I Joined the Bird Gang...

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Elixir : Comment below for the Bird Gang to give you a cookie! *oooooh*

LUNCH BOX : this kid gonna do big tings

Nordium : "actually, we're bird life" OMEGALUL

Plexiate : This is what I subscribed for haha. Good job, Elixir. Keep it up!

rcash : What kinda father figure is Paul if he’s letting his son joining gangs .. that’s crazy

Glink : #birdgang and I like limes too, even cilantro!

Dc Jensen : When he said scoot scoot I died

JRrocksnascar1 : Bird gang needs to perform with lit papi at ufcx2

HeroicMusic : Amazing video, for someone so young to be doing news coverage like this it is amazing to see! :D

Nick Durant : Low key that Bird Gang song was fuego

Akorp : The lady trying to stop the rappers was so annoying...the point of protesting is freedom of speech...and they had the nerve to walk up and try to interupt their performance...they literally wrote a song for their cause!!!

Mc Max : *thats a lot of birds*

AgeDrain : Elixir is going to take over youtube soon enough. If he hasn’t already

Vonix : love your videos homie, you're going places.

Skimask : doesn't scam fans, is true to his word, makes good content has crazy hair, must be elixir

animatejack man : This is so freaking funny, good job, you're gna go far kid XD

Toasted Boyyo : You're the only kid on the internet that isn't a cringy hype beast.

Polar Beats : #birdgang wheres my Cookie Elixir?

Peter Flores : Elixir more independent than most adults!

Bob Ross : COYAMEL

Motive : 0:24 he made a decision no man should make

Porch Pirate : Elixir at it again with quality unbiased journalism.

DaSnipa : Damn A1 content for the past few uploads, you just gained a well deserved sub

Degronos : Elixir on da news!!!!!

TheAmazingDew : Never stop being creative kid, you have a bright future ahead.

malekir420 kir : Yo elixir keep up that 🔥🔥🔥🔥 content When are you going to visit ice new place??make sure you blog it

BallisticKnifeOverlord 6 : Why can't all protests be this fun?

Ultra Intstinct Goten : Liking everyone’s comment is super smart. If people click the notification, it brings them back to the video and gives another view. Same with replying to comments

Apollo : Bro keep grinding. Your going somewhere

biscuit : How was the pizza?

Oofcazoofmemes : Bird gang and also even if a lot of people dislike your videos. Please never stop making them. There the things I look forward to everyday

gary the producer : BEST YOUTUBER!

Rhonda : this was actually pretty good. keep it up

Suborn : My boy elixir with the *CONTENT* out here stylin

Hugh Mungus : This was funny af

Kappa Pappa : Cx

williv : Good work Elixir. Can I have a caramel cookie?

itzBlunts : bro ur growing like crazy u gained like 10k subs in less than a month wtf man

inmortal009 : Cx in the chat

JG Luxe : That's dumb though, Let Uber and Lyft do the car thing and let Bird and Lime do the scooter thing... I guess $$ talks.

Lokogar : this was actual content homie, god damn i cant wait to see your career take off even further!

config : Honestly how did it feel to get complimented by a news reporter? I felt proud for some reason

SQUiSHYFiSHY : You're awesome! keep up the content!

Chinook Whisperer : NO COYAMAL IN THIS VIDEO?


marcounder : I'm just here waiting for your channel to blow up. So much dedication at that age... you are going places. Keep going

Hemali Shroff : Man You Make Some Quality Content You Should Have More Subscribers And More Views

Jpgshow : Quality Video 🙌🙌🙌

JumpaZ : your actually the coolest and funniest stream sniper ever! :D

Urioste : : I bet elixir is that one cool kid at school