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EquiEmily : In jeans? Really? Wow.

Maia K. : “Somebody have my son?” That would be me as a parent. 😂

Daily : Omg I can't believe the police joined in at the end!!! 😅❤😄

Julie Beshoar : Omg this guy has more energy than a 24 pack of mt.dew

Peachee : Everyone in the subway: well, that just happened...

Katelyn : Lol the best police officers!

euphoria _ : "Somebody have my son?" Part was 😂😂4:00

Rodina Salem : THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. Was I the only one who thought he has kinda a Sherlock-like attitude? it is so awesome. like *"Somebody Have My Son?"* *"Hudson, Time!"* *"Can I Borrow your Purse, Ma'am? Thank you!"*

SheSaidHi : I almost destroyed my phone by spraying water on it!! I know the purpose of this video wasnt to make people laugh but when he said "Does anybody have my son?" I losy it!!!😂😂😂 IM CRYING!!

Raniya Suleman : I’m selling clips for one like 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 Now give meh the likes!

Shister Ty Next : Please do it with Kalani Hilliker

unwrapping by mimi koteng : Dad is so supportive!

Punky Brewster : Is that just a coincidence that you're in NYC and the vid length is 9:11? 😂 lol

Y3klinMr4k Al3 : OMG I love your photography 😍😍❤😍😍😍 so cool 😍❤

Peachee : Omg she is so amazing! I can’t even 😂😂 she is so flawless autfututufhdd ❤️❤️

Eve D. : Maddie Ziegler

My sparkly Universe : I love how people look in the background

Aphmau_ Gamer : The end of the video shows that police can be nice. Even though we already know that. This is the proof!

Janelle Nadeau : he's a great parent "does somebody have my son?" LOL😂😂😂

qusay alzuhairi : Wow I wish I can be flexible I can only do the bridge and do it on the wall, but am not that flexible 😚😚😍😍😘😘😝😝😛🤔🤔😞😞😍😍😍

#Arianator #Lucrew : I can't even put my leg behind my head😱 But I can lick my elbow...😋 (I really can😂)

Shorty Animations : I really hope Sofie’s jeans didn’t rip 😂

Official Just Grace : LMAOO, the polices wanted to join too 🤣

Nellie Bell : The street one is an amazingly nice shot! Wow!

Ella cakes : Best police 👮 XD

Heron Hernandez : *The police officers are the best, especially the one who balanced xD*

Sarah Mitchell : This is so cool! She's Amazing, and so is your work, sir!

The Courtney Show : If they ever make a live action Incredibles, she should play ElastiGirl. ❤

STU STAXX : Is it just me or she has a tattoo

Puppylover 12 : You should do it with Maddie Ziegler👍🏻 please😩😫🙏🏼🙏🏼

CarlinhaOffline : Hudson being third wheeled for 9 minutes and 11 seconds straight*

Matthew Jack44 : Soffie Rossi beated the record 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤

black rainbow : New subscriber awesoooome I really liked all tha 10 minutes challenges that I was been watching 😘😘😘😐😂😇💕💕💕😨😎😎🎆

Miss Natalie : Все люди в метро были в шоке.

Audrey 7 : When I saw Zak filming I'm guessing it's going to be on SOFIE'S channel Edit: WOW, I WAS RIGHT

Maryam Khan : I can't believe the police was taking pictures with Sofie Dossi. Love you soo much

LandS World : 0:08 you spelt minute wrong Edit 0:05

Destiny Matthews : This man irresponsible he asked if anyone has my son

Gabriella Chantelle : You should do a photo shoot with Maddie zigler

The karate girl : Cmon let's get Jordan to a million subscribers!!

Дашкины истории : That was an amazing video!👍 Thank you so much!

gabriela27 : "That was awesome. Way to go man. Way to go, that was fun. I know you're not a man. Woooo! Ha!" 😂😂😂

nini zhang : sofia is rly amazing wow

Leah O'Neal : We love you Sofie

Regina Phalange : This police were such good sports- it was refreshing seeing police appreciating her raw talent… truly amazing video. Well done!

Hannah Shutt : I wish I was a contortionist.....

Brittney Wise : Sofie dossi I'm your biggest fan I can do some of that stuff that you're doing to biggest fan from YANA

EquiEmily : "Does somebody have my son?" 😂

deepak limbu : Gordon Ramsay of street photography?

CeruleanSparrow : "Somebody have my son?" *parenting skill 100*