Paternoster, The elevator of Death, in Prague Czech Republic
Paternoster The elevator of Death in Prague Czech Republic

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Paternoster, The elevator of Death, in Prague Czech Republic A Paternoster is a type of elevator. Its design is different from that of other elevators. It has several cabins that constantly move up and down. They are linked on a chain. People can stop on or off at any floor they like. Paternosters have advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, it is always possible to take them in either direction. Since the elevator moves at a slow speed, it is slower than a modern elevator. It takes longer to get to distant floors. Also, using a paternoaster takes some training. Paternosters are nearly impossible to use for disabled people.


Nazi zombie Princess Kenny 27. : Oh man... i love those <3

Monica Havemann : We have a paternoster in our local hospital. Only staff may use it. It's quite a lot of fun, jumping on on off. The patients must think we're crazy.

MrAwesome2014 : Well they have safety handles and a nice light to illuminate a quick an death defying exit. So cool.

Denise von Sternberg : No.

bilal ackbar : Nice soundtrack

Abby Narishkin : Hello! I'm a video producer for INSIDER in New York and we love your video! Can we feature your clip in a video we're doing on the never-ending elevators in Prague? We'll be sure to give you clear, onscreen credit! Thank you, and please let me know

menorex : And what if you go down all way? Its so fuking scary.