What It Takes To Become The World's Best Whistler

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KungFuBlitzKrieg : The double whistle thing blew my mind!

Molly Burke : I'm almost 25 and still can't whistle... that's some damn talent these folks got!

Brandy : This man escaped north korea and now lives in the us and is a professional whistler... If that isnt a life story then i dont know what is

Daniel C : Why did YouTube randomly recommend this 😂💀

H O L Y : I cant whistle...

Ien Chi : Thanks so much for watching, guys! :) I can proudly say I'm a world class whistler now, haha - at least, as of the filming, I got 11th place. World's 11th best whistler, woo!

Richard Morse : I loved this. It's truly a documentary that has such heart and that human element that is so lacking in media today. And what a message of hope.

Henrik Jørgensen : Me to me: okay imma to to bed early Me at 3am:

Divyadarshan Rajendran : My dog was running all over my house searching for this Whistle

MÄUIDISISWORSE THANDÄUEK : Mariah carey and Ariana grande have left the Chat Edit: omg thanks for 200 likes 😛

Bxckdoor : Theblack man wearing the suit whistling was so amazing I got shivers. He was outstanding.

justyo96 : I never thought I'd say this, but the guy at 7:40 almost had me in tears with his whistle - most people can't manage that much emotion in their singing. Just mind blowing. P.S. - just seeing now that he won the championship, and I'm incredibly happy hahaha

ツAllanzo : I want to be a professional kazoo player

Ilannguaq Jonathansen : Youtube knows it's algorithm, alright... 3:30am and this pops up on my feed

ly776 : What a great slice of life. Thanks for making the documentary and sharing.

Rafael Hernandez : It's nice to see Stanley Hudson doing something he loves

Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval : And I don’t even know how to whistle

DollopTM : what an absolute joy to watch. So much passion over something so simple

TheIrishBub : I think I just stumbled into that weird part of the internet again...

Klatcha Bobby : If that’s what Japanese translators are looking like these days then I’ve gotta get me one of those...

Tarobrob : Need more people... this is the most underrated talent of all time... Kids with social media are getting more attention than these talented people. So sad.

your mum voted for obama : I'm 36 year old man and I still cannot whistle. Why oh why.

NickieB : After watching that woman double whistle, I've got a new goal in life

NwO Solar : Who else whistled during the video

Webberjo : For the longest time I couldn't whistle, not even a little. Family and friends told me if I kept practicing I would eventually get the hang of it. Now, 27 years and hours of practice later, I can proudly say that they were wrong. I still can't whistle.

Alex Ciéra : Im the best Whistler I know... until I saw this video...

ThatWalkingCactus : We are witnessing the birth of a great art. This was also how beatboxing began with small steps and evolving to the truly amazing art it is right now.

Justin : 5:44 “this time of yeeeaaa” - stevewilldoit

Estevan Aurzada : 2:59 He for real sound like Hebert the Pervert from family guy.

Chris young : Shocked to see how many people show up to this event.

Mario with the :D : And you even avoid copyright strikes of YouTube cause whistling is not recognized xD

編集キングE D I T K I N G : 5:26 I like your gold and white shirt.

ValentinVentures : You guys really should be holding the convention in Whistler Canada.

Epich Tex : What an unusual video I really enjoyed it.

Isaac Chapman : YouTube why am I here?

Keith Walker : What's the girls name at 4:47?!?... Oh wait wrong website.

Mira Idani : So 7 Rings was released 6 years ago? Edit: okay it's my favourite thing i got it

GrannyTranny : Imagine how much twitter notifications that was!

Katsu LA : I literally watched this whole thing wtf

Open Eye : There is zero sought in my mind that if people stop following crowds or only doing something because it's popular or expected of them, if people only did what they like and what they find interesting this world would be a better and more expressive place for all of humanity.

cbrstunter24 : 4:46 girl is HOTTTT AF🔥😍🔥

fründlie : "I'm an adult virgin." 😙🎶

shigeo tokuda : I am a professional fapper......

Jake Gaskey : Me: I'm going to get sleep tonight Also me at 3am: professional whistling..woahh

Syed Asrar : Who else tried and felt terrible about their whistling 😂

second : Don't watch this while the rest of your family is sleeping. You will accidentally start whistling and wake everyone up.

MicahThaOriginal : 5:15 reminds me of the ppap guy lol

Kennelkiz : And I can't even whistle

Chip White : no matter what you do, there's always an asian better than you

Rustybits : the old japenese dude with lung problems was the happiest, most energetic person i've ever seen.