OKs Happy Hour Ep.82: KOREA!

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drob14o3 : How does this not have more exposure? This is some good shit. Now, I'm not saying I'm a consistent viewer, as I'm not the right demographic for this, but this could easily air on TV. Good hosts, good food, getting drunk etc. You two should do the Food Network competition where you get your own show. You two seem cut out for this.

Ross.BowesG533 : This channel is such a hidden gem I absolutely love it

Ryan Lundstrom : I think a fun addition at the end of an episode would be a counting of what was drank during the episode, or if it's a bottle of vodka, a mark of how much was consumed. It's a pretty bare-bones suggestion, but I bet you guys could make it pretty entertaining. Plus! Who doesn't "love" seeing what they've drank at the end of a long night?!

Comment117 : Okay for real you guys make me as excited as any of my favorite shows coming out every week, probably more! Please don't stop making videos ever you guys are so slept on and frankly it's a crime. But once the word gets out you guys are gonna be e-famous! PS: pop pop I will for sure contribute through patreon soon when I go back to work

Harris Mueller : Goblins have been persecuted and downtrodden by gremlins much like Korea with Japan.


Howard Lee : i live near by you guys. lets drink one day. im also a chef to

Joshua Emerson : Yo. Got into you giys after one your posts got hot on reddit. I started watching some of your early episodes and you guys have progressed so much. Keep it up

Robouroboros : Okay seriously, who got them the Magical Butter?

Salzkorn Season : You guys + crew are destined for greatness. :p

Timothy McLaughlin : another amazing episode. pop pop

Winne Loo : I love you guys. You guys are so funny

Tater : Pop! Pop!

ill make you cry, boys, mallek : I absolutely love you guys, don't know why only just found you a couple of months ago... I watch you hung over and always laugh my vagina off!!!

zipperpig : Gabe rocks that virginal Korean bride outfit WAY too well... I mean, I'm gonna keep watching the show... but it makes me really uncomfortable, man.

the konz : orympia!

wickedWHISKERS : Ohshitwatup

Nieieieee : ahaha so cute so cute

tulloch023 : making drinks and drinking tonight while cooking buffalo chicken tenders. you guys are my inspiration

Don : I love you guys. I wish I was friends with you two :'(

Jodi Donaldson : My kind of cooking!!

Steve Hornbeezy : Love IT! Ajumma and Adashi, you two are too funny! I literally just came back from eating Korean, had the Bulgogi Baekban, and watched this. I lived in South Korea for 7 years so this episode was a nice treat. My favorite dish is 닭갈비 (dakgalbi).

Langer1banger : Pop Pop

colter51 : Gabe, you're such a cute little Korean lady.

Chase Powers : They're all hot potatos 😂

lordmusea : Maybe you can change the name of the show to “The Hanbok Boys and their Dartboard of Cooking Magic!”

Shubham Verma : do a India episode... make some Biryani :)

murraysdreams : You're getting way too drunk way too fast. Need to let it flow out.

Marvin Amaya : I love you guys! Dennis is my spirit animal.

Tristan Marshall : Surprised Gabe didn't take even a sip of that Hamm's which is brewed from sky blue waters.

Bruce : If you listen closely, you can hear their livers crying

Shannon Copley : jfk... why'd you have to get so wasted on the episode I actually want the recipe from?!

Derick Schultz : Can you ship liquor? I'll have to look into it...