What It Takes To Become The World's Best Whistler

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Ien Chi : Thanks so much for watching, guys! :) I can proudly say I'm a world class whistler now, haha - at least, as of the filming, I got 11th place. World's 11th best whistler, woo!

Klatcha Bobby : If that’s what Japanese translators are looking like these days then I’ve gotta get me one of those...

Oscar Armstrong : the old japenese dude with lung problems was the happiest, most energetic person i've ever seen.

Cranky : 4:40 You vs. the person she tells you not to worry about 7:45

Devin Cory : I can't whistle. Never could. One day, during a visit to the doctor about snoring, he noticed that my tongue's frenulum (the little stringy fiber that connects my tongue to the bottom of my mouth) was unusually far forward. As it turns out, I'm not simply bad at whistling, I am actually physically incapable of it. Thanks, science!

KungFuBlitzKrieg : The double whistle thing blew my mind!

Mark Fernandez : 6:56 So this is what happened to Stanley after The Office ended.

Christian Tjore : Could a choir of whistlers be called a flock?

G Cabreagui : If you didn’t whistle once while watching this, you’re a liar.

Abby Liu : me, trying the double whistle, knowing I can't even whistle normally: *_pffhhh_*

TheHornyEnglishMan : Theblack man wearing the suit whistling was so amazing I got shivers. He was outstanding.

KING OF GAMERS : I can die knowing i saw everything

メレデス : there is something beautiful about seeing people from different races and ethnicity and diverse backgrounds getting along, and bonding with each other over something that seems to be so silly to many others. It seems like the world is so divided political and accusations of racism, at least on the internet. Its very refreshing to see everyone so happy to just do something they enjoy. If there was more passion about silly things in the world, perhaps people could get along more. connecting with someone different than yourself and seeing them as another human and not just a black man, or a white or asian man, or republican or democrat, we could all just be whistlers someday.

Oscar Armstrong : I hope the north korean man is alive and well. That's a crazy story! Also does anyone know why he left his wife and children to come to the US? I know he left his parents at NK when he was 15 to escape, but he didn't really say why he left his kids and wife (in, most likely, a different country). Also that was amazing! Great story and editing!

Richard Moffitt : nobody will hire this person ever again after this. because he is the whistle blower. :D

Webberjo : For the longest time I couldn't whistle, not even a little. Family and friends told me if I kept practicing I would eventually get the hang of it. Now, 27 years and hours of practice later, I can proudly say that they were wrong. I still can't whistle.

V. Hansen : Holy cow. That 2 tone whistling was amazing. What a fun thing to watch. Whistling is under rated. I listened to a whistling performer when I was a kid and loved it ever since.

Cube the Squid : This was awesome. The thing that brought these people together to a "competition" was the love of something outside of themselves. It's the same thing that brings together speedcubers, yo-yo-ers, math whizzes, musicians, and video game speed runners alike. A common passion, regardless of background, that can be shared by friends across religions, political beliefs, races, ethnicities, countries, or age. Thank you for this.

Infernal Cookie : Fun fact; there used to be a village I think, in Greece where people used whistling as a means of communication (apart from greek). There are still people who communicate like that but of course that practice is almost extinct now.

T-SERIES GAY : I’ve thought for years I’ve been missing something in my life. *this was it*

Isaac Chapman : YouTube why am I here?

chris bond : As a kid I was always whistling,, my mother would clout me, , my father would yell! I was at the time quite good,(apparently) during my Apprenticeship, the saw mill guys and the joiners shop guys actually asked me to whistle tunes for them "we whistled while we worked,, quite literally" , the office girls would ask me to sing and whistle. Aged 16 and a bit I met a young girl same age as me, almost to the the hour,, (I was 8 hours older) I was becoming more and more hearing impaired,, she did not like my whistling, so I stopped , we were married and joined at the hip so to speak for 49 glorious years,(cancer took her from me) I miss her so very very much, but now I do not whistle or sing !

PotatoTomato T-T : Mariah Carey Be Like: *hold my champagne.*

Fire Nation Files : Who's here at 3 AM?

Marcus Kim : Aight so I’ve seen a lot of hot comments on this so ima clear it up. The reason why men and females are in different groups (or should be) is because women have an average of 10-12% less max lung capacity of men. I’m not saying men are superior and women can’t whistle. I respect all women for who they are but I’m saying that women are at a natural disadvantage because of average lung capacity. If you’re a professional female Whistler, you do you. I just think that men and women divisions should be separate because of average lung sizes. If women were to be paired up with men then women would have a disadvantage being their lungs can’t hold as much air. So it would be unfair having women go up against naturally better men. I’m not saying women are going to fail and are worse then men. I’m saying that women’s skills would be better shown in different gender pools. Source for study of lung size: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/12773331/

Syed Asrar : Who else tried and felt terrible about their whistling 😂

Hunter Kiddo : your responses to the old man that escaped North Korea were cold. He pours his heart out and you go "Oooh wow." "mm"

Drugs Bunny : I found this video very very humbling. Thank you for creating it.

Pedro Velasquez : 6:55 Sean Lomax was/is in Cirque Du Soleil show “Corteo”. I first saw him in the show in 2007?. He is incredible. Most recently saw him this year 2018 as the show returned as an arena tour. He has a prominent role in the show and a musical segment in the show that showcases his ability. The Cirque tent holds 2,500 people and the arenas now at least 10,000 per show, so plenty of people have had a chance to hear him live. I would say that’s a pretty accomplished whistling career.

Rebecca Gutierrez : My 91 year-old mother loves to whistle. And my brother loves to whistle too. I think he got it from her. Greetings from Puerto Rico.

Min Hoseok : I love how none of the performances were anything alike, they all had a completely different style and stage presence, and you could really see their personality through their whistle

Panda Parade : 4:40 was that guy literally double whistling

Ryan Voiselle : This video has such a great underlying meaning! Truly heartwarming

Bo Yin : 0:38 the words sync with the beat. Bars

Chris young : Shocked to see how many people show up to this event.

maiex : Its cool how 2 people who dont even speak the same language can bond :)

J.R. Swish : How high must I have been to have watched this whole video last night

jaxamillian1 : Pure magic. Thanks for making my day!


Zach Collins : This is one of those 3:00 AM videos

delicious fishes : My father whistles beautifully all of the time. Most times he is unaware that he is even doing it.

Neil Crocker : Sean Lomax! He's my hero, he's in the Cirque du Soleil show Corteo, and does an awesome whistling piece.

raji gurung : Woww awesome ..... After watching this video who tried to wristle???

Brian Orr : @7:50 for the champion, woah.

KidZniper : wtf this is a thing?

Tien Cubes : From the thumbnail, I thought wrestler.

Open Eye : There is zero sought in my mind that if people stop following crowds or only doing something because it's popular or expected of them, if people only did what they like and what they find interesting this world would be a better and more expressive place for all of humanity.

Savage bruh : Who else tried to do the double whistle thinking they could😂😂😂

maggie : i dont know how to whistle :(

Angel delacruz : Damn and I thought I was pretty decent at whistling