Alessandro Moreschi sings Ave Maria (no scratch)

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itecnus : It takes balls to sing like this.

Animaniac : Chilling... They tried to preserve the beauty and purity of a child's voice. This isn't it... This is haunting

Arrogant Tuber : Beautifully creepy.

Fuck. : I can hear the sadness in his voice and it depresses me

Matthew Cipolla : Mr. Nightmare says this is one of the creepiest audio recordings ever. I disagree. His voice was beautiful.

Hannah Weiss : He was in his 50s at the time of this recording

Skelettgespenst : I love how the comments are either "this is such a beautiful song" or "that poor guy lost his balls" and nothing else.

herbert : reportedly, moreschi did all his recordings in his 40s. this is the voice of a 40-something-year-old man. think about that.

Grim : his voice is so nice. but I feel for him, he had his manhood taken from him.

gfg016 : it feels strange listening to someone who had to sacrifice his sexual maturity to sing this

Billy Denty : There is such an overwhelming sadness in his voice it's both beautiful and depressing at the same time

Dogmatil : Listening to this just makes me sad really.... it's tragic what happened to these poor boys.

Taumpy Tears : its a disturbing sound because of his castration. Hearing his voice and looking at the full grown man that produced it is unsettling and creepy. I feel sorry for these men.

Jason Pollock : LMAO, I love everyone's reaction to this. Cleary the whole idea of castratos were awful, but I don't understand how this recording is 'scary', 'eerie', 'haunting' etc. Obviously, nobody here has ever heard of boy sopranos - Moreschi simply sounds like a boy soprano. Furthermore, the 'pain' and 'sadness' you hear in his voice is not reflective of any of his own emotions - rather, castratos were instructed to sing with "extreme passion and a perpetual type of sob".

Melissa Johnson : I feel so lucky to be able to hear the voice of the last Castrato. His voice isn't what I imagined. But, what a privilege to hear this historical piece. Thank you for sharing this.

Dakotah Smith : the sound of his voice makes me sad, he sounds like he didn't want to be castrated..... :(

Michael Xenos : You can hear the sadness in his voice. You should never take a mans testicles

Daniel Johnson : at 2:29, he hits a B7 note. Mariah Carey's highest note recorded is G7 (in Emotions), two notes lower. God bless his soul.

Ashley B : Kind of eerie for me

Kuba Łozowski : It doesn't sound neither like a child nor woman.. a bit scary, but fascinating

William L : Something about this is haunting, it has a forlorn beauty about it. It depresses me but I still listen to it.....strange.

Arthur Wilkens : it's very difficult to explain what i feel listening to this recording. anyway, i just can't stop listening to it.

Beau C : I didn't believe my brother when he said castrato singers exist... And I found this... This was a very disturbing experience to listen to.

Eric Harris : This makes me extremely uncomfortableI'm not exactly sure why it just really does

TheZeroSbr : You guys realize he was way past his prime by the time he got around to recording this, right? He actually did have some notable skill. Stop being so hard on the guy. His technique is different, sure, but he uses what are called "grace notes". His style is dated, but not poor. Stop saying that he was bad, because he wasn't.

EFFtheCoolKids : Damn, I can't admire his voice for feeling overwhelming sad. I wonder if he ever journaled his feelings about how he was mutilated.

Iambic Pentameter : I'm sorry, but I like my boys too much. A decent singing voice ain't worth it.

Nintendo Fan : In his voice, I can hear a mixture of triumph and pain. This is a man who sacrificed his future to keep italian opera singing alive, and I give him the utmost praise for that.

Anglo Historian : This is very haunting, as if one can hear the pain of what was done to him still in his voice.

Flippy Flop The Whale : Still better then 99% of what the kids listen to nowadays/

Eugen Ion : to have a castrato in the family was a sign of poverty... only poor family where sacrifice a son. for one hundred year 3-4000 children where castrated every year and most of them didn't succeed in music... sad

Gloomsoul : well chop off my nuts and call me high pitched! this guy is epic!!

Lighthouse 5 : The act of castration was very sick and terrible, i feel so bad for him and all the other castratos, i don't even know how any castrato even agreed to be castrated.

Umar Awan : We need to stop denying their existence. They were real. And just because it was unethical what happened to them; it is about time we respected them. Only than would the losses of those thousands be overcome or atleast substituted.

TheMYSTICJOEJOE : I really kinda real bad for this dude

Samuel Rioux : Alessandro Moreschi sings Ave Maria (no balls)

Rasmus Nordenstein : To bad Alessandro Moreschi wasn't such a great singer really. But then again, he was raised my the church as more of a entertainment and was treated as such all his life. And it's also to bad that we only get to hear about 40% of his actual voice here, but what can you do? I still do like to listen to this though, trying to imagine how these long lost singers actually sounds like.

Crystal Chong : Would Bieber make a good Castrato?

Ultimate Kars : I got here from Mr. Nightmare, the voice is amazing but the sad thing about it is the man singing was castrated to get that high pitched voice

Tijolinho : As I was listening to this, my cockatiel got his little beak out of his food and gave me a look that said "This sounds so beautiful".

Dylan Stoll : I had my friend listen to this and he goes "That's a girl. It has to be." Showed him the title and the picture of the guy and he flipped out.

Josku2411 : This sounds extremely interesting on the other hand it's creepy but on the other hand it's quite relaxing

apemonkis : so sad and haunting ...

Bub1029 : So glad castrattos are no longer a thing. They sounded like shit if this is any judge. It's like hearing something that's literally not supposed to happen. Like a dark monstrosity lies behind every note. They were born from a time of some of the most disgusting sexism in music. Falsetti sound better because they are meant to be singing the pieces they are singing. Ultimately, composers did write soprano and alto arias with female voices in mind.

Javier Medina : Sorry to all from being so apart this months... I've been so in work, this year has been very strong and shocking from time to time. Thank you for listen to Alessandro's voice.

NthShout : He was around 44 when recording this.. He sound like a boy of 15. Amazing castrato.

BeardedOTP : It takes a lot of balls to sing like this.

Phantasmagora : 1. He was past his prime. He was about 50 when he did his recording. 2. The rhythmic hiccups and scoops were the aesthetic of the time. 3. His style was suited to the Sistine Chapel. The lack of reverberation and the primitive recording tech do him no justice. 4. Castrato voices were just a boy's vocal chords resonating in a man's body, hence the sound. Not a female voice, falsetto, countertenor, etc. 5. Guy sang lead in the Church choir, served as Director of Soloists for a while, got rave reviews in his prime, got married, adopted a kid, and by most accounts, was pretty happy. It was different time, although this custom itself remains pretty gruesome. Thank you for your time.

The Guy Who Posts : It's so Beautiful. It sounds like He's crying while singing. That Poor Guy. No one should have to go thru what he went through.

Brad Lawrence : I think this is absolutely beautiful. If this is what he was like towards the end of his life, imagine what he was like when he was in his prime.