Ranger Roll

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ShadowWhelp : I just tried this on my little cousin. I think I accidentally elbowed his Adam’s apple in

Andel Adi : What is the name of this man?


MrRaylith : Last drag: "Grab my nuts if you want to live"

The Iconoclastic Exitentialist : Perfect!! Just a word of caution while practicing. Start slow, it's very easy to dislocate a hip. But in a real-world situation, that matters not. On a side note if your girl is passed out in the field at a farm party, it makes you look like a real bad ass picking her up like this and carrying her back to the tent ;) Stay frosty :)

StrikeForce MTB : Awesome way to get them up into the firemans carry quickly.

White Smith : Thanks, I just scared the shit out of my golden retriever.

Mechjoo : I'm well past the age of being an adult, first thing I'm doing after work? Trying this at home. Since I don't have a younger brother, I guess my girl is getting ninja rolled on a wood floor.

No Body : Keanu Reeves as a ranger

Mike Hillen : Grab onto my nuts... I'm a SEAL "Oh okay, that makes this totally hetero"

WORSTBEHAVIOR : 0:05 that 3rd guy from them left haha

HOTexasCatfish : Probably the only guy that can get away with having a man bun...Great Vid Wil Willis.

jonah hillbilly : Who is this man?!? And what the hell is his former profession?

John Wick's pencil : Women in combat, anyone? Trust them to drive trucks, cook, even work intelligence and comms from behind the lines: yes. Pull a full grown man in full body armor + kit off the battlefield, out of a burning tank or downed chopper: no. No women in combat.

Monsieur Longbow : would be interesting to see an example of "normal people" pulling off this technique and get a rough measure of how long they can keep the carry afterwards

Robert Etheridge : Thanks for this video a friend of mine was passed out drunk and nobody could decide what to do so we picked him up a little ways before some douche dropped his side on the ground and I did the laying down position roll tossed him on my back and huffed him up a flight of stairs too my bed and now his wife tells everyone I meet with them how me an average guy carried a fire fighter up a flight of stairs like pro details and all thank you thank you thank you you helped me save a good friend of mine and a brother for life

Tim Nixon : If anyone wants to know in the punisher tv series he does this to pick up a dead body to use as a body shield


Christopher cuntbag : This wouldn't be a good method if your guy has a severe chest injury

kalloused : I threw my back out 4 times watching this

constantin barbu : so glad i watched it till the end !

SuperTalks : The Punisher brought me here. xD

Kyle Jenkins : Is that the host guys from "Forged in Fire?

Billoreillyz : I love the way this guy teaches. No bullshit to the point and practical presentation

Manilla Folder : I'm not exactly sure what his name is can you put it up one more time? also this was actually pretty helpful

First Last : Yeah... No way this works with 40lbs of kit on both guys, Kevlar, and 2 weapons in the mix. Looks cool though.

Truth in Revolt : That was pretty. No me and my friends get to hurt each other learning!

Blackplastic : Also known as the Bill Cosby technique.

JohnyTechReview : Sweet I learned something new today! Prettttttty awesome!

Captain KLR650 : That was just AWESOME!

Johnny Robinson : Highly doubt any of this would work with gear on.

mark hausz : I never knew wil was such a badass. Watch forged in fire show. Thought he was just a host. Next time I’ll do my homework.

Michael Sharma : For your next video, can you please put on kit, pick up a rifle, run half a mile, and then immediately do this "rapid tactical lift" to someone also in kit? Also please do it on concrete with debris everywhere. Thanks!

Brad Cochran : Really informative!!! That's some good shit....

Doug Moore : That's pretty good. We did a lot of solo carries of simulated survivors as CSAR Aircrewman. I have indeed picked up 210# dudes fully geared into a fireman's carry, but it wasn't nearly this quick. We did it by getting behind, get 'em on a knee, and then some footwork and turning to get their propped up bodies from our knee to shoulder. It was slow and took some strength. I would like to see this technique done when both people are wearing kit.

THE BROTHERHOOD : Whatchu talkin bout willis!

Winter Wolf of SoCal : Grab onto my nuts, I'm a S.E.A.L.! 🤣

tubesockets120v : I would think a big nut sack for a Navy Seal would be too much drag in the water.

stefan goatmoon : I know this roll for years now and its still awesome to see someone use it. So awesome and usefull to pick up deadweight

Jeff osterhoudt : There are so many things wrong with this it isn't even funny. For starters "I was taught this in Ranger Battalion". No you weren't. I never saw any Ranger Medic, PA or Battalion Surgeon endorse or use it during my time there. Furthermore, we were never taught that when I went through the Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course. And we learned A LOT of carries there. The transfer was taught and used. It's great when you don't have rucks on. Now let's add is a fractured vertebrae (cervical thoracic or lumbar), flail chest, evisceration, etc and you have just harmed your patient. Remember, Do Know Harm, Do No Harm. Doc Oz outRLTWDOL

The GoldenChild : Will Willis dropped the F-Bomb 😳 5:40

Nmn M : This guy is great.

Olav : The standard way seems way faster and effective.

Robert Vongartzen : Rangers lead the.way, good instruction brother. 🇺🇸

John Nowak Kind Sir : I tried ,,grab my balls" trick on a woman in park. Still wonder why she called a police.

Andres Maldonado : This was great. Being a soldier i was never shown this and this is 100% applicable in so many rescue or combat situations

MArko Ziomal : last one was laughter bomb XD

Golden Ratio : Anyone else watching this in slow speed?

Jesper_117 : loved the tactical nut drag part hehe thankfully i was just done drinking coffee when it got to that part.

Canti [sylvilagus cunicularius] : Fireman's carry fail; someone get a fireman there.