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EquiEmily : In jeans? Really? Wow.

Maia K. : “Somebody have my son?” That would be me as a parent. 😂

Julie Beshoar : Omg this guy has more energy than a 24 pack of mt.dew

Peachee : Everyone in the subway: well, that just happened...

euphoria _ : "Somebody have my son?" Part was 😂😂4:00

DanceMoms AudioSwaps : Please do it with Kalani Hilliker

Michelle Williams : Those police were so nice

Irrelevant Kiwi : I cant even walk properly with jeans on

Kibble : "Do you need help? No of course she doesn't." Me: 😂😂😂

Chicken tinders : Did anyone else notice the surprise woman in the red at 3:39 😂😂😂😂😂

Katelyn Ibarra : Lol the best police officers!

Aliana KitKat : I wonder what he would have someone like me, with no physical abilities, do for a pic

GarageStudio : How the heck does she do that! Hollywood should have her play a Superhero in a Marvel/DC movie!

Vijayalakshmi B : I cant even walk on jeans and here sofie is doing gymnastics 😂

kawaii girrl : *POOOLIIIICCCEEE!!* lol but really they were so chill abt it

SlimeDiamond : Maddie Ziegler

Instagram2U : Omg I can't believe the police joined in at the end!!! 😅❤😄

SheSaidHi : I almost destroyed my phone by spraying water on it!! I know the purpose of this video wasnt to make people laugh but when he said "Does anybody have my son?" I losy it!!!😂😂😂 IM CRYING!!

I AmtyebonkersAyumi : Glad her jeans didn’t 😂

Punky Brewster : Is that just a coincidence that you're in NYC and the vid length is 9:11? 😂 lol

#Arianator #Lucrew : I can't even put my leg behind my head😱 But I can lick my elbow...😋 (I really can😂)

Potato Chan : I wanted to see the look on everyone's face when Jordan randomly screamed WHERE ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!😂

Габриела Атанасова : Sofie Dossi is the best!❤❤❤

Peachee : Omg she is so amazing! I can’t even 😂😂 she is so flawless autfututufhdd ❤️❤️

unwrapping by mimi koteng : Dad is so supportive!

The karate girl : Cmon let's get Jordan to a million subscribers!!

Merlene Toth : 8:22 lol

DANA LONDON : In the last 10 min photo challenge Jordan said to Sophie “that was awesome dude “ and after he said “I know you are not a dude and in this video he said “way to go man” and after he said I know you are not a man wonder why does that to Sophie read more

kodak breee : I aint flexable at all i cant even stretch right

shistar aya dolan : i love sophie’s smile (8:00)

Audrey 7 : When I saw Zak filming I'm guessing it's going to be on SOFIE'S channel Edit: WOW, I WAS RIGHT

Sheryl Maclaren : GOD gave her the talent to be flexible very impressed 😀

Abdul Qayyum : OMG Sophie u r amazing like if u agre

naf : Somebody has my son😂

Leah O'Neal : We love you Sofie

Regina Phalange : This police were such good sports- it was refreshing seeing police appreciating her raw talent… truly amazing video. Well done!

Annika Hollander : Can you do a 10 minute foto challenge whit whitney bjerken

Brianna Rankin : You talk to much {Edit} oh yeah and your extremely loud I feel like u just do that to get attention and act "famous"

Jaely Alexandra Torres Rivera : 8:31 that police man has some talent!

Misaki chan : Do more of Sofie Dossi

Kawaii Queen of goth : Her: perfect 😚 Me:I think I broke my back🤕🚑 I'm going to die if I try that 😲 LMAO 😂😂

Emily Nena : Wowwwwwww

Gabriella Chantelle : You should do a photo shoot with Maddie zigler

Video Girl : I’m kinda flexible

Jaymee Ray : Notice how he only does montages at the end for sofie? Wow

CeruleanSparrow : "Somebody have my son?" *parenting skill 100*

Rosalie Martinez : You guys should go to Denver Colorado and do a photoshoot with Sofie Dossi

Sharon Hollohan : Id be embarrassed

Valéria csuja : 8:22 😂😂

augustino jada modi : She is reallllly felixable