Dirty Loops - Circus [Bass Cover]

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Miguel Angel Herrera Hinojosa : Questions: Do you transcribe your covers and then play what you transcribe? Do you just listen and learn the song part by part? or you get a book with sheet music and jus study the bass line? Just want to know because I have done all of these but the level of attention to detail you achieve is awesome and so your playing. I'm curious, please tell me how is your process. Y work a lot in something else, I mean Job is long ours but I also play in a cover band as a hobby. Sometimes y would love to play something like Forget Me Nots and thoroughly go through every lick and finger but don't have the time to learn it listening or transcribing

Chinchu Rodríguez : Ok this is now officially the hottest video on YouTube

Michal Kopczynski : I hope Marta is save.

Rem Lab : Superbe prestation Marta, très agréable à entendre et à regarder ! Est-ce que tu joues actuellement avec un groupe ? Connais-tu le répertoire des Tower Of Power ? Bisous, Silvio

Moisés E. Arjón : Please play "Fall in love with me" - Earth, wind and fire! You are wonderful and beatiful

Luizz Eckert : PLEASE! Don't let us waiting 4 years to see new videos,seriously! Love ou girl, keep making videos!

TheAltweb : SUPER!!!!:)))))))))

Allan Harvell : Great Job LADY!! Glad to see you are still with us!!

Mario Pancani : Grande Marta!!!

Robert Patrick : Drop-Dead Gorgeous !

J.P. Lindsay : Niceness!! :)

Robert Rowlands : Nicely done. t's killer to watch how you feel the notes on the B. That's a sure sign of born bassist.

palmer311 : Much respect

Rastko P : Is it the original bass? This one sounds really good to the song.

kykykeyboarder : GREAT

Jeff Strange : Darn. "This video is no longer available" :(

FenderTuni : Que bueno verte de vuelta Marta, excelente pieza como siempre !

Евгений Шапран : why I'm lookin' at her face instead of guitar?..

Jonathan Tade : you are playing that Base with your soul young Lady ! God Bless ! "He who feels it, Knows it " B.M

Raka Banerjee : loved it!! could you do a video about how your record your covers?

Corey Brown : I'm a little embarrassed, I just drooled on my phone

nothing to see here move along : Still no ring on that finger...

jake Stevens : There are some great base players on youtube, but I have to say you Marta are a cut above.

John Powell : nice work as always.. Do you have a band you play with live????

Brian Baker : Tear it up, Marta!

YRNRKM : pls post again ur so good

Kevin F. : Love you Marta, so much talent !

Richard Chivers : Excellent Bass, its put me in touch with Dirty Loops, great band and music. Nice to see you back

FuRious_Vizual : Come back !! Please :)

Zlatan Omerowitz : And the 'Queen of Bass' is back ^_^

EyeSee : The Whispers - And the Beat Goes On 😃

PACO TAPIA : Love you Marta 🎸

Mobi2525 : WoW! Keep makin vids plz!

Jhownis : WOW magnificent slaps <3

Chris Enslow : Nailing the video on a single take is tough - I'm sure this was multiple takes until it was 100%.

Eric Charpentier : Yesssss :-)

tokyo taizo : nice!!  It looks so so hard!!!

Liliane Lass Erbe : thanks for showing me Dirty Loops! they are amazing!

Matheus Merger Dörr : I'm fall in love. You're beautiful and play a lot.

Carlin Barroso : me apaixonei agora kkk

Henzo Mascarenhas : And then she disappeares again :/

Daniel Santana : La mujer perfecta, toca bajo y es linda¡¡¡¡ mucho de que conversar y mucho para tocar (musica)

Kopronko : Aaaah, ... tooo late, ... she's married , ... obviously ... :-P About 6 years too early ... :-( But she still plays goood :-)

Nicolas Giliberti : brutal. osea... brutal.

Atom Woolz : request 'torn', natalie imbruglia

Fredrik Badh : Completely amazing! You don't happen to have a tab for that do you? \m/

Scooter Lee : Long fingers and 10,000 hours in the woodshed and this is the result, kids. Take notice.

Esteban Solorzano : Rayos... Lo hizo!! Aplausos!!!

gerwin leupen : Yesssss loved it!