SNOWY PEAKS - Sony A6000 Cinematic Snowboard Edit

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Yannis Papanastasopoulos : Already commented on Reddit but here it is again. Congratulations mate amazing work with this camera.

mynameistim : well done!!! is the sony 35mm 1.8f worth it?

diego barba soto : Great shots. In my personal opinion, I don’t get the need to stick to orange and teal colorgrade, there are so many colors it feels like people like being stuck in one color palette. Its good but everything looks the same now

Yngrvben : Awesome Bro, fantastic work.

Respire : Honestly, great work man. The color grade, the music, the shots and the skills are on points. Looking forward to see more.

Mic Jam : Wow... One of the best I've seen from a6000... Great work Sir 👍

Wiwal : How to get this insane quality Out of this camera ??? Looks Like 4k .... Awesome Video

Brandon Baxley : Im curious, did you use the Osiris M31 LUT to achieve the color? Looks really cool with the snow

Majd Fayad : Any strategies on how you did the color grade?

247Jib : Sehr cool! Nice work

Savin Trips : Very nice Video man! Could u say me, what profile / settings i must use for a flat profile on the Sony a6000? I will buy this camera, and need the settings! :D <3

Davolto : big up man! you really made a cinematic piece here, love the flares, the composition of the shots, the movement of everything and the flow in general, its all mixed beautifully with the music. You're an artist my man, keep creating

Specular : Shot at 1:38 is absolutely amazing man

Lukáš Krahulec : Great shots!! Nice work.

dhldbrndt : Any chance of getting your lut mate?

Sandile Magadlela : Brilliant Video bro!

junger : Sauber! Geil gemacht!

Kamil G. : Amazing video!!!

Hani Al-Sharif : Epic video man.

HypNoctis : Inspirational

josef pickl : great stuff

Duncan Howard : That shot at 1:34 tho 🙌

Valeriy Osmachko : AWESOME video! Great Job Bro!!! I have few questions: 1)Is it standard kit or it is custom lens? 2) How did you film this during snowbarding? Did you use special clamping or stabilizers?

Schmotte : Das ist hoffentlich nur der Promo Trailer für Timos neuen Sponsoring Vertrag bei Adidas? Ich habe max need auf mehr brutale Powder Slowmo, sicke Gimbal Shots und derbe Flair Actions aus den austrian Alps!!! sehr fein Mr. Djäns.

Anders Brandvik : This is the most amazing film ive seen on the A6000 yet. Do you recommend this camera? Any Pros / Cons in your opinion? Been looking to get the A6000 or A6300 but the A6000 looks just as good as A6300 even though it doesn't have 4k possibility.

AlienDaddy : fucking sick vid! do you shoot on neutral mode?

Ollie Sohawon : So sick man! Is there a shutter speed you'd recommend for shooting at 60fps?

Alex Sims : super awesome look! good job

magp : Best snow edit ive seen so dope bro! Thinking of getting the a6000

Maximilian Steiner : Top !!!

Philip Solodyankin : Bro such a clean edit! What’s the title you used called and what program did you use to edit? Super sick tho, keep it coming. Subscribed.

CDob : Amazing video bro but what I’m wondering is where did you get that jacket?! It’s so nice and is it a snowboarding jacket or just a normal hoodie?

4NTI : übelst nice :D

Michal Stejskal : Incredible edit :)

VISUALISE EXPLORE CAPTURE : Hey man amazing video. I've just purchased the a6000 and can't wait to use it. Could I ask what ND filter you used? Keep up the good work! Subbed :)

Myles Hamilton-Flack : this was soo good guys

JasonMcGhan : This a beautiful piece of work. So good!

elijah feldman : The best snowboard edit on YouTube hands down

Marrentill : God damn lovely video!! what were your capture settings for this video man? did you shoot it all on the same Memory Recall or? would love to give it a go myself! well done man

Dannio Nguyen : Your work is madness... dude, keep them coming 🙏

Brad Watson : Subbed after seeing both films! I'd like to try this custom LUT if you're sharing?

Space ONE : Hey, I recently uploaded my first cinematic video. The video lasts just over 30 seconds and I would be very happy if you look at the video.

Justin Pierre : How can you get that slow motion ?

Reza Wardhana : It's great video of gear A6000 i've ever seen! Cool, sir! Can i know what the Lut you used ?

David Figeroua : I have this camera and didn’t know how cinematic you can make the videos! Sometimes I think I need a better camera to make better videos but then I see these videos and then I remember once again how great this little camera is I have the kit lens and the sigma 16mm 1.4. Question tho! Do you use a drone? Idk how you get those areal looking shots!

DMV Lord : great video. i subscribed. would you say this is a good lens for music videos?

Tristan : That was amazing! Making me realize that I will soon need to ditch the gopro

Dany D : Sir I am a proud a6000 user but. Cant believe this baby can produce such a quality, mann would u mind to give us tutorial how to achieve the look? I mean look at ur image i misjudge it as a 4k videoo

Rania Septi : Can i know the setting's camera you used, sir ?

Gao De : how to get wide screen