Dirty Loops - Circus [Bass Cover]

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Werner Erkelens : Damn Marta, you nailed it! And Henrik Linder is a tough act to follow...

deserteagle417 : I love that smirk like "Yea, I just nailed that part."

bobbyrutz : Glad to see you're back!

MrBrawl : One of the most impressive things about this cover (and many of your other ones) is how effortless you make them seem. You clearly have a solid comprehension of the musicality of bass and are a very solid player! Your joy also peaks through, too. Hope to see more videos in the near future. Thanks for sharing with us!

Pemirsa Yang Budiman Dimanapun Anda Berada : i think we should have babies.

Le Guitariste Autodidacte - MattyPS : Your tone is just way too damn good it's ridiculous, we all love you Marta

Stephane Lecreux : At 1:19, you should blow your hair up, to give a perfect henrik linder impression. Anything else is absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Please keep playing, keep rewarding us mere mortals with your graceful videos <3

Maurits Nienhuis : That look on your face at 1:31 when you kinda impressed yourself. :D

Djerry Doo : WOW! Hi! Great Improvement. - And still beautyful as ever! Good stuff, Darl´! Oh My!

Jeff Kempert : Man, I'm glad you're back. Looove it! Missed you!

Javi can draw! : WHOOOOO 1:17 PURA MAGIA!!!

Pim van Berkel : Ooh, even better than ever before, more funky, more rhythm, and even more technical than 3 years ago. Soo good, great musician

Alex Medeiros : Muito bom, queria ver lose yourself to dance! ;)

SevenLovedFrench : Marta Altesa please try to play...CHIC - I WANT YOUR LOVE !!

Rick Lomas : Nice to see you back on YouTube Marta :) Excellent work, as always.

Timóteo T-Garage : What a sound! A nice bass and bassist! I always watch your video of Jamiroquai Time Won't Wait! Nice!

Christian Skyum Carlsen : Love the precision in your finger style, index and middle sounds very alike!

Israel Moreno : I m in love 😘

Mossovich Wintovsky : dang! that's funky! awesome job

DavidRussell323 : Good gravy this is incredible. I love those slap sections so much. Super clean work!

markoni1986 : Look at her. True Happiness. Don't stop Marta!

Sokoban J R : Hey Marta! Glad you're back and still grooving!! Can I make some suggestions for next videos? Here I go: *RHCP: So Much I, Animal Bar, Turn It Again, 21st Century, Readymade. *Jamiroquai: When You Gonna Learn, Too Young To Die, If I Like It I Do It, Blow Your Mind, Just Another Story, Stillness In Time, The Kids, Mr. Moon, Scam, Alright, High Times, Travelling Without Moving, Canned Heat, Main Vein, White Knuckle Ride Hope you like the suggestions. ANY of the above wil do! Keep up the good work! :-)

Gabriel Escoto : Welcome back, Marta - it's been so long

Mister Bangs : This is played with so much accuracy and passion, I have to pull my Hat for this one... Thanks for this great video!

Bob Barredo : very skillful playing...

Tom Parks : So nice to see you "back in the saddle," Miss Marta. Always a pleasure to see you rock that MM Stingray5. Your effervescent style is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing!! Flawless technique, btw....

Martin Marincovich : You are like a fresh air breeze in my hot sunny mind. Beautiful.....

Rob Lieberfarb : amazing. thanks for posting.

Bill Higgins Jr. : Marta, Love your videos and your clear love of the bass. Have you thought about covering any of the old "Level 42" songs ?? Mark Kings slap bass is an 80's standard !

Kaan Acurol : I moving to Spain, if it has a girls with balls as like you... You're rock!!

legacy2204 : bruhhhh killed it

Avnett : Marta, NAMM 2017 happened just a couple of weeks ago.. Any plans to attend 2018? Linder will be attending..

Richard Uttley : 97 dislikes = 95 jealous women and 2 blokes thinking they can play it better.

alisson Clemoni : Sou baixista também e fico maravilhado quando vejo talentos como o seu! YOU ARE VERY TALENTED GIRL!

T. Rumple : "this video is not available"- 😭

Terry Bridges : So glad you are back Marta! Another great job and always a joy to watch! Keep plucking!

Enrique Rojas : perfect! saludos desde chile !!!

Como Messi Pero Massi : Lo que tocas es genial!!!

Martin Simon : Top 👍🏻

Josh Leiva : The only girl who makes me wanna practice.

Xavier Carceles : super !!! bien joué !!!

Henry Jonker : Brilliant!

Daan Harkema : ah wel goed

Luizz Eckert : PLEASE! Don't let us waiting 4 years to see new videos,seriously! Love ou girl, keep making videos!

Apparentlee : If there is a heaven you will be the bass player.............................

Brenda Simmonds : Fantastic. Love it love it. Play it GIRL

Pim van Berkel : More recommendation to play a Musicman Stingray is simply impossible

mikozi : Omg! Can't stop watching your face... those emotions :) Think i'm in love :D

Anita Gibson : sick 😷

Los Pink Surfers : hermosa....en mexico te amamos....puro talento.