Paternoster, The elevator of Death, in Prague Czech Republic

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Marcia Lindsay : That screaming baby added to the fear!

Monica Havemann : We have a paternoster in our local hospital. Only staff may use it. It's quite a lot of fun, jumping on on off. The patients must think we're crazy.

Abby Narishkin : Hello! I'm a video producer for INSIDER in New York and we love your video! Can we feature your clip in a video we're doing on the never-ending elevators in Prague? We'll be sure to give you clear, onscreen credit! Thank you, and please let me know

bilal ackbar : Nice soundtrack

MrAwesome2014 : Well they have safety handles and a nice light to illuminate a quick an death defying exit. So cool.

menorex : And what if you go down all way? Its so fuking scary.

Nazi zombie Princess Kenny 27. : Oh man... i love those <3

musicaly czech : načem jsi dělala intro u diy na hračku pro krecky a morcata

Denise von Sternberg : No.