The Amazing Lyrebird of Australia - Unseen Footage
The Amazing Lyrebird

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Instagram Duncan made this to promote his mom's online outdoor-supply store, Wind River Gear. If you're ever in Dubois, Wyoming, be sure to stop by. Or click above.


ZLScratch : I lost it on Seinfeld. The bird trolling David at the end only added to my sides hurting

千Sen : Now that I watch this again, I can see how gullible I am.

Alex : i wish i could forget this video and watch it again to laugh as hard as when i first saw it years ago

clofutube : Whoever made this is a f*&$ing GENIUS!!!  Love how the bird plays it off like it's not him mimicking David Attenborough...  "I'm just a bird here... tweet tweet...."

Erer1243 : I died when he was trying to explain it and the Seinfeld-like theme started playing... or being sung...

Wolf Heathen - Chiptune & Synthwave : But it does make you wonder what would happen if you actually put a CD player in the forest with the Seinfeldt theme on repeat for a week or two.

Nicolás Caro : that seinfield part really got to me holy shit

BSODeception : After watching other videos on Lyre Birds, there is no doubt if you played these sounds to it, it could recreate it easily

PRO PLAYER : trolled  by a bird and then rage quit lol


Jokerr Fox : *runs through the jungle with a boom box playing Rick Ashley's never gonna give you up to rickroll the scientist in the future

Flammenwerfer : Never play Justin Bieber near that thing.

Argentum : midi bird

shockraid1 : "i think this is edited" oh shit, really, wow, so observant, good ears, no foolin you huh

james : the sienfeld killed me

ashsi : I would like for the bird to be taught rickroll

Clay Snyder : Haters will say it's Photoshop.

Jake Tere : Whats the deal with the lyrebird? (anyone)

Apples : I just saw that original episode of The Life of Birds recently, and I just about choked myself laughing at this.

Alex : omg i think im gonna unfave this just so i can fave it again, its still sooooo good!

Tom Keir : Very impressive Bird, what a character this is.

Tony Twohands : This bird sounds like MIDI

Will E : This video is absolutely  priceless.

acewt timer : Bird Made him rage quit his own documentary

Breakfast Squad Studio : Okay it gets fake right? I've seen how crazy lyrebirds are, but at the end it's just ridiculous. Can those birds REALLY mimic something like that?

TumpyFunket : I love the simulated David Attenborough exasperation. This video is quite entertaining.

João Serra : i cant stop watching this video

Jamfero : Before seinfeld even became a meme... It was a meme

Ezzy Levin : Considering this video has almost 3,000,000 views, I don't think it is should really be called "Unseen".

TrueCourse : .... "incorporates sounds he hears in the forest,".... like the Seinfeld theme, ROFLMAO!!! XD

galanie : LMAO I still come back to watch this in 2019.

Andy McCoolname : So will Jerry's lawyers descend upon this bird with a cease and desist or what

DragonsOfGravityFalls : I love lyrebirds, they're my favorite bird. They have such and AMAZING talent!

Nintenjoey : Anyone know the source of that bass guitar music? I need it because reasons.

Sandra Riffero : Whoever edited this has perfect comic understanding and timing. :::tears from laughing:::

croc doc : Lol. Nice editing. :)

james : oops. i almost forgot to watch this video today

Evi1M4chine : This might be real, but I still have to see it for myself to be able to fully accept it. Until then I’ll book it under “possible, but…”.

Lucky You : This is fantastic! absolutely wonderful, please redo and kudos

Amadeus Frost : I can say that this video is true as i was at a zoo once with Lyre birds and they could mimic ALMOST every sound they heard except very high pitch ones like screeches don't know if they can but it was fun to hear one say : Shake that butt over and over again. Still remember that day from since i was a mere lad.


elixarch15 : I'm trying to immitate bird calls on my whistle and when the seinfeild song kickeD IN I ALMOST SWALLOWED IT OMG

GaborBartal : Great video editing :D


TheTaben : Amazing! charmingly brilliant!

E3kHatena : So beautiful. 10/10 IGN GOTY

Erin Kelley : I'm having the hardest time believing this isn't fake. But wow. This isn't fake. THIS IS BLOODY AWESOME.

Benefit1970 : lost it at seinfeld

Woozworld LPS .:Tiana:. : Hahahaha...!!! Love this video `^v^´