SNOWY PEAKS - Sony A6000 Cinematic Snowboard Edit

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Antini Productions : Honestly, great work man. The color grade, the music, the shots and the skills are on points. Looking forward to see more.

Yannis Papanastasopoulos : Already commented on Reddit but here it is again. Congratulations mate amazing work with this camera.

Damien Lair : very nice video bro great job

Brandon Baxley : So nice, a pleasure to watch! Subbed! Looking forward to seeing what you bring in the future

Brandon Baxley : Im curious, did you use the Osiris M31 LUT to achieve the color? Looks really cool with the snow

Majd Fayad : Any strategies on how you did the color grade?

247Jib : Sehr cool! Nice work

Mic Jam : Wow... One of the best I've seen from a6000... Great work Sir 👍

Bryce Thomas-Morgan : awesome.

Specular : Shot at 1:38 is absolutely amazing man

Wiwal : How to get this insane quality Out of this camera ??? Looks Like 4k .... Awesome Video

Sandile Magadlela : Brilliant Video bro!

junger : Sauber! Geil gemacht!

Matúš Slavkovský : Realy great video ... love the colorgrading, you get a pretty nice image of it!

Ravi Gupta : Hey Awesome Color Luts .... Can u send me this Lumetri clr luts ??

Kamil G. : Amazing video!!!

Adrian Muszyński : Great vid man! Keep up the great work!

Mohd Arman : amazing video... I am planning to buy a6000,,, But I am confused whether I shall be buying a6300 ... My budget is tight but.. anyway amazing video

HypNoctis : Inspirational

josef pickl : great stuff

Schmotte : Das ist hoffentlich nur der Promo Trailer für Timos neuen Sponsoring Vertrag bei Adidas? Ich habe max need auf mehr brutale Powder Slowmo, sicke Gimbal Shots und derbe Flair Actions aus den austrian Alps!!! sehr fein Mr. Djäns.

Anders Brandvik : This is the most amazing film ive seen on the A6000 yet. Do you recommend this camera? Any Pros / Cons in your opinion? Been looking to get the A6000 or A6300 but the A6000 looks just as good as A6300 even though it doesn't have 4k possibility.

AlienDaddy : fucking sick vid! do you shoot on neutral mode?

Alex Sims : super awesome look! good job

Wleimen Films : So Beautiful

Maximilian Steiner : Top !!!

Philip Solodyankin : Bro such a clean edit! What’s the title you used called and what program did you use to edit? Super sick tho, keep it coming. Subscribed.

Steffen Schwittai : The pyro gave me the rest. Just awesome. You should do a video for David Guetta :D

Sea Majinn : magpie sent me a link & i love this vid 💕 it's creative & beautiful I promise.

Mattias Fredin : Very well made film, especially the first one and a half minute. Keep it up!

fener71 : Simply Amazing. One of the best A6000 video ever seen!! I've just bought this camera with 35mm 1.8 so I hope I will learn to shoot with your same quality. Which color profile and settings did you use in the camera?

David Kerr : This is such a dope film. I have an a6000 too and seeing how you've used this I am absolutely blown away. Keep killing it and creating. Earned a sub!

Treeline Studio : This was amazing to watch. Congratulations and keep making things like these :)

CJ Romanes : This is the best a6000 video I've seen so far! The intro looks like a clip from a movie. The cinematography, grading, and scoring are on point! Greate job hope to see more of this soon!

Josh Smallwood : Please please please keep creating. this is fantastic.

Richard Beck : Really nice edit! Love the color grading!

Kenji GameZz : Nice video! I would love to see more!

Lucifer Crampus : Oh my God! It’s beautiful, man😍 It’s very beautiful...

Nina Küper : Tolles Video!

Ludwig Paeth : Hallo Jens, dieses Video ist wirklich sehr gut. Vor allem die Pyroeffekte haben mir den Rest gegeben. Wenn ich so darüber nachdenke, würde ich sagen, dass du ein Video für Daivid Getta machen solltest. Alles gute für immer, Ludwig.

hallo du : Wow, you did amazing work:) keep on going!

DumaGetMe Vlog : This camera is not weather sealed, how did it perform?

Ziri Vlogs : i reallly like it can you send me the lut *_*

Kevin Rivaldi Purwaatmaja : what LUT do u use it ?

magp : Best snow edit ive seen so dope bro! Thinking of getting the a6000

Charles Yeo : You shot in Slog?

madcat2709 : Wirklich gut. Würde mir gern mehr anschauen :D

Luna Physalis : dank clip bruv sick edit hang loose

JOJO IS BRONZE : holy fuck, this is amazing, pls make a tut on how to colour grade like you

ARGE : Great video buddy :) Keep up the good work. Left you a Subscribe,You can also check out my work.