 looked like it was gonna be one gnarly case

Wizler71 : Ahah, that's what all that extra travel on my bike is for!

crisu86 : what an insane line! fucking awesome!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

SRT- Mustang Killer : Awesome video man!

eadomino2 : you laugh like a gay

DFS54 : Savage!

Gunks Hunter : That jump over the tree is sick!!!!

Lee Tunstall : Fuucck!!!

David Flores : insane.

Logan : So sick that it's terminally ill

zach sparks : If heaven wasn’t so far away..

Michu Denim : 0:36 xD !

God doesn't exist. : Fucking awesome

Twinkie Compilations! : Congrats! your in a moutain bikers are awesome video (i give u credit in the desc)

Fox 8ball : Sick

Manoj Aryal : Lovely

Eric kremer : 0:32 When you narrowly avoid eating complete shit.

James Carroll : Ya guys. That’s sick.

Tim Rodwell : This is in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Same spot as Aggy's reunion i believe.

Mirza Puskar : That last jump made me freez for a second 🤘

Edwin D : Pretty rad. Better than i was expecting.

Clorox Bleach : Damn I’m seriously thinking into getting mountain biking. I’m a bmxer and can do bar sound and tailwhips, all that’s stuff, but huge jumps scare me.

Wilder Gurkensammler17 : this was crazy!props,but i think loosefest had some bigger jumps but still mad respect!

Cameron Smith : Respect from a DHMB noob, myself

Peter Czekaj : That takes balls, props to you guys.

Angie Skazka : Wow! Where is it?

MTB Trail Weaks : That last jump was too crazy over that tree!

Elite Jd : seen bigger shit in the 90s calm down its almost 2018

Jay Walker : Pretty cool dudes

Batt Man : I though this wouldnt live up to the title.... The jump over the tree is inventive....