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Emily Clarke : In jeans? Really? Wow.

ENZO PEBRE : it's just amazing, hello from France! 🔥🔥

Marie Elsebutangen : Sofie Doss is the best!❤️

CeruleanSparrow : "Somebody have my son?" *parenting skill 100*

Isis Mg : 4:01 “somebody have my son?” Me with my child 😂

kawaiiliv4 aj : Her: perfect 😚 Me:I think I broke my back🤕🚑 I'm going to die if I try that 😲 LMAO 😂😂

Marie Dela Cruz : Sofie looks so pretty

Tiger Tee : 5:56 she got down so smoothly wtf haha

Krystle Low : Jordan is INSANE in the best way possible xD

Blessing Robinson : Do more

The karate girl : Cmon let's get Jordan to a million subscribers!!

laughing goddess : Guy: can i borrow your purse Lady: sure Guy: "runs away with it" Me : see that's y u shouldn't give a "PURSE" to a stranger.... IN A SUBWAY STATION

Queencaddie T.V : And did you notice that sofie dossi was trying to give him s high five but he gave her a hug and she tried to like play it off

Krystal’s crazy Channel : She is so flexible

PillowPuffPant 's : I fell bad for his son 😧 his dads just shouting stuff randomly hes the loud one out of everyone.

Zoe Garcia : She's so pretty! Amazing video! My sister and I live for these challenges!! 😍😍

ChickenStuff Productions : Anyone remember when she was on America’s Got Talent? She’s still SOO amazing!!!

Wika : Pozdro dla polaków

Hillary Branch : It dosent make sense.who can't run around take pictures and act like your on cocaine being timed for 10 mins hate but what's the world coming too :(

Isabel Ames : lolll i am 100% going to marry a policeman they r like soo badass but at the same time all playful and fun and added bonus their all so sexy in those uniforms... omg yas anyone else???

IAmWoat : Sofie is and probably always will be my favorite in the 10 minute photo challenge!


laughing goddess : And the video is 9:11 minutes long and the cops came too

15merjk : LOL the police

Kelby Lefsrud : She is so beautiful and amazing


Selma Bråten Lilleeggen : Perfect

Preena Patel : The thing 😂😂

Yeaaitsjazzy : Yet it’s 9 min long

Kimnyc 72 : Those police man, man they COMMITTED

Yayane 7 : When I saw Zak filming I'm guessing it's going to be on SOFIE'S channel Edit: WOW, I WAS RIGHT

Rahaf Alotaibi : Wow she actually blew my mind! It was incredible! She's really good at it, wish I can do that😌

anushka dhar : Cool!

Dancer Beauty : You should do 10 minute photo challenge at Massachusetts southbridge

Jen Gaming : Omg lit police officers!!!!

Ariana Grande lover : Perfect!!!!😍😍😍 She's so pretty and her hair is amazing ilysm😍

Jiminie is DAEBAK : 7:12 That lady's reaction is me 😂😂

caiser38 : wwoooooooo

Tieniu Yu : Way to go!!! Sofie!!

itzannalisse productions : Omg!! Its like modeling lol!! I wish I can try that!!

Heather Orsine : It’s the middle of March in New York City, and she wearing that top. Dam that took guts 😂we need guts , I’m promoting you ( from ted the movie )

Matilde Faro : Do with Logan Fabbro

Abby Ellen : Bad gal Lol

Slimez ASMR : Best 10 min challenge ever keep your great work

Lina Maciene : That's hilarious sofie

Emily Clarke : The street ones are amazing 💎🦄❤️

Sophonie saint- victor donat : Sofie dossi is a unbelievable Young lady

Seniuila Tauelangi : please do a part three cause I love you and sofie and yous collab so well please Like if you agree

Cassidy Marie : Sofie dossi again again again she’s the best amazing ness perfect

Елена Тольская : WOW,💛😍