Ranger Roll

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Andel Adi : What is the name of this man?

MrPieman00 : How many fucking times do you have to tell me his name is Wil Willis

WORSTBEHAVIOR : 0:05 that 3rd guy from them left haha

Christopher cuntbag : This wouldn't be a good method if your guy has a severe chest injury

Monsieur Longbow : would be interesting to see an example of "normal people" pulling off this technique and get a rough measure of how long they can keep the carry afterwards

StrikeForce Dad : Awesome way to get them up into the firemans carry quickly.

Tim Nixon : If anyone wants to know in the punisher tv series he does this to pick up a dead body to use as a body shield

HOTexasCatfish : Probably the only guy that can get away with having a man bun...Great Vid Wil Willis.

Mike Hillen : Grab onto my nuts... I'm a SEAL "Oh okay, that makes this totally hetero"

Kyle Jenkins : Is that the host guys from "Forged in Fire?

Captain KLR650 : That was just AWESOME!

constantin barbu : so glad i watched it till the end !

Robert Etheridge : Thanks for this video a friend of mine was passed out drunk and nobody could decide what to do so we picked him up a little ways before some douche dropped his side on the ground and I did the laying down position roll tossed him on my back and huffed him up a flight of stairs too my bed and now his wife tells everyone I meet with them how me an average guy carried a fire fighter up a flight of stairs like pro details and all thank you thank you thank you you helped me save a good friend of mine and a brother for life

Tim : That was pretty. No me and my friends get to hurt each other learning!

Balzsack mcdouchwad : The standard way seems way faster and effective.

Brad Cochran : Really informative!!! That's some good shit....

No Body : Keanu Reeves as a ranger

mister viktorius : I know these are the real tough guys but it would be interesting to see this dude is a pro wrestler I'm just saying. I wonder if she can do both. I'm glad you guys are protecting our wandering to protect our country. I no pro wrestling is not real I'm just saying it'd be fun to see. Lord bless and protect these dudes real men

J K : Whatchu talkin bout willis!

jonah hillbilly : Who is this man?!? And what the hell is his former profession?

Carson Reinhart : Perfect!! Just a word of caution while practicing. Start slow, it's very easy to dislocate a hip. But in a real-world situation, that matters not. On a side note if your girl is passed out in the field at a farm party, it makes you look like a real bad ass picking her up like this and carrying her back to the tent ;) Stay frosty :)

Grace Eitland : To your knowledge, is this taught at FMTB (to Fleet Marine Force Corpsman)?

mark hausz : I never knew wil was such a badass. Watch forged in fire show. Thought he was just a host. Next time I’ll do my homework.


raf : Let me send you a video of a real navy seal nut grab

Major League Swag Out : [uncomfortable laughter]

K.R. M. : I'm not exactly sure what his name is can you put it up one more time? also this was actually pretty helpful

Cody Criss : Sooo anyone care to tell me what this dudes name is or an i gonna have to fucking guess?

Joshua Ludwick : the 5:53 roll looks like it could injure someones arm/wrist if it is not positioned against their waist. The roller can land onto the arm or wrist from the camera angle. I can't tell if it's enough weight/motion to actually cause injury though. Thanks for the video guide.

Michael Sharma : For your next video, can you please put on kit, pick up a rifle, run half a mile, and then immediately do this "rapid tactical lift" to someone also in kit? Also please do it on concrete with debris everywhere. Thanks!

MJ Cat : Does the same technique prove true with a female?

Felktl09 : Hottest porno I’ve ever seen

Winter Wolf : Grab onto my nuts, I'm a S.E.A.L.! 🤣

Jeff osterhoudt : There are so many things wrong with this it isn't even funny. For starters "I was taught this in Ranger Battalion". No you weren't. I never saw any Ranger Medic, PA or Battalion Surgeon endorse or use it during my time there. Furthermore, we were never taught that when I went through the Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course. And we learned A LOT of carries there. The transfer was taught and used. It's great when you don't have rucks on. Now let's add is a fractured vertebrae (cervical thoracic or lumbar), flail chest, evisceration, etc and you have just harmed your patient. Remember, Do Know Harm, Do No Harm. Doc Oz outRLTWDOL

MArko Ziomal : last one was laughter bomb XD

Hector Morales : Id say this dudes is a Sparten! But the truth is hes a Fire Breathing American Patriot!!!

Sebastian : That last part killed me

Jimmy TwoToes : dammit will willis you are cool

First Last : Yeah... No way this works with 40lbs of kit on both guys, Kevlar, and 2 weapons in the mix. Looks cool though.

Tyler Cranston : Why on earth would people dislike this?

Da Royal General : looks like a wrestling move. I wonder who was the first person to come up with this manuver!?

Da Royal General : *move your elbow!!!*


Chris Majestic : Alot of people talking about full combat load and pulling this off. And also talking about the 'lack of ease'. 1: In this community, strength and speed go hand in hand. Being in physical shape is high priority so you can do that kind of stuff on a 190lb dude +65 lb combat load and your own. This is a tactical situation, highly fluid and obviously not perfect. No situation is perfect. But, I will say this. My personal experience as a Marine in the CLS, TCCC and SIMMEC courses, the different ways to move an unconscious victim is gone over in a few different ways...And all of them are pretty slow outside of being the hulk. Im 6' tall, and was about 170 lbs. SMall guy. I can't exactly just deadlift and clean a 200 lb puddle of mush off the ground. But, even if you do this technique a little slow, or a little clunky, or hurt your knee and elbow a bit on concrete, or scrape his shoulders up dragging him off debris...Its still less time than trying to manipulate and drag the same person. I'd take doing this 1x at half speed than 90% of the other stuff I learned.

SuperTalks : The Punisher brought me here. xD

Black Beard : Tim kennedy disapproves of this


Josh Beverley : Nice content!!! Very informative. Thanks for the lesson!!!

Jasanviawrestler145 : just like wrestling

Officer Mahoney : His left leg is bigger than his right?