What It Takes To Become The World's Best Whistler

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Mike Do Hong : & here I thought I could whistle 😂

Webberjo : For the longest time I couldn't whistle, not even a little. Family and friends told me if I kept practicing I would eventually get the hang of it. Now, 27 years and hours of practice later, I can proudly say that they were wrong. I still can't whistle.

MOMO : Nice editing 😙

Chris young : Shocked to see how many people show up to this event.

KungFuBlitzKrieg : The double whistle thing blew my mind!

Alec Wilcock : I was whistling when I got the notification for this!😂😂

A Mad Lad : You’ve given me great respect to something that I thought would be silly at the beginning of the video.

Do Bo : 7:51 those lips lol

Musial Felix : I want to become the best doctor I want to become the best mathematician I want to become the best artis Hold my beer I WANT TO BECOME THE BEST WHISTLER IN THIS EARTH

Oliver Kinghorn : Not many people can say they escape north Korea and survived, let alone leave his parents and family and use whistling to help with the thoughts.

Markus Arntzen : that double whistle was dope AF

Username369 : The North Korean man... bless him...

All Usernames Already Exist : I have to be at work in 5 hours and ive yet to go to bed. But here i am

sonictheporcipine : I remembered how I accidentally learned how to whistle while breathing in. Felt like I acquired a superpower lol.

Ien Chi : Thanks so much for watching, guys! :) I can proudly say I'm a world class whistler now, haha - at least, as of the filming, I got 11th place. World's 11th best whistler, woo!

Fim de Abril : 10:15 The double what? Holy crap! How... geez!

Hawaiian Brian : Herbert from family guy would destroy these nerds.

jjhassy : 2012? Why uploaded now?

ExaltedDuck : To become the best whistler, you have to first master painting a portrait of your mother in a chair.

TheHornyEnglishMan : Theblack man wearing the suit whistling was so amazing I got shivers. He was outstanding.

WTBGold : Don't think I stopped smiling this entire video. And I'm talkin big stupid toothy smile too. Thanks!

Jay Monty : Ok but wtf 4:40

Joey Bailey : I didn’t think I was going to like the video as much as I did! Great job on editing and loved how you captured others stories

Brantley Albert : Okay time to go to bed.

maggie : i dont know how to whistle :(

da reaper : thought it said "wrestler"....was like wtf

teapot : 3:35 was one of the cutest things I have ever seen...

Doc Dewrill : im suprised that they ALL took breaths instead of whisteling inverted to breath.

HarryIsTheGamingGeek : What delightful madness.

Taylor Griffin : I finally found a video that I can relate to. I whistle using all these techniques naturally. I'm just too nervous to do it in front of a lot of people. I'm only in Raleigh also! I should probably try it out one day so the natural talent doesnt fade.

Banana Man : I thought I was good...

Robbie McTavish : Am I the only one who sees that the guy at 6:57 looks like the love child of Stanley from The Office, and Turk from Scrubs?

S4side : I never really thought something like this existed, kool

Isaac Chapman : YouTube why am I here?

Lucho-Core : 4:28 eyyy piazzola! nice! This is so freaking nice! so cute! the world totally needs more of this :) not necessarily with the whistling, but with people doing what they enjoy and getting together and creating a greater sense of community within humanity.

jjgm 2730 : As of today im retiring my whistling skills

sjolundman : I thought i was pretty good at whisteling.. then i watched this

sahco : this was so interesting and so fun to watch

K- potato : Omg why is it so beautiful

Ayee Yee : Damn, that girl at 4:47 is CUTE ASF!! Need her Instagram

Cube the Squid : This was awesome. The thing that brought these people together to a "competition" was the love of something outside of themselves. It's the same thing that brings together speedcubers, yo-yo-ers, math whizzes, musicians, and video game speed runners alike. A common passion, regardless of background, that can be shared by friends across religions, political beliefs, races, ethnicities, countries, or age. Thank you for this.

Marco More : That's the champ? Hold my beer.

piece of potato : somehow google knows im bad at whistling but still keep on doing it

Syed Asrar : Who else tried and felt terrible about their whistling 😂

メレデス : there is something beautiful about seeing people from different races and ethnicity and diverse backgrounds getting along, and bonding with each other over something that seems to be so silly to many others. It seems like the world is so divided political and accusations of racism, at least on the internet. Its very refreshing to see everyone so happy to just do something they enjoy. If there was more passion about silly things in the world, perhaps people could get along more. connecting with someone different than yourself and seeing them as another human and not just a black man, or a white or asian man, or republican or democrat, we could all just be whistlers someday.

OT performance 10/4 : Fucking nerddsss

how do i get money : bruh i whistle alot man but he's better

THE Berrby : ... This was interesting. This IS Art. :) I adored ever person who spoke in this, whose knows even those who didn't too; they seemed like nice enough people. <3

John Smith : Imagine that on ur resume

Red Drift Gaming : The funny thing is, is that even in something as simple as whistling, genetics plays a role, how you might ask? Well I was never able to whistle inwards what so ever, I thought I was just out of practice, I was proficient in outwards whistling, but then, I knocked 3 of my front teeth out, changing the shape of my upper jaw slightly and obviously changing the way the teeth were placed (false ones), and almost immediately after that, I could whistle inwards as well, not only that, but significantly better than my already proficient outwards whistle, and it made me realise, the 'you can be anything thing' is a lie, HOWEVER, it does mean every person out there is born to do something that no matter what they will be superior to the average. Just know if you feel like you aren't good at anything, you just haven't found it. =)