Anton - My name is Anton
My Romanian friend has made a music video about his experience living in the UK

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This has been created as a personal project and its purpose is to entertain people. If you get offended by this, just don't. Lyrics are in the description. Also special thanks to everyone involved. Without them, this would have not been possible Follow me on Instagram: Lyrics: Hello guyz my name is Anton I came to the english nine months ago All my life I wanted to be an actor But they say to me "You dont know english, so NO" That is why i came to the UK To improve my english everyday Working nightshift in Mcdonalds I like I eat big bacon tasty everynight ok hidration break bratuka But people don't know it's actually palinca This is the reason in UK I don't drive And I go to work by the bike I don't like Especially outside always rain cause me pain Because i'm always wet and I screaming cyka blyat Still bad things in UK can't do this That's because i don't have cousin in police After couple months I started thinkin Friday night is good or it's bad to go out drinkin' It's not good because price for vodka is increase And next day my head is rest in peace That is why I miss my home But I keep in touch with friends on the phone My dad secret holy water best After 2 shots i go take rest Dress slav style when I going to the pub I make all woman scream OMG Then I say this joke that I like a ton Don't call me GOD, call me ANTON!!1 All rights reserved.