Tim Shieff's unbelievable 55 seconds run | Ninja Warrior UK

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Family Freedom : Well done Tim, you smashed it brother!! #vgang #ETHCS

UniversalTuber : Tim is honestly the star of this entire show...

Veg Oslo : VEGAN POWER!!!!

Conor Wonor : No animal was harmed in the making of Tim Shieff ( in the last five years :-))

Troye Trotter : Vegan power 🌱#vgang

MoveFreerunning : Undeniably smashed it. Back in full force with Vgang power!

Conner Hughes : hes won already, just by doing it ethically, vegan power - Peace & health begins on your plate

Fronde : Tim rep that Ethcs VGANG hoodie. Show the people who you crush it with plants!

sheen seen : Vegan power 💚

Max Keane : Powered on plants No blood on his hands

Designed To Thrive : The way this man lives is becoming the blueprint for us all 🙏🏻

Floyd Roberts : V GANGG 🌱💪🏻

Rory Scott : What an absolute legend

TheRManProds : HE IS BACK!!!! Also, it was so unfair that they didn't invite him to come back for Season 3!

Callum Courtney : V GAAAAAANG

1Skywayman : Boom! Tim Shieff smashed it

VeganRevolution : Vegan!

Melanie Breiterman : Raw Vegan Represent!!!

Shingle Shuffle : Vegan respect

Nick Kelly : That's plant power for you. #GOVEGAN

Guy Lloyd : Plant based GAINS

Ben Waddington : vegan power

Wul : VGANG 2020

Adam Palin : Even repping his own clothing line. Legend!

dalturbo : Vegan gainz

Sectionzz Echo : Every season he's my favourite

Martial Lee - Vegan Roundhouse Kicks : Vegan warrior!


Calin Wynne : Vegans do it better! Yeah Tim!!!

jeenjeanjeen : Vegan power 💪💪💪

Jordan Oakley : Vegan power!

STIFF BLICKEY : this course is easy af compared to american ninja warrior

Faming Sadness : I Love That Show

Sbeast : But...where do you get your protein? 😏

Sarah Skazala : Tim is amazing. Love him.

Thu Nell Ⓥ : Nagèv for the world!

giancarlo esposito : wow imagine how much faster he would be if he ate meat

Mark Kopun : incredible

SaúdeVC thaismelo : Go Tim!!!!! You Rock!!!!! Amazing!!!!

DreeGon : Cheat codes for Ninja Warrior: Be an experienced parkour athlete

Jack Ryan : Why is it so much easier than the US one?

Rman Nayr : Still can't believe they didn't invite him back for Season 3!

Mr. Dick : Flat Earth Power

Barrak Sadeq : Too bad he still believes the earth is flat...

Stephen R : Bean power boiii

Evaa404 : And I believe he is now raw vegan, he looks very powerful but light!

Aida. : Tim! You are amazing!!! ❤

Itube : Vegan

G Nickson : Powered by chlorophyll!!!

Brenda Aspey : Tim is always so humble, what a legend he is ✌️