painfully obvious John C. Reilly didn’t record this Ralph Breaks the Internet promo
painfully obvious John C Reilly didnt record this Ralph Breaks the Internet promo

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I dubbed my own Wreck-It Ralph impression over a Disney Channel commercial and these are the horrifying/hilarious results.


Parasite AndFriends : Ralph break his voice

MopeyMo : This can’t be real. It hurts so bad when he starts freestyling halfway through.

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Is it wrong that I want to hear this guy redub the whole movie?

Jesus Chavez : "I was only the BAd GuY"...

speakerjunkie e : Its like *kermit* the frog is trying to voice wreck it Ralph Lmaoo

and Peggy : "what this is it? wh, uh- it's WIFI!"

Nano64 : “an then wE got tRANsPORTED an-an-into a little pod!”


YinYangar : When you sign up for a Kermit voice acting role but they give you the script for Ralph 2

pjs : it sounds like this dude is making it up as he goes

Starlight 0487 : 1:11 *A w m o w s o w n*

Spengler : It sounds like the result of a dare at a party full of drunk Disney executives.

E3kHatena : This sounds suspiciously more and more like a Justin Roiland bit the longer it goes on. The voice isn't close, but you can tell the guy is just making it up as he goes and his choice of filler words matches Roiland pretty well.

Just Shinbi 고양이 : Ralph like sounds like a forced kid friendly YouTuber 😭

Josh's Youtube Show : You can hear him progressively give up the longer it goes

Spongebob PlushAdventures : This impression is just sad. statiOoOn is at 0:43

Pokestache1234 : 0:27 rotten little *t*-crumbsnatcher

Sunni Derp : "I was SCAYURD...I'll TELLYATHAYAT!" Me too. Me too.

MONDO : Is this the Netflix adaptation?

Ditto : When did Kermit start voice acting

NHK Zombie : Like the *T W I E T T E R*

H35 Aidan : Ralph hit puberty

Aiden Niño : Wtf. Was there was no script?! It sounds weird "and i was like ahhhh" like bruh

Collin Manuel : 0:14 "I'm gonna *wREck* it!"

Haziel Lopez : Why does this sound like a 4th grader giving an essay on his field trip to the zoo

CptLvl : Sounds like Ding Dong from OneyPlays lmfao

Jackson Palmersheim : I love amazaun and tweeter

Bugsy ! : for some reason I can’t stop watching this help

sweet : *what is this? what- it's wIfI?*

Potato Occelot : This seems like a bad parody but It's actually real

Melody Altamirano : OH LA LA ᕙ (° ~͜ʖ~ °) ᕗ

Diegos Diego : 0:23

Stubborn : *Well someone is fired*

Absolutly Nothing : Marketing team: "Dammit, we can't get John to do this promo. Who can we get? Wait...what is Ray Romano up to these days?"

maxzolly : Disney definitely grabbed a homeless guy and told him to narrate this video and they used the first take.

simbadg13 : Wow I didn't know joels dad did voice acting work?!?!?

Kirsty Howe : Why are they using fotage from wreck it Ralph's first game 🤣🤣🤣

Jøshüa 115 : Kermit the frog Peter Griffin and a little bit of squeaky voice teen come together to make Wreck it Ralph’s amazingly bad voice over

Robert Alex : If anyone wants to know. It’s Mark McKinney doing the voice. He’s a lead actor on superstore.

Persona Hearts : The voice actor just gives up as it goes on

Shok731 : It's like they threw Kermit into a tub of crack, dragged him out put him in front of a mic and TV screen and said: "Just say what you see" 😂

Mr.Klean : Sounds like the manager from the show 'Cloud Nine'..

TheLazyKey : 1:10 ahmahzon

Freddy 2.o : *OuTlEt SoCKeT*

GoatCheese : If this voice actor revoices the entire movie.the movie will for sure win an Oscar.

Edgy Tomato : the voice cracks jesus

Bak3r _Gam3r : *Insert* Why is this in my recommendation comments *below*

Pyro : Had a wreck it Ralph ad on this video

YTMichaelTV : *oH lA La*