A million dollars for a bird!?!! - in Doha

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Strange Parts : This was the first video I had someone else edit from start to finish, as part of my plan to start releasing videos more frequently. What do you guys think?

Snoop Doge : ehh hey! i live in Qatar!

Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net : Wasn’t remodeled. It was rebuilt with better and safer infrastructure. It’s exactly the way it was when it was first built a long time ago with better infrastructure. If you plan to come on back, it’ll be my pleasure to show you around :)

john pardon : i just want to say that i really like the way you talk with people of other cultures, even if they don't speak English that well. very respectful, we need more of that, respect for people that are different from us. i should try to look with a little more respect to Americans.. editing was good. would love to see more videos!

7ussain1991 : Such a cool tour of Qatar ! You should visit my country BAHRAIN one day . am totally sure that you are gonna like it 😀


Syed Arman : Loved the part with the young brother.I hope he and his bird are ok.......Awesome work,the way you show other countries and their cultures and also talk with other people is really cool,the world needs more people like you sir.Cant wait to see more videos.

Soiren : I honestly really love your videos. The way you document other cultures and countries really brings a whole new perspective to places that are sometimes viewed in not-so-positive ways. You give them a real inside and personal touch that truly shows the hidden beauty of these places. Keep up the great work, Scotty. Can't wait to see more!

mike dierickx : You could see the sparkles in dude with the falcon eyes when he talked about the horses, That's pure passion.

Nicolas Gonzalez : I loved that part with the young man

MM420 : Streets are so clean! Beautiful city.

Brandon Cavazos : Scotty, I gotta be honest with you fam. When I see one of your videos it brings back memories of when I used to watch The Travel Channel 24/7. I fricken love exotic places and destinations. However, You also add technologies to your videos, another passion of mine. You're essentially hitting two of my favorite topics with almost every single video you post, and I appreciate and admire your work (:

Sachinthefish : Nice guy at the end

Ashutosh Jha : That conversation, beautiful. I love your videos.

uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn : The falcion dude was pretty chill, i liked him haha

Eric Good : That guy with the falcon and liked horses seemed so kind and sincere

Majyk : “I’m Scotty with strange parts” mm may I see?

JuraganGadget : the qatari very friendly .

Hamza Zerkani : The streets were empty because of the noon prayer (Duhr)

___ ___ : Can you build one using spare parts?

Alexey : sometimes i skip videos from other youtubers i subscribed to, but i never skiped a video from StrangeParts

Bringamosa : I really love the way you talk so naturally to a camera, like your talking directly to me. (and all those other watchers of course but hey) Keep up the good work.

Nerdman : Get you a guy who looks at you the way the Qatari guy looks at horses 😂

Bacon Brad : "I have came to Qatar to build my own falcon!"

Jynx : Have you been contacted for a History Channel/Travel Channel show yet?

AHRES Müller : A million bucks for a bird? But Angry Birds is free in playstore xD

Flippy : It's so beautiful! Something like Greece but more arabic.

EugeneHerbsman : So great the way that guys face lit up when he was talking about horses. great video, I love seeing the people you meet.

Mustafa A. Faheem : Scotty is the type of guy to leave the modernity and skyscrapers of Doha and go to a bird market.

Internet Police : It's not fair...you have a whole successful YouTube channel called 'Strange Parts', but every time I show people my Strange Parts I end up with a legal burden. Life just isn't fair.

Sanco : The interview with the guy from Qatar was the best part.

Rakesh Chavan : Commenting before watching

keleb : Awesome video as always Scotty, keep it up! 👉

M Luqman : YouTube or Netflix need to fund him and make a show of him traveling around the world

HappySlappyFace : come to tunisia i wanna meet yo

Evanovesky : هلااا والله باهل قطر 😀😀

Y2Kvids : That was a nice gentle man with the falcon.

Danial Othman : it was probably on a Friday. that is why it was empty.

SAGAR SK : i thought its a tech based channel but its also a travelling channel knowing abt different things which is awesome ;)

ফরিদ আহমেদ : So u are in here Qatar.. I'm also...

Max Winter-Leinweber : hahaha that guy had no clue what breed the bird was xD

FRTechTitan : Your videos are so inspiring!

Th3DestinyFanboy : Welcome to Qatar! Hope you had an amazing stay!

Lennart : We love your quality!

Thesa : It was so heartwarming to see that guy so passionate about horses.

Oskar Fredriksson : Dromedary, Not Camel :)

Jeff Hobbs : I think it was pretty empty because it was midday and many people were praying during that time.

Azeem Abbas : Awesome video

Ahmed Zeidan : I love Qatar. The people are so nice.

Murshid Ahmed : You should go back to Qatar again