QI | Stephen's Homemade Lava Lamp Disaster

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thenameisgsarci : The thumbnail looks like "Top 10 Disturbing Photos Taken Before Disaster".

Rous : "And I've gone along with him and now I'm frightened!" David's the best

Rowan Aboat : ‘There is nothing funny about making people laugh’

Dragon Curve Enthusiast : I'm totally with David on this one. I would have opened the lid once in a while to prevent the cap from shooting off.

Shanae Player : “We’re putting it all in!” Alan is such a child. I love it!

New Message : And once again, the only one who made the slightest attempt to keep things safe is blamed for the inevitable tragedy caused by those who didn't. Typical.

David Nightingale : Stephen Fry cleaned the mess. He is such a gentleman.

Amazingly Awkward : David Mitchell, saying what we're all thinking! Then it completely desends into an actual chemistry class xD

kidneystone53 : "We all know why Alan has industrial strength tissues". Lol😂😂😂😂

Piper Joseph : SIR! SIR! SIR!

MitchCyanFilms : This is why Stephen left.

TheHutchy01 : I think it'd be almost impossible to make one while as stoned as a person needs to be to enjoy a Lava Lamp.

Henry Ambrose : Pausing at 2:25 was a good decision.

BurTV : "We all know why Alan has industrial strength tissues..."

Volatile Carbon : I feel like David Mitchell is my British spirit animal.

Privacy Lover : David Mitchell's genuine look of concern when Alan said it would hopefully explode

kidneystone53 : I wish Stephen hadn't left, its not as good now with Sandy in the chair.

Xasybe'an. : I enjoyed how QI was so much like a teacher teaching a class.

Luke Sparrow : Jimmy Carr's a lot better when he's the presenter, you can tell he struggles as a panellist because he actually has to wait for his turn to speak 😂

Jamie W : “because they separate.. don’t they Dave” Lol

Edward Walters : Great that Stephen did the cleaning up😊

MartinGrozny : "You're in trouble!"

DragonsTooth : 1:31 Ronnie’s finger began to melt onto the side of her lamp.

Nigel Williams : And with that, Stephen was replaced by Sandi Toksvig

Jason Eyermann : I thought I had watched every episode 3 times. But I have never seen this episode and I can find the whole episode on you tube

pepegstar : 02.25 sloooow mootion, lol

Swag Happy : Brown Owl

Beginning of The End : what rhymes with orange

zenflautist : I can’t stand David Mitchell. Unfunny nobody that came from nowhere and ruins everything he appears on - total Smeg Head!

Anonymous Nate : Jimmy raising his hand like a school kid lmao!!!!!!

k budhdeo : It's like watching an episode of Sooty lol

Joseph Bleasdale : This is every GCSE chemistry lesson in 4 minutes

shingshongshamalama : "Put it all in!" That's what she said.

Will Crawford : television at its best

Dom Garcia : "Sir! Sir! Sir!"

Joe Webb : stephen bungled it

jimtorres 86 : Wow ronnie ancona hasnt had a face lift has she

Beginning of The End : can you say IQ

Tea by Manu : IT'S FOR HIS CUM! XD

Beginning of The End : purple?????????!!!!!!!!!!

Beginning of The End : am I laughing turnt