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Ballistic Turtle : Just wanted to thank the guys at Polenar for uploading all they do. I often use this video for training purposes with new shooters as a part of the introductory phase to guns. Showing people who are new to firearms that they are not handheld planet destroyers like in the movies is a good way to boost confidence about recoil fears before ever holding a gun. Also there seems to be some confusion about the purpose of this video. HOpefully this will help: This video is not primarily about the tactical aspect of putting your enemies semi-auto pistol out of battery. It is more of a proof of concept with regards to the recoil not being strong enough to harm you should you find yourself holding on to the slide of a semi-auto pistol as it's fired. A large percentage of the comments seem to imply that this video is somehow instructing you to grab a bad guys gun and put it out of battery like in some of the more advanced training scenarios. While that is possible given the right person, place, distance, reaction, speed, etc etc etc. It is ill-advised unless you have had extensive training and practice doing it. This is just a video showing that it's possible to hold on to a gun while it's being fired and not take any damage to your hand. Read the description if you don't believe me for some reason.

Lex : Don't try this on a revolver. Your hand will literally blow up if it's on the cylinder gap.

Mark Steven Luber : Do not, I repeat, do not attempt with a revolver. Revolvers generally discharge a large amount of gas out of the gap in between the cylinder and barrel. This will blow your fingers off.

mini hoov : On pistols with dropping barrels such as the m1911 and Glock, you can push on the front of the gun to where the barrel drops, the safety mechanism won't let the gun fire

Guy Shepard : Now put your finger in the barrel like that screwy wabbit. Eheheheheh.

Gun Nut : Now do it with .50 AE

faffaflunkie : I call that one "The Crazy Ivan".

Mitya Tarasov : If somebody grabbed my gun then it would be sexual assault.

ManOf TheMinute : I learned this fro. A cop buddy, he was shown this technique because it creates a malfunction in the weapon (fte) so the bad guy can only get off one round without clearing it, that buys you time to draw your weapon or go for cover.

Utku M : Those people are so dumb that they think the energy of the bullet and the gun's recoil would be equal.That's a big no no.Since their momentums are equal it means that the gun's recoil speed is way more slower than the bullet because the gun is nearly 120 times heavier than the 9mm bullet(7 gr to roughly 900 gr).It makes the recoil speed 120 times slower and the kinetic energy 120 x 120 times slower..

KyranSparda : Great tip for close quarter combat.

AmokBR : Cool, I have asked myself this question whenever I've seen these disarming techniques. I think the only concern is that if the gun's been fired recently you might get burned.

Dino Daquin : hahahah its looks so easy, in real life you get shot

rafael502 : Anyone else come here after the Captain America CivilWar Superbowl trailer?

ken URO : good work, thanx ,would not have thought it would be that easy, thanx again

S.C.P. dokumentumok : Wow

James Patterson : Can you show a video showing the same thing but with a revolver? Where you use the skin between the thumb and first finger to block the hammer.

Greg Foster : Question? When I was in the Corps we had a diarming technique for the 1911 that if the barrel was grabbed front on, with palm over the barrel's opening, and pushed to the rear, the weapon would not fire. IS that still taught? Does that work with other SAs?. Note, we were also told to expect a shot through the palm if not executed right, but at least we'd have the gun.

axel samperi : wow it would really suck if they have a revolver lol

A S : Do the same with a revolver... ;)

Valk : How about a desert eagle?

Arcuz : Try doing that with a .50 Desert Eagle.

Miles Lange : Is this a modern art act or something?

Josh Mango : ive done this. would never try in real life

Ogram Brat : Try that with my black powder revolver lol

Karl S : wait, so if you hinder the gun from rechambering, you won't be able to continue shooting? Who would have thought

TheJonesChannel11 : Just pull the slide back a little and your enemy might not have the ability to fire.

Shehzad Imran : Can you do it with Tokarev TT30!?

H3avyweight King : great way to get away with murder

BADALEX : Do you need to have Polenar Tactical hands to do this though?

Rob Scha Nay Nay : Can this be done with your dick...and in front of the barrel? Will this technique cause premature backfire?

circuscase : don't do it with a revolver....

ARPHOTO : Could be lifesaving in a situation where directing the gun away from yourself is possible. As long as that first shot misses when you redirect the weapon, your attacker may not realize another round isn't chambered.

BlankPicketSign : 2:03 that sound he made was fucking adorable XD "Uuuwhe!"

TheGaming Rooster : I don't think that would really happen if u grab a pistol like that

Octopussyist : So finally somebody settled that discussion for good.

Mike Warren : Major flaw here, your attacker will not have his finger on the slide, it will be in the guard.

Lynch Mob : Absolute perfection in a how to video.

perreterecon : i thougth it will happend something bad, but you help me out of my doubt, thxs.

Adam Zalmat : Lol, wow this made me laugh.

Robert Butler : Buy a gun save a life!!!

TheVineRhyme : Contrary to popular belief, I don't think this would actually injure the gun unless it's very poorly made. But it does play well into gun self-defense and it will prevent the gun from reloading a new round, which effectively stops any further discharges from the weapon...excellent video!

K M : Wait, are these guys PMCs? or just a cooler version of FPS Russia?

bill45a1 : On a 1911, moving the slide just 1/8th of an inch to the rear, stops it from firing! Has anyone tried this with a 1911???

Basement Dweller : Its cool but trying this in an actual combat situation is silly. Go for a disarm or just comply and give them what they want. Agitating someone who has a gun drawn on you is a great way to get shot dead. Appear weak, do not look them in the eyes and give them what they want. Try this jackie chan shit and even a hobo with a quick trigger finger will drop your ass.

Dean Natuno : *Myth BUSTED*

Pumpestok : Now do the cartoon version where you stick your finger inside the muzzle :D

Dabunny Rabbit : OK yea, sure. Let me put a round in my 45. and you hold the slide, heck I'll even take you to the hospital.

Helikopter : You are teaching us, thank you.

Pøtatø Unicørn : What is the first gun that he shot called?