#machinegunkellydiss Mgk gets powerbombed by Eminem
MGK gets powerbombed by Eminem

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The story of machine gun kelly aka "Stan mathers" aka Richard Colson Baker vs Sir Marshall The Mathers. btw I'm a big mgk fan.


Pro Jey96 : XD love it I knew this was going to be a meme when the diss started Ko powerbombing mgk on raw xD

Suben117 : here before it‘s on LWIAY

Noelani Cruz : I came from your comment on everything wrong with binge you got me to laugh so you got a like

Golden Shard : Dang it I was going meme this

QuixoticSway : Ok that was pretty good lol.

—ch ief— : had to give you a career to destroy it

Lucyd Dreema : out of ammo

Isaac's Vlogs : Best version ever

Alexander Santos : Wasted

PS4 & Stuff : R.I.P MGK