Ranger Roll

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Andel Adi : What is the name of this man?

MrPieman00 : How many fucking times do you have to tell me his name is Wil Willis

lasdiabless : WTF!! I farted watching this video right before they said "did he just shit himself?" seriously freaked me the fuck out!!!

WORSTBEHAVIOR : 0:05 that 3rd guy from them left haha

MrRaylith : Last drag: "Grab my nuts if you want to live"

Monsieur Longbow : would be interesting to see an example of "normal people" pulling off this technique and get a rough measure of how long they can keep the carry afterwards

Christopher cuntbag : This wouldn't be a good method if your guy has a severe chest injury

Kyle Jenkins : Is that the host guys from "Forged in Fire?

Captain KLR650 : That was just AWESOME!


constantin barbu : so glad i watched it till the end !

Tim : That was pretty. No me and my friends get to hurt each other learning!

mister viktorius : I know these are the real tough guys but it would be interesting to see this dude is a pro wrestler I'm just saying. I wonder if she can do both. I'm glad you guys are protecting our wandering to protect our country. I no pro wrestling is not real I'm just saying it'd be fun to see. Lord bless and protect these dudes real men

Balzsack mcdouchwad : The standard way seems way faster and effective.

HOTexasCatfish : Probably the only guy that can get away with having a man bun...Great Vid Wil Willis.

Jesse Echols : nice man bun faggot lol

K.R. M. : I'm not exactly sure what his name is can you put it up one more time? also this was actually pretty helpful

Joshua Ludwick : the 5:53 roll looks like it could injure someones arm/wrist if it is not positioned against their waist. The roller can land onto the arm or wrist from the camera angle. I can't tell if it's enough weight/motion to actually cause injury though. Thanks for the video guide.

MJ Cat : Does the same technique prove true with a female?

MArko Ziomal : last one was laughter bomb XD

Steve X : Utter ridiculousness, under duress you have to perform this technique flawlessly, forget about the whole protect the head and the neck, if you don’t take an angle forward and just roll south to north, snap! But hey, he’s a ranger and has a YouTube following.

Felktl09 : Hottest porno I’ve ever seen

Grace Eitland : To your knowledge, is this taught at FMTB (to Fleet Marine Force Corpsman)?

Mike Hillen : Grab onto my nuts... I'm a SEAL "Oh okay, that makes this totally hetero"

ozgur doganay : Thanks bro.

calebalvarez1234 : 57 people are dumbasses

Joshua Abell : Hey. I think you should make more videos like this. I’ve tried that carry before. And although it’s rough to accomplish, it’s quick and easy with practice.

Superior Saiyan : Hes still not a youtube sensation.

Chris ayyye : That guys blocking the camera tho.

Christopher Ash : Where could I find this full video?

MSJ SWAPNIL : Thanks for the video............................................................. & THUMBS UP :D

PearsAreOkay : White shirt 0:58 there's some pudding right there

Daniel Rodriguez : Why cant venom snake do this?!

tanner cartwright : Wil Willis I want to do what you've done and be an army ranger and a PJ is there anything I can do make myself ready or more likely to make it though both

Bryan Estep : I've heard of people switching branches in officer school, is that what he did?

shamrock ken : I want to fuck will.. n im a man

Terren Mooney : Wow!

Juliusz Gonera : So that's how tryharding looks like

Victor Chen : How did none of them know this? I'm not even a cop or a firefighter. I just wrestle/grapple as a hobby

Florbengorben : Goddamn we know your name is Wil Willis

LVioletta1 : now im going to practice this.

Luke Long : Awesome video brother thanks for your service

TheWoWMagician : Grab on to my nuts I'm a seal!

David Dominguez : Is that Tom Cruise from Magnolia?

videogames73 : [uncomfortable laughter]

Jintaro Kensei : this is good

Trump Won : I would like to see and feel Wil's tight manpussy gripped around this throbbing diseased cock of mine!!

John Smith : I know you probably get this a lot...but your show on the Military Channel was the best thing on the network. I'm getting old by military standards, but I'm going to try to join this year or next with an option 40 contract. Your show has inspired a lot of people, and I just wanted to say thanks.

clearday1971 : I know this isn't really the point, but damn, this is one of the sexiest things I have seen in a long time.

T : Very good technique. Thanks for the video.