Dirty Loops - Circus [Bass Cover]

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Miguel Angel Herrera Hinojosa : Questions: Do you transcribe your covers and then play what you transcribe? Do you just listen and learn the song part by part? or you get a book with sheet music and jus study the bass line? Just want to know because I have done all of these but the level of attention to detail you achieve is awesome and so your playing. I'm curious, please tell me how is your process. Y work a lot in something else, I mean Job is long ours but I also play in a cover band as a hobby. Sometimes y would love to play something like Forget Me Nots and thoroughly go through every lick and finger but don't have the time to learn it listening or transcribing

Ben Garland : i love dirty loops but i love these videos more :/ Why no new videos?! :'(

Tyler Mount : Will you marry me?

Jeremy Jones : i stopped listening to music a few years ago. ive never heard this before. i like it. probably a little more so since you are playing it. ive never seen you before either. looks good sounds good. maybe ill pick it up again.

frensis mancka : Awesome , COSMIC GIRL , just a little bit more technical training , and you will soon meet your SPACE CAWBOY !!!! ;-))))))

Bodo Woltmann : It is not available anymore... Why?😔

Aaron Amaral : Hello Marta! This is so cool sounding

MojoPapi FPV : Where did you go? Hopefully touring with an amazing artist.

jeremy murphy : PS: Can you please do more covers from Dirty Loops? I'm a huge fan, thanks for bringing them to my attention!

orangetank : teilchen

profilercms : Really really nice. First time hearing about dirty loops and you brought it home.

Daniel Lopez : "This video is not available" , why?

Andrew Pol : You are the best!!! And your smile ...... ))))) I like it!!!

THANEEWAT K. : i like

Marek Stromy : girl u are amazing <3 <3 ,3

Thomas Doss : Marta..you're such a joy to watch..wow what a talent

Muscular Vegan Bones : Can you do that guitar thing from Madonna's who's that girl? It's confusing thinking about. Sounds kinda abstract a bit. Abstract music

Felipi Medeiros Macedo : at 1:19 you missed the blow on the hair.

Carlos Ramirez : Beautifull ¡¡ Hermoso...

Marek Meciar : there is nothing more sexy like pretty girl with bass in her hands ...

Gael Montouchet : Superslap at https://youtu.be/KTwBk1XLtcU?t=1m15s Marta, I hope your not posting videos lately is purely because you're either touring, or studying to be the next bass star...!


Max Rodrigues : you are awesome!

Edward Novakivskyy : wouaaaahw that Marta is really awesome

nilson severino da silva : Hi honey, I would like you to make a video of the song, Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face. Thank you darling.

TheJamLab : Your confidence oozes throughout your playing, even after playing hard Linder licks. You are a pleasure to watch!

there'sawill : Killed it

ben inglis : Love your playing, love your sound, love your "bass face" and your obvious enjoyment :)

Michal Kopczynski : I hope Marta is save.

Reza Assadpour : Nice.....................wow

Chris Thurman Music : Insane technical skill and control aside, it's so great to actually see real JOY in music. Very refreshing :)

Павел Канев : buddy's blowing with deppwaswho) it would be beautiful)

prattpt6 : Hell Yeah!!!

Giovanny Muñoz : hermosa

Thomas Guggisberg : Great Sound, great Song, great technique! You're an amazing Bass Player Marta!

Дмитрий Халистов : Well, how not to love this girl? I'll give her my heart.

kasselexile : Another great cover - great to see/hear you again here! 1:17 is a great slap line, and I like the expression you show, every time you have passed one of the tricky (and fun) parts! Looking forward to the next covers - they are really inspiring for me, being a (amateur) bass player myself.

Duilio Eduardo Alves Raimundo : I arrived now and I already fell in love !!!

camilo rodriguez : nice!! so sexy and good artist, i'll kill for play with you and marry you and have kids n die together, maybe to much...

spalkin : God, just how long has it been?!

neto farias : very good amazing technical!!!

JOSE EDUARDO MACHADO : When D'arcy abandoned the Smashing P. , should be you for her place. :)

NAGY T : So Cooooooooooool !

SallyTomato100 : unnie (It means older sister in korea)... I crushed on you. your facial expression especially your bass sounds.. keep posting plz and I wish u visit in korea 💕💕

Moisés E. Arjón : Please play "Fall in love with me" - Earth, wind and fire! You are wonderful and beatiful

Emily Wright : The video is not available :(

Luizz Eckert : PLEASE! Don't let us waiting 4 years to see new videos,seriously! Love ou girl, keep making videos!

Jovianne Tabraham : oooo damn girlllll

TheAltweb : SUPER!!!!:)))))))))

teddynash : Pleaseeeeeee make a new video !!!! :-)