Are Zoo Animals Real ?

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Harry : This channel is the best, keep at it

PhinPhann : The Komodo Dragons are easily faked. They’re too dangerous to catch in the wild so they just get Mark Zuccerburg to transform into one.

Gabriel Tripp : smart thinking with the walnuts

hmm yes interesting. : Keep asking questions

GonzaloDeJ : That's not fair to all the zoos that take the time too build really nice habitats for their animatroniacs

Brett Paterson : the numbers add up

Nathanael Hueso : This is my favorite thing.

Jonatan Nilsson : New favourite channel ❤️

Shove a Ham Productions : This is pure gold please make a million of these videos

Titan Beal : This channel is amazing

Georgy Kotlyar : WHO ARE YOU?????????

Sam McCorcle : This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

Lucas Cawley : You are the smartest person i have ever heard.

Shawnecy : ? x ? x ?

swagzilla3000 : Finally someone who sees past big governments LIES

Jake Perry : Awesome videos man. Keep it up

A exploding potato : Shouldn't the ease of getting the animal be a division instead of a multiplication?

Nico Nico : Love yor videos man!

Lysmatic Studios : Did you kidnap the racoon at the end of the video

Morphic c : What flat Earthers do when they are bored

Gabrielle Jansma-Skinner : never got famous but should be very

STKeTcH : i laughed so hard lol hahhahahaha

Noah Harned : this is amazing

Josh Silk : lmao

TheArmFlailer : Big Zoo is DONE

boffobig : 2

M B : 240p in 2017 is incredible

NDE108 : Aspergers

Yesterday Notomorrow : no. pandas are fake nonsense creatures that are always freak people in suits. don't exist at all. all great apes are completely fake.

crazy cakes : Isn't this a it's always in Sunny in Philadelphia

YITT : 1:02 - I knew it was the crocodile before he was even halfway done with the equation... sorry, but simple math bores me. I need more of a challenge.

Joel Jarrett : What? I think I just got dumber hearing this. And I didn't have far to fall.