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QI Why do we sleep

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Stevie Cole : This is a perfect video for someone perusing YouTube at ungodly hours of the morning

michael Longford : Sleep was invented to cure being knackered.

Timothy McLean : Why do we sleep? Because we get sleepy. Why do we get sleepy? ...We're working on that.

Jacob Seager : Awww Alan got that fact at the start from a previous episode from Stephen

exfinium : I did the no-alarm-clock test and calculated that I need 26 hrs of sleep a night.

bookashkin : From immortal Bill Hicks: I need my sleep. I need about 8 hours a day... And 10 at night, and then I am good.

Widdekuu91 : A better question; Why aren't I sleeping? The answer; This video, I'm watching it.

Victor Dalloz : To anyone interested in the topic, I highly recommend the book "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker (former Harvard professor, currently at UC Berkley). It's really a fascinating read.

r0bw00d : Oh no, I need my alarm clock. I went an entire summer vacation without using one and wound up staying up later and sleeping later until I was keeping vampiric hours. Then I spent a week using my alarm clock to get myself back on schedule in time for school.

tallulaheatsleaves : We sleep to escape the godforsaken hell that is reality bye

Arctic IceFox : The description still says Stephen Fry lol

angelstouch : A study I read recently showed that during the day things build up in the brain that essentially intoxicates you and sleeping helps clear it away. It's why if you don't sleep you show signs like being drunk.

Mark Landgraf : Something tells me that David Mitchell would prefer jammies and a robe to be his normal everyday dress.

christopher cook : Sleep 8 hours a day and when 60 you have only been awake for 40!

kiwiflare : Oh shit! I live in Rochester and work at Highland Hospital which is one of their facilities (aka they've got a shitload of facilities & own basically everything in the region)

Brian The Destroyer : I mean something interesting for you lot to consider. Artificial Intelligence will probably need to sleep too if/when it gets made. Currently in computers there are many problems like buildup of spam files and fragmention and a whole bunch of other stuff. This problem will probably be many many times worse with AI than with normal computers. Now you could have background stuff working on all that but that would take a chunck of your resources. SO why do that when you can just have it "sleep" and clean itself up just as the theory suggests we do.

Combicon : Was honestly expecting this to be a 'Nobody Knows' answer.

Alys Lougher : I'd love to help Alan Davies with his regeneration skills, I think that it would be a lot of fun and exactly what I need to do at the moment, according to my conscious and subconscious minds agree that I need, wink wink, xx

Sunny Bear : "I would rather have just left that in the bed, we could have just dealt with in the morning."

Trillock 1945 : Why do I go to sleep? Because I am tired and want to go into a coma to avoid real life, for a about 8 hours.

CANNIBoy : Cheers for planting those negatives into my subconscious Mr Mitchell! Never been a problem for me before now! Guess what I’m gonna recall during my middle of the night wee now!

Zake Budek : ...perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub, for in this sleep what dreams may come...

goldeneddie : Ironically I'm up late watching this because I can't sleep.....

Alexander Simpson : The alternative is going nuts!!

- : I could sleep a lot but school exists and my depression and anxiety keeps me up at night oof.

ajwasp : I love staying awake all night and getting my second wind by 6 in the morning.

Natasha Lysette : Reminds me of when Lee Mack informed everyone that he doesn't always get up to pee... 🤣

Monkof Magnesia : Fact is, if you stay awake for days, you go insane. Sleep forces most of us to remain sane. Explains my insomnia.

BladeChild : I thought we slept to escape the downtrodden, Tory jackboot world we live in

New Message : Sleep is a conspiracy to disable the population for 7 - 9 hours a day, perpetrated by the De-Illuminati.

Andi S : Why do cats sleep so much? Surely their brains can't be sorting through too much information to need it?

Maria Makinen : We get rid of a type of fluid that accumulates in the brain ....👍🚥

Ironbuket : The more important questions are why do you feel so sht if you go more than 24hrs without sleep and why is it when you get to 35hrs you struggle to sleep even if you wanted to

Nx Doyle : I'm not sure what Noel's hair looks like in 2018, but he did have a couple of very matronly middle-aged librarian years.

Lesbian Cuttlefish : Brain as organ needs a rest, and its the state of conscious/sub-conscious cyclications; memory consolidation, comparison and management.

schplengie1 : I've always heard your cells are completely different every 7 years, not 10.

Mister Ree : Sleep helps your brain sort out recent memories. I always assumed that. Without sleep you go insane. sleep helps you organise you minds.

Jhully Marangoni : it has been a long while since I related to a video this much

Audun Spachmo : We probably sleep to avoid predators at night. Our ancestors were probably the ones smart enough to stay hidden during night time, when predators where out hunting.

Grunthos The Flatulent : Holly Is adorable

MrWombatty : The weirdest dreams are 'wanting-to-wee' dreams, especially those where I'm searching for a toilet but can't find one anywhere!

ih8mcfly : You sleep so you can recover and grow

Jethro Watts : I need about 5 hrs and then 10 min awake followed by another 3 hrs

tvdan1043 : Ah, yes, the 5am wee no matter what! Whether you went to bed at 11pm or 4:45am, your bladder WILL wake you up sometime between 4:58 and 5:07am.

Tristan Frodelius : I need 10-12 hours of sleep each night. :|

Kate O'Connor : Ooh I see David’s Special Travel Dressing Gown put in an appearance!

mehfoos : It's for defragmentation of our brain, and garbage collection.

lynx318therealone : Sleep is our reset button.

Toady Home : I haven’t used an alarm clock in 30 years and I still only sleep 6 hours a day.