Alan's Asian Adventures

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Katie Sawyer : It looks like you guys had such a blast! And it’s amazing that you and your dad have been able to experience this together. There’s no way he’s 76 though - he looks way too young!

Kaylee Lasseter : Hi Ally, I've seen this video and I think it's such a sweet story. I'd love to make a LADbible video about your dad's trip, would you be okay with us using the footage from this video if we credit your Youtube channel? I'd love to talk with you more about the backstory behind this adventure, you can reach me at

Graham Brooks : So thats where youve got to! Great to see youve not lost your enthusiasm! Hope to see you and Andrew again very soon at the next meeting of the NPS! Graham

Catherine Sparkes : This is so wonderful, I'm doing the same trip with my dad next year! Don't think i'll let him get a karaoke mic though!!! :)

DittoGamer123 : Thanks sis I think this made dads day

Alex Briggs : Ask Alan if he fancies a trip to South America for few weeks, all beers are on me!

Lucky Doodle : This video is fantastic! Glad you had a wonderful time, you honestly could make a series out of this and I'd watch it! :)