Dirty Loops - Circus [Bass Cover]

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Javi can draw! : WHOOOOO 1:17 PURA MAGIA!!!

MrBrawl : One of the most impressive things about this cover (and many of your other ones) is how effortless you make them seem. You clearly have a solid comprehension of the musicality of bass and are a very solid player! Your joy also peaks through, too. Hope to see more videos in the near future. Thanks for sharing with us!

Stephane Lecreux : At 1:19, you should blow your hair up, to give a perfect henrik linder impression. Anything else is absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Please keep playing, keep rewarding us mere mortals with your graceful videos <3

Richard Uttley : 97 dislikes = 95 jealous women and 2 blokes thinking they can play it better.

Djerry Doo : WOW! Hi! Great Improvement. - And still beautyful as ever! Good stuff, Darl´! Oh My!

Le Guitariste Autodidacte - MattyPS : Your tone is just way too damn good it's ridiculous, we all love you Marta

Pim van Berkel : Ooh, even better than ever before, more funky, more rhythm, and even more technical than 3 years ago. Soo good, great musician

markoni1986 : Look at her. True Happiness. Don't stop Marta!

Israel Moreno : I m in love 😘

Manu - Airsoft : Me encanta esta mujer...

Werner Erkelens : Damn Marta, you nailed it! And Henrik Linder is a tough act to follow...

luisfilipe1983 : Wow :0

Daniel Ramalho Alves : Incrible! Very nice, girl! Congratulations!

Mendonça Mendes Unicista : Um amigo tinha um sting ray desses de 2 captadores. Tem um som único

Taiura Junior Collier Tangaroa Elia : OMG Marta I love your playing. One of many of my favorite bass players 🤘

Jack335 : I'm a simple man. I see Marta, I press Like

Terry Bridges : So glad you are back Marta! Another great job and always a joy to watch! Keep plucking!

Roberto Teixeira : Pure talent, amazing!!!

SevenLovedFrench : Marta Altesa please try to play...CHIC - I WANT YOUR LOVE !!

Daan Harkema : ah wel goed

DavidRussell323 : Good gravy this is incredible. I love those slap sections so much. Super clean work!

Pim van Berkel : More recommendation to play a Musicman Stingray is simply impossible

Los Pink Surfers : hermosa....en mexico te amamos....puro talento.

Pemirsa Yang Budiman Dimanapun Anda Berada : i think we should have babies.

Jean-Marie Guardia : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ We miss you! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

deserteagle417 : I love that smirk like "Yea, I just nailed that part."

Fredzor96 : @MartaAltesa are you still alive ? :D good music ive found

KOSTAS ANDRIANOPOULOS : So smooth, good , melodic ,amazing for the ears :)

Mister Bangs : This is played with so much accuracy and passion, I have to pull my Hat for this one... Thanks for this great video!

Petr Jakubec : Hey guys, as long the ring finger on her chord hand is empty, we can still dream right?

Bob Barredo : very skillful playing...

Rob Lieberfarb : amazing. thanks for posting.

Fernan Cardona : MAMASITA !!!

Avnett : Marta, NAMM 2017 happened just a couple of weeks ago.. Any plans to attend 2018? Linder will be attending..

Como Messi Pero Massi : Lo que tocas es genial!!!

Alonso panduro ramirez : OMGG!!!!!!

Martin Simon : Top 👍🏻

Verónica Roco : Hermosa😘

Tavo O : hermosa y talentosa

Kaan Acurol : I moving to Spain, if it has a girls with balls as like you... You're rock!!

Luizz Eckert : PLEASE! Don't let us waiting 4 years to see new videos,seriously! Love ou girl, keep making videos!

Brenda Simmonds : Fantastic. Love it love it. Play it GIRL

Anita Gibson : sick 😷

Carlos Alberto Salas Rodriguez : I love you baby.. You are sooo Op !!!

Toasty : "this video is not available"- 😭

Luis Moreno : You're a great bassist, a little bit of compressor would this sound outstanding.

THORDOX : Great playing and you look amazing, hope to see more of your videos

Modern Warrior : Could you please do “Love & War” by Drowning Pool next? Thanks!

Anderson Horler : So I just stumbled across this. And now I'm wondering where I can find myself a girl that can play bass that well so I'll have a complete rhythm section. Good stuff, that was tight as hell Girl!

Josh Leiva : The only girl who makes me wanna practice.