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Çalıya Dikkat : im so early bless me senpai

Jimmy Here : My dude back at it again. Happy Wednesday.

Le chasseur de prime d'Imhotep : It amaze me how you manage to make and upload those videos every wednesdays

Cyranek : that sure is a long boy

nihonium : This just became the 1000th meme in my meme playlist

not Ainsley : But what *is* a Wednesday?

Stolen Car Radio : _expand _*_w e d n e s d a y_*

Hannes Sandström : Tack för epilepsin

Nozzy1110 : Wednesdays aren't so bad now, thanks Zimo

wandaba : *wednesday* *wed nes day* *wed next day* *weed next day*

IceWallowCome 12 : My Wednesday ritual

Tom Sallyman : СРЕДА

Kennedy Wade : Wednesday my dude

Ryaquaza 1 : Do you know the Wednesway my bruddas

Nikolaj : It is wednesday, my sneks

Ethan Barker : When did Wednesday become so *A E S T H E T I C*

Kryttz Wu : Gonna make a compilation of all those videos and listen while i play some shit, its just too good

Rae : Channeling your inner cyriak!

Bonely _ : *A S C E N D E D*

El Shabo Gangsta : My birthday will be a wednesday the next year :)

nut : yes

ColeSlawLP : This video won't be accurate again until January 17, 2024. See you then, my dudes.

TheResolution5 : wednesday always comes on wednesday

Onisarius : It's not wednesday anymore for me :(

Hamsteere Nonofyabiznis : I always enjoy these, excellent work.

douchebanner : cyriak

S K : I can't believe you're still making these. Please never stop.

Andrew Doetzel : Are you okay?

LAMMAZ : "i'm scarred" -my brother 2018

SilentGamerXD : *wednesday on drugs*

ARandomToaster : why who would do this

Georgie Boy : What song is that??

Олексій Донога : I must provide you, my fellow male companions, with the information, that this exact day is numerically the third in a week, which is starting on Monday, and is commonly referred as Wednesday. * proceeds to loudly non-verbally exclaim *

Snook : The best birthday gift i could ask for

THEMEXICANCAKER : All of your videos deserve to go to the vault in Washington DC

Oliver Plush Productions : *frog boi has extended into the void*

*TRIGGERED AND YOU KNOW* : I check this channel at least once every Wednesday

Desno477 TV : E🅱IC

Drag Malone : this is the greatest on the internet ;O................

Kyle Kraieski : This is the first Wednesday men I have seen.... Oh the memory's

Slushshy : I was recommended this just a couple minutes ago, I was not disappointed

Pilotwhale Productions : Its acc crazy you make these so fast, theyre so well made

Jennifer Garcia : Elongated Wednesday.

Dat Boi : That's me on drugs

Cooper Harris : Please cease

Szymon Pro : Dank side of YT

Mistah Mew : top 10 best letsplays 😩👌

Pro Llama :

War Daddy : It's dead memes mah dudes!

JheyAnimates : God left my dudes