Walmart Robots Working Store Aisles, Checking Stock

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Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel : Can I let the kids take a ride on the robot?

Lenard Segnitz : "It's not replacing workers"... nonsense, of course it's replacing workers. They wouldn't be buying robots if they didn't replace workers. Walmart is not a charity to provide people with jobs.

northpappyflappy : Can't wait to get ran over by the robot and get that check$$

rosmer00 : If you think this will only affect the low skilled, You don't understand economics, every people displaced from the market is people that don't participate purchasing services & products, the worst Winter in human history is coming...unless some miracle happen where the psychopath at the top agree some kind of UBI is needed.. the alternative if Full on Class Warfare...When the poor have nothing else to eat, they eat the rich.

J B : This robot would break down after doing a half an aisle at my store with all the plugged items, bad top stock, missing or flipped over labels and general out of place stuff like ice cream in the chemical aisle...

GALLOxFINO M4 : Deport the robots they are taking our jobs lol

Antonio APC79 : Are you related to Doug demuro ?

Omnipotent Dwarf : Can you ask it questions? Does it speak English? At my local Walmart if you have a question, you have to ask eight workers before you find one that speaks English.

Michael Petersen : there goes walmart taking more jobs away. just like self check out

big red's outdoor adventures : This doesn't mean that anyone is going to hurry up and restock the shelves.

willyF : And soon we have the poor 10x more...

Explore with Rick : Trust me this is taking over human jobs. I don't trust it.

Dr. Zoidberg : As someone who currently works at Walmart, this is absolutely the best choice for the company. When you're talking about the folks who actually stock the shelves (at least in my experience) maybe 20-30% of them actually consistently care about doing a good job & making sure that everything is done properly. The rest of the people are plugging stock where it doesn't belong, improperly top stocking items, sending stuff back as overstock that should have been put on the shelves, giving incorrect floor & shelf cap counts, etc. For instance, the amount of time that my shift spends every day correcting the mistakes of the night shift ranges from 1 hour all the way up to 5 hours on a bad day. I cannot even imagine the amount of money that Walmart would save from using these robots -- not just in wages, but in regained productivity.

rogert151 : Ok its starting, where is my fixed income check now ?🤔😁

William Presley : We need robots to make hamburgers, fries and run the milkshake machine

OCDTraci : On one hand, this is really cool. But on the other, this isn't so great news for those with little to no skills. Like it or not, this is only the beginning and jobs are GOING to disappear. What I find funny is for the amount of money they spent on a robot, they could probably have several human bodies working and getting paid. Sad.

CJTurner : Well, when you pressurize large corporations to increase min wage, this is what happens.

Jason Gaming : Awesome!

An2nio Productions : WHERE_CAN_I_APPLY_I_AM_A_ROBOT

erzan : Goodbye jobs for the low skilled and working poor . . . 😔

BigMack9737 : I liked the end where he acted like a goofball then straightened up and acted all serious when he saw those people behind him

ctoyota213 : NEW WORLD 🌎 ORDER

Justin DeMuro : 6:09 for the good part

james w : Rich they're working on a robot right now to replace your job of explaining a robot.

chris corona : Robot stole my job! Now heading to the welfare office, thank you trump for making America great again!

monkeyman522 : Great idea and concept. Only problem is some walmartian or their kids will come along and knock this over onto the ground and damage or destroy it in no time.

Crispy Videos : so Wal-Mart doesn't know how much a store initially got in stock and how much they sold?

Ο Τελευταίος Αλκιμος : In onother room. -John you know...we byed a new robot. -Yes boss...I saw it yesterday!! -Well's doing FIRED.

Rick's World : DEY took our jobz!

woofdawgg69 : I will be sabotaging those

BEAVACUDA : Robots don't care about anyone's politics. They're going to win...and I love it

Russ Olson : "I know what you're thinking, is the robot taking jobs? No, it's only doing what people do but better." Wtf he really said that, to paraphrase.

BiffTannen2015 : I have 5 Walmarts in a 10 mile radius.. it would be nice to finally have a competent employee in at least one store.. this robot will change that.. bye bye minimum wage losers!!

rickster348 : - it's not practical, there's too many variables, stuff get's moved, knocked over, etc.

David Heller : Awesome !!

Shari Lyn : I’d rather see a human doing it

jojo sanchez : Your social skills suck dude

z0m813 : Yeah so i could scan a department faster than that thing

marmaly : Moron. Has no idea what is happening. First, if an item is not on the shelf it does not tell the cloud. It checks for on hand inventory and generates a move request or refill. If no stock, then an order. It can also find misplaced items which is a huge thing to highlight. Second, it looks at price to be sure it matches the system price, I.e. are the physical tags up to date. He moved the pet bed to another shelf. That is not the basis for different price claims at the cash. It's when the physical tag for the item being wrong.

Technologiesforlife : why they can't just use labels and barcodes? when one item sold it can be counted.

Phillip Haley : Robots should be banned...they are taking our jobs....And if we dont have jobsthen we dont have money to pay for food...Wake up World and make a stand....BAN ROBOTS THAT TAKE HUMAN JOBS.

Trackman2007 : Walmart says - "this is not to replace human workers" and then goes "YET, haha..ha-haha-ha".

Joseph D : That thing will be in the shoppers way, it takes up most of the aisle width. I would shop somewhere else.

Rodrigo Melotto : Just after the machine scan him a message came out trough the store speakers: "Sector 9 clean corridor 8, sector 9 clean corridor 8"

Kamil Kuzmicki : Wait till it runs over a kid if the sensor breaks 🤣, then we need to get workers back

jnprfilms : ALARMING Les work fore pioples

J Shepard : Walmart's worst robot will be more productive than its best employee.

Sulfen : If this thing came to my stores it would either get shot, pissed on, or tipped over. People of walmart are weird.

Ranga Reviews : 5:43 lol

SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More : People are going to run into it and get checks for it.