The Dark Truth About Kati Morton

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Dara Tah : Hey guys, I just got confirmation that Kati is NOT a co-founder of Betterhelp. She replied on twitter to the question saying "No." so I guess we'll have to have a part 2! I stand by the rest of the video however.

Psych IRL : I like your criticism in the beginning, but with a quick Google search you can see that Better Help was founded in 2013. Their HQ is in Sunnyvale, CA and the founders are Alon Matas and Danny Bragonier. Totally different info from her linkdin page.

Jessica Francis : I always felt like there was something suspicious about That “therapist” in the video when she was talking about sociopaths she rubbed me the wrong way especially when she didn’t make Shane do a disclosure saying people who are not professionals shouldn’t be diagnosing themselves or others. You learn that during psychology 101 in college

CrystalDolphinPotato : I hope as many people that have watched Shane's video watch this as well. Thank you for this. You said everything I and many others have wanted to say and more.

Sarah Fox : She’s a “Hollywood therapist”

Next Gen Media : The professional quality to this is unreal. Fingers crossed that this goes viral.

Katia : She also spreads misinformation in her other videos about personality disorders. She said people with borderline personality disorder lack empathy which is simply not true. She also says in a different video that they sometimes threaten suicide for attention. Not only will 1 out of 10 people with BPD kill themselves, but as someone who has attempted suicide three times, WE DON'T TELL PEOPLE WE'RE ABOUT TO DO IT BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT TO SEEM "ATTENTION SEEKING." She doesn't understand how toxic her words are. That video at least needs to be taken down, but tbh her channel just needs to be cancelled. (I'm sure I'm going to find more bad information as I go though her other videos) That is all. 😘

Kitketeer : THANK YOU!! I usually love Shane Dawson but I'm disgusted about the lack of actual discussion of why Kati Morton was incredibly wrong. The internets mentality of "forgive and forget" is so frustrating, especially when it comes to mental illness. Shane himself has stated he struggles with mental illness to do with anxiety and body issues, so imagine if Kati Morton or anyone else for that matter discussed those mental illnesses with the same immaturity she did with ASPD/Sociopathy. Disgusting.

victoria b : I don't understand why Shane couldn't find a psychologist that specializes in that area... heck if he went to a university im sure he'd find an abnormal psychology professor that would be more than happy to have educated Shane in this... 😧

poiewhfopiewhf : I hope your channel blows up

Blue Zed : Thank you she was absolutely disgusting

ツTara : God I would love to see you collab with nerd city

Thomas Arnold : The truth

snail : when is your "exposing betterhelp" 8 part documentary series coming out?

Alexatron5000 : Please tell me there is a part two of this

Bazsaa Varga : I love how you smashed that integrity pumpkin, and actually criticized somebody :D good video, glad that i subbed

Tatiana Perilla : I appreciate you looking into whether her program was APA accredited.

stormandbloom : Holy hell, The first part of this video I thought nice: some well formulated criticism in a respectful way. +1 for that. But the second part did really blow my mind. God damn man.... I hope you are wrong....... If that's true, dear lord... Halloween did come early this year. I'm really interested in her reaction.

PsychoJar : WOW. Speechless. That was so well done.

Meg Alyssa : Dr. Todd Grande’s videos were much clearer, more factual, and more respectful.


TheInternet Sucks : My guess is that Shane paid her a lot of money and she was like "ok fine, I'll sell my soul". She can't even handle criticism..

Dirty Damfino : It’s Pepper-DYNE btw. (As in, it’s pronounced like “die”) A religious (Christian) college, so maybe they don’t have to adhere to certain standards? Otherwise this tea is HOT.

jenmontzingo : 💯 % true. I think she should be reported to the MFT boards. I wish I had the time to do so.

Sam Diaz : dude you’re such a talented content creator. thanks for saying what needs to be said! Ur the goat 🐐

Diane Jennings : Thats some intro!

Erin : "You can feel them" 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

Charlene: Bob and Invasions mod : Yes Dara. Sweet dance moves.

Emanuel Jhutti : First of all: if this video is supposed to be so neutral and factual, then please remove the manipulating background music, and also film during the day in proper lighting so as to not induce a feeling of suspicion in the audience. This all is very biased, manipulating, and not "scientific" at all - that which you preach in the video. Second of all: I agree with you that it wasn't right of Kati to say those things, and it was unproffessional from her part. But I also know that she has helped me a ton. In times of real suffering for me, she was one of the main forces that helped me get back on my feet, all thanks to her videos. Apart from helping me, it's evident that she helps so many people every day, and thus does not deserve all this hate. Sure, she made a mistake, but hopefully she's learned from it by now. Don't demonize her for one improper action. Also highlight all the good she does for the world.

Fawn Whisperer : The fact that she is refusing to accept the criticism is valid just makes it all that much more offensive.

Patrick Bateman : There you go, back on track 😊

Sheechiibii Fox : Great video! As someone who was interested in Shane's series as I don't know much about sociopathy, I was very dissapointed in his choice of 'professional'. All the responses she has made to the criticism (hatred, as she calls it) since then has only reinforced that she was not the right person to be trying to educate people on a condition she doesn't seem to know anything more about than anyone with access to google. The more I see of Kati, the more I feel she never should have been part of Shane's series.

Nuuky : oh dang, this is getting spicey 👀👀👀 great video btw! glad i subscribed (good luck with getting more reach, i know u can do it!!)

Chrizero : this needs to go viral. #dramaalert

Adam Redmond : Last time Keemstar called you the "defender" but soon to be changed to "detective dara", he has to see this at some stage hahah

Michael Fitzpatrick : Ending was powerful! Nice one Dara

Mrs Space Cadet : Oh shit, Dara. This is good. The tea or whatever kids say these days....

AnnaCarenina : Wait what? A watermelon called "integrity" that you bashed into the ground and then you danced on it? Aaaahahahaha hahahahahaha Bless you heart! That will be my new reaction gif in 8/10 political discussions I have on the internet from now on!

Daniel Jackman : I still stan Shane tho

Roo Hart : This was awesome! Going to share 💪

sexy facts : i like your content

Julius Lapi : You should've given her reptile eyes in the thumbnail :D

dead account : Why aren't more people watching this?? I'm disappointed in myself for being so ready to believe all the shocking things Kati said, and not noticing all the unprofessional things she said. ("So creepy") so glad I watched this video, gonna go watch that other guy's (the one Dara Tah mentioned at the beginning) video now too

jenmontzingo : You kind of know it’s not a “friend coming over asking your advice” when the cameras are set up and it’s Shane Dawson. Also, marriage and family therapy really has nothing to do with this, it is actually completely based in family systems, like you said. They really don’t do the heavy lifting.

Unceremonious : I had a look through the comments on her non-apology video. None of the criticism was addressed. And oddly, those supporting her seem to be about 95% teenage girls claiming any criticism towards her is "hatred". I see many "sociopaths" in their future (whoever disappoints them, especially in romantic relationships). They are being manipulated into easily labelling and demonising other people. This is really sad.

d ta : dis mi boi is hot tea bi de gallon 😃

Stellar : i'm late - but this was awesome man... and oh boy are you about to blow up

mimogirl 1996 : Ive watched kati Morton before this whole shane dawson thing and im telling shes always gave me a really weird feeling. She seems as if shes hiding who she truly is very well.

SolidworksTutorials : can you please start every video like that? Hilarious!

Luci : Mental health In general has always been shown in scary movies. Even dissociative identity disorder was used in so many movies like Split for example. Just made me sad to see shane go to someone who only pushed that scary way hollywood portrays mental illness. Great video my dude you earned my sub.