Grabbing the Slide and Firing | Polenar Tactical

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Mitya Tarasov : If somebody grabbed my gun then it would be sexual assault.

Mark Steven Luber : Do not, I repeat, do not attempt with a revolver. Revolvers generally discharge a large amount of gas out of the gap in between the cylinder and barrel. This will blow your fingers off.

Lex : Don't try this on a revolver. Your hand will literally blow up if it's on the cylinder gap.

Arcuz : Try doing that with a .50 Desert Eagle.

BADALEX : Do you need to have Polenar Tactical hands to do this though?

NPC : Could be lifesaving in a situation where directing the gun away from yourself is possible. As long as that first shot misses when you redirect the weapon, your attacker may not realize another round isn't chambered.

Guy Shepard : Now put your finger in the barrel like that screwy wabbit. Eheheheheh.

circuscase : don't do it with a revolver....

faffaflunkie : I call that one "The Crazy Ivan".

Ballistic Turtle : Just wanted to thank the guys at Polenar for uploading all they do. I often use this video for training purposes with new shooters as a part of the introductory phase to guns. Showing people who are new to firearms that they are not handheld planet destroyers like in the movies is a good way to boost confidence about recoil fears before ever holding a gun. Also there seems to be some confusion about the purpose of this video. HOpefully this will help: This video is not primarily about the tactical aspect of putting your enemies semi-auto pistol out of battery. It is more of a proof of concept with regards to the recoil not being strong enough to harm you should you find yourself holding on to the slide of a semi-auto pistol as it's fired. A large percentage of the comments seem to imply that this video is somehow instructing you to grab a bad guys gun and put it out of battery like in some of the more advanced training scenarios. While that is possible given the right person, place, distance, reaction, speed, etc etc etc. It is ill-advised unless you have had extensive training and practice doing it. This is just a video showing that it's possible to hold on to a gun while it's being fired and not take any damage to your hand. Read the description if you don't believe me for some reason.

axel samperi : wow it would really suck if they have a revolver lol

mini hoov : On pistols with dropping barrels such as the m1911 and Glock, you can push on the front of the gun to where the barrel drops, the safety mechanism won't let the gun fire

Raven Drakearud : I would like to add something here*Clears throat* DO NOT TRY TO GRAB A ROBBERS HANDGUN, You will NOT move faster then most can pull a trigger Best case you get shot in the arm, Do not fight you stuff is not worth your life, And if you get kidnapped Taken style, Its better to wait when you captors are distracted, Leave and call for help, Do NOT go for the shotgun and try to get out with a hail of gun fire, It Wont Work.

Dino Daquin : hahahah its looks so easy, in real life you get shot

KyranSparda : Great tip for close quarter combat.

Jesse Urban : Because when I hold people at gunpoint, I use the gun one handed, fully extended, and within arms reach of my opponent. Lol Seriously, I don’t think this takedown is realistic, unless the stars are aligned and Divine intervention leaves my enemy perfectly poised to grab their gun

Valk : How about a desert eagle?

Robert Butler : Buy a gun save a life!!!

Duke Damage : It didn't hurt his hand!...but he is Russian tho, enough said.

THE REALSPEED LSX MUSTANG : cool, its one of those things i have always wandered about but never wanted to try lol

ManOf TheMinute : I learned this fro. A cop buddy, he was shown this technique because it creates a malfunction in the weapon (fte) so the bad guy can only get off one round without clearing it, that buys you time to draw your weapon or go for cover.

sortedevaras : Cheeki Breeki

James Patterson : Can you show a video showing the same thing but with a revolver? Where you use the skin between the thumb and first finger to block the hammer.

firas gasih : have tride it withe 9 mil 40 & 45 auto and a 9 +P+ and nothing hapend the slied recoul is almoust not ther

H3avyweight King : great way to get away with murder

Josh Mango : ive done this. would never try in real life

Warren Peace : I would've thought the recoil of the round would be more powerful than a grip, cool!

Justin Miller : Are you shooting regular rounds, or just firing blanks?

Annon User : This is a fantastic way to get your hand blown off

TheVineRhyme : Contrary to popular belief, I don't think this would actually injure the gun unless it's very poorly made. But it does play well into gun self-defense and it will prevent the gun from reloading a new round, which effectively stops any further discharges from the weapon...excellent video!

Coda Scott : This is top notch stuff! Thank you!

AL NIK : Excellent video!

connor shaw : i was gonna try it but i dont wanna brake my gun haha

James Sawley : Some videos don't need words.

max karmelich : I learned something valuable here.

Sedan57Chevy : This is amazing you guys, thank you so much for uploading. This was actually educational, glad I found it on one of my random youtube searches!

acergy09 : thanks for the video...who knows you can get into situation that you may use that technique...good job bro...

Jeremy Nichols : very cool did not know you could do that and not get scratched up from the slide great vid

delinquentJACK : Excellent video and awesome information, but I would still highly advise against it unless you find yourself in a situation where it's you're best option to take.

Praise The Lord : Meanwhile in Soviet Russia...

Georg Buscha : haha, thats brilliant! No idea it was so easy!

ALEXcontactcombat : has been done for ever. done it myself several times. 

Frank Rock : try doing that with a glock. you cant shoot it.

Alex Red Deadly Blood : WTF it's jammed just by holding it ? How?

Your Average Otaku : I am seriously confused

Archaean : I remember seeing this in a movie, or maybe a TV show. Does anyone know what movie or show that used this method?

Super god Goku : Those are krav maga moves

keegan773 : Very interesting as a last resort.

Ney koe : Slovenian?

Greg Foster : Question? When I was in the Corps we had a diarming technique for the 1911 that if the barrel was grabbed front on, with palm over the barrel's opening, and pushed to the rear, the weapon would not fire. IS that still taught? Does that work with other SAs?. Note, we were also told to expect a shot through the palm if not executed right, but at least we'd have the gun.