Michael J. Fox "Back to the Future" Blooper in The Frighteners (1996)

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MegaBojan1993 : 0:38 he has one of the kindhearted smiles I've ever see.

Roomy : No one can say "Doc" quite like Fox. It's like a spice that only one man on the planet can grow.

Schmidteren : Huh Doc?... I just love the way he say it. So good!!!

fook yu : The Frighteners is pretty underrated movie

Matt Beesing : HE really liked that movie

Lizzie S : That was beautiful <3

yfan26 : Peter Jackson directed this right?

Bc A : Maybe he miss Back to the Future

Joesatmoes : 0:10 - 0:12 that stutter makes me thing like he's still almost about to say "Doc" instead of "judge"

ComandanteJ : Thats hilarious in the best of ways.

George Schuler : Love Michael J. Fox. A good actor. A Great Human Being!

Micro Aggressor : He instinctively knew which movie was actually worth his time.

Rozzy Rozz : awww, he's so cute.

XboxNation : anyone else hear "Back to the Future 4!" ahhh if only that happened.

Bc A : Back to the Future Forever!!!

MuTTOXD : anyone else get the feeling that this is how Rick and Morty will look like while Rick's in prison

James Backhouse : Love Michael J Fox!

Bud Roy : not trying to be mean but know that. much about Parkinson's. is this just a normal mental lapse could it be early signs of par? just curious

# : Wow, I just got a 53 minute advert.

Great Sagemon : He must really love Back to the Future!

Bud Roy : coolest character ever .. maryt mcfly

dimitreze : I always imagined this movie with the WHOLE Back to the Future cast. Tom Wilson as the killer, Elisabeth Shue as Frank's girlfriend, Crispin Glover as that creepy detective, James Tolkan as that ghost sargent, Goldie Wilson actor as that black ghost, Billy Zane as the other ghost and Lea Thompson as the killer's girlfriend.

HufftyPuffty : wad up doc

Albert Einstein : I wonder if this has to do with his disability. (Parkinsons)

Master of Reality : Instantly thought I was watching LOTR behind the scenes

Bakufun : Ma.. Morty!

cosmosblue772 : I love this guy :)

TheGrayDawn : PJ!

David Snoots : Le Reddit Army iz Here!

jdemmett88 : I think that was on purpose.

Pijus B. : haha early onset of Alsheimer's, funny stuff.

dan bay : probably cuz he has Asbergers or whatever it's called

TakeanL : Lmao How embarrassing

salbers99 : Sounded like Jim Jefferies laughing at the end there...

jaimon john : I just love michael j fox travesty he had that Parkinson decease

John McCain : That felt oddly depressing... I got the feels from it.

Devan Moran : aww god bless Michael j fox

Matt Haze : Hah isn't this filmed like 6 years after BTTF

PS4 & Stuff : Docccc lol

ANTHONY MANCUSO : lmao first doc mistake sounds like Paulie walnuts laughing in the background

Bo Danville : Goes to show how ingrained back to the future was. would have been epic to see a part 4.

Luann Daniel : Such a beautiful man.

Def Leppard Girl 1983 : Both movies rock

Richard Down : well Michael says "Doc" so many times in BTTF it's no wonder he says it here...funny lol

JANXEN with an X : he is a hero !

xApemanx : these bloopers really shook up his career

Masheen : Chance! Shadow! Sassy!

Rudy Rodriguez : How can you not love this guy?

little richard cranium : Jesus Micheal!

Ryan Watt : This is the cutest thing ever