The Trooper (Iron Maiden vocal & guitar cover)

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Just got a wild hair to try another Iron Maiden song. Just d/l the music tracks, lyrics, sang the first verse and said okay, let's do this! But I am off on the timing due to reading the lyrics and singing cuz I didn't know all the words. Never listened to this one more than a dozen times my whole life so I knew how it went but not the words. I pitched this up 5 semitones to be able to sing it in the right key.


Roger Garcia : Great job! Bruce's high notes are difficult but you did an amazing job.

Bubble Monkeys : The thumbnail is good clickbait Because I have always wanted to watch Santa Claus sing "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden I shall sub Edit: Didn't realize this comment became popular-ish. Thanks for all the likes

Вася Пупкин : Дед дал жару. До мурашек пробил)

Andrey Petrologynov : Мой первый диск,привезённый из -за бугра ! Спасибо дедам за напоминание и прекрасное произведение!

HeLi0s_Team YT : Sir respect from italy I want a grandpa like you!

t Fir3 : Popped up on my requested page and man, im glad i clicked it. Didn't expect such good performance. Keep rolling!

Jeong ho Moon : I wanna be like you in my future... you are so awesome...🤘🤘

Хачапурик Таджикович : Вот это санта мочит, Респект!

Dale : I love the quilts your wives made you. Perfect for rocking some maiden. Thumbs up fellas

Daniel Baptista : Very good! Greetings from Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

KILL `EM ALL : Grandpa, you're the best !!!

Hector Muñoz : I can only say that you rock, i love your raspy voice, and how you use correctly the vibrato

Jeremy Meine : Damn I wish my dad’s Iron Maiden covers were this cool

William : The most badass grandpa guitar player on youtube!

The Sykist : Was in my recommended videos, I see why. 10/10

verdica pirro : Congratulation, mate! Hope I'll are you singing "Wasted Years" as soon as possible! Astonished!

Breno MG : Não entendi! O guitarrista e o papai Noel são o mesmo cara?!

Mikołaj Babarowski : Big respect for You Mister from Poland, a young generation approves! \m/

indi Dota : Истинный дед металла. Охеревший кавер на iron maiden

Nilson Candido : Espetacular 😋😜👻👻 Saúde e Paz e viva o Rock and Roll forever 🤘🎸⚡🎶💥🔥⚡

Modrozelena Alga : I didn't know that uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses is Iron Maiden fan!

Squeezey : GOD DAMN!!! If i could just unleash it like you and sound good doing it, I'd be complete. 🤘

benniride : "grandpa sing me a song please " " okaaaaay boooy 🤘 "

strongbowism : Nice job. Great vocals and great guitar.

Invisible Existence : Awesome cover. Bruce is a tough one to sing to and I think you did an amazing job.

DoomedMandy77: Angrostic High Priestess : GET IT, GRAMPS!!! This is going viral!! And the patch quilt in the background? *P E R F E C T I O N !*

Chad Farrington : OMG. I am so happy to have found you on the net. My absolute favorite subjects to talk about are New Atheism and 80's metal. Love what you are doing.

Erona Calloway : When This Song came out these Guys were probably in their Early Twenties like ME so yes OLDER GUYS RULE🤘🏼

Alpha November : Alter Schwede! Ist dir sehr gut gelungen! Gefällt mir 😊🎸 Grüße aus Deutschland

Official Team JackOff : Clean playing and awesome vocals! Nailed it brother!

Bobby McKinlay : You got it, Brother-!!!!! 'Sharing your vid's-!!!!! 😀😃👍👍👍👍👍

Isaac Blanco : Awesome work!!! Just found your video today! If you not in a band you need one!!! I wonder if you have any sabbath or ozzy covers. Time to dig into your channel!

tatiano santana Santana : tem basssss???!!!pode crer ,BRASIL 2019 TAMO JUNTO

Fielding007 : Bro that is badass.....very impressed! I think I've listened to all your vid's and you're quite good!

Bmax : Incredible👏 your play guitare and vocals so good i like 🤗😉 Max from France

DemonX : This was great, I wasn't sure when I saw the thumbnail but damn this was impressive.

Robert Jones : WTF? That's amazing. I unofficially adopt you as my Dad & Grandad.

Tati Metal : Up the Irons 🤘🤘

nobody special : i never clicked on you guys before...THAT was flippin' awesome!..i'm a fossil too...i get "gandalf" and "dumbledore"...rock til you drop old soldiers..we got a great gig in the sky to do...better keep's going to a be blast!

RedPillorBluePill : Hey right on!! Badass cover 💪👊👌👍

Chris Di Paolo : Why is the vocalist version of you bearded with long hair but the guitarist version of you is cut short

rafael farias : o efeito back vocal parece q o axell rosse q faz ficou show esse efeito


claudinei santos freire : Esse é meu avô lá dos Estados Unidos

Metalhead : Be my grandfather pls

Luz e Violão : O que o papai noel faz o resto do ano...

Drax the Destroyer : Man you are amazing!!! That guitar is immortal and vocals are fantastic

Kevin Meisenbacher : Holy crap; this guy is awesome!

once solemn : Badass job and hit some difficult spots in the song but come on dude. Where were the horns? because either im drunk (always possible😂) or i didnt see them thrown once. It should be written law. Do a Dio cover gotta throw the horns. But great job on the song!