Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) [Official Video]

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Brynn Rumfallo : One of my favorite 80's songs. RIP

Nadirah Akines : Aretha and George duo yes

Christina Finley : *Gates open* George Michael: Why hello, Aretha. Aretha Franklin: I knew you were waiting for me. <3

R. Ive : Two legends now gone 😢

Jeremiah Roseman : They are probably up there singing it and hugging each other rip angels

Belle Hause : it's so sad these two greats are gone...I loved this song as a kid... RIP Aretha & George

Sheryl Brown : Today this song makes me teary-eyed. To know both of these legends have passed on makes music a sad sad place.

moonbladem : When I heard that Aretha Franklin had passed, I had to come here for this. RIP Aretha Franklin and George Michael.

SoulStylistJukeBox : Impossible to watch this without tears. RIP x

Patricia Silva : George Mchael and Aretha Franklin together again in heaven.

SheBQueen4eva : R.I.P to both George Micheal and dear Queen of soul Aretha Franklin. I love this song so much! Makes me happy, can't believe they're gone 😥❤ tears. They didnt need auto tunes, the real deal.

Elizabeth Rodriguez : Rest in peace Aretha Franklin!😭😭😭💔💔

Kyla Tea : Now they’re jammin in heaven together RIP Aretha

Adria Goff : R.I.PARADISE..Queen Aretha Franklin and George Michael. I pray BOTH of you are still making great music together in heaven. You both will be greatly missed.😢❤.

Kevin Nelson : Rest in peace to both.

Prem Sequeira : RIP This is how duets are done. A great loss for music.

kaceybellanero : R.I.P. George and now as of today, “The Queen Of Soul” Areatha Franklin!

Aaron King : Hey george you girl is coming to see you get your voice ready !!!!

Antonio W : grew up on this. smh so sad. really makes me reflect back on the good days.

Namaiya Cunningham : Waking up to the saddest news that Aretha has passed is so sad.But knowing she’s with our George and Michael Jackson and Whitney and Freddie and prince and Marvin gives me so much comfort.George probably welcomed her in.Our soul brother George.Look out for us and god bless

Dave Drabczyk : Man does Aretha looks good in this video.

John Whirling : They sound amazing together. A great match.

karen blake : Yes Lord they dont make em like this anymore....R.I.H....job well done guys

Astronomical 1 : r.i.p aretha and george michael

Jessie Harbin : Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin and George Michael... George is waiting for your arrival at the Pearly Gates

BobbiandLes : Two singing together again. Rip to two greats!

zphib2003 : Two great singers now together again...

Ricco Parker : Rip George and aretha 😭

chris simpson : Rest well Angel. God called your name this morning. Sing in the Heavenly choir with Albertina Walker, Hawkins, Joe Ligon, Mahalia Jackson and my beloved Grandmother. 1937-2014. 1942-2018.

duanecrump crump : My eyes actually started to water up watching this. RIP Aretha. RIP George

eric martens : I hope they are both singing in heaven

Justin : Both gone too soon RIP

Slim Louis : RIP both of you. Sigh.....

Maverick : I cannot believe that those two Great Artists are gone Today !!! R.I.P. George and Aretha !!!

Joe Robinson : Amazing talent the two of them!

weatherednboston : When Aretha gets to Heaven George will be there and she will say "I knew you waiting for me".

John G : Goodbye "Lady Soul!" And yes.. George was "Waiting for You!" 🎶🎶

Michael Bass : RIP Aretha and George

MJ 23-4 GOAT : R.I.P. to both legends.

Paper Mario : RIP Miss Franklin

MisMupp : Damn they killed it. One of the best duets ever.

Claire Wills : George has been waiting for you Aretha, ... Both of you sing with the angels now. RIP great lady and thank you for the music xoxoxo

ClayDog Madman : The two great freinds can now rejoice and and sing once again with one another in the everlasting after life.... Aretha Franklin and George Michael RIP...

Yulonda Webb : George is waiting in heaven for you Aretha. RIP Queen of Soul!😢❤️🎤🎼

Mary Jane Miles : RIP Aretha and George. Rock on up there with the angels. Both sadly missed.

Quin B : RIP to two beautiful souls. Thank-you for the music you made while here.

S P E C T R U M : Two angels singing together again <3 R I P

Nick Ryan : Now both legends are gone! 😕

T Martin : RIP to the Queen of Soul and George Michael!! I love this song!

Jarrod Butts : You're now in Heaven with George. Rise In Power, Queen of Soul.