Tribute to Harris Wittels

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Thanks for all the laughs, Harris! See below for videos featured in this tribute Getting Doug with High Who Charted #230PST Lisa Diva CCDF


vicioushero : He was the funniest guest you've had on. Say hi to Abe for me, you know when he dies.

LockSteady : He's dead, but I can still hear him saying: "JUST A DAB!"

Hip Hop Fanatic : I always thought he was hilarious, a damn shame he had to go so soon.

L0rd Log1c : *The facts so far, quoted from Wikipedia:* "On February 19, 2015, multiple news outlets reported that Wittels was found dead of a possible drug overdose in his Los Angeles home. The Los Angeles Police Department said Wittels' assistant found his body around noon on a couch with no signs of trauma and unspecified drug paraphernalia in his house. On February 18, during his stand-up set at The Meltdown, he talked about living sober and said he was in 'a good place' A toxicology report is expected to take six to eight weeks." *So cause of death is still not certain.*

Psychedelic Weirdo : Heaven gained 1 funny dude

Derp Derples : so many disgusting trolls in the comments section. you should be ashamed.

Jonathan De Mint : Nothing will ever be as great as Harris's Foam Corner

L'Aurora Borealis : thank you, for this! i'm still having a hard time with this. i really believed i'd be able to meet him someday and chat about Phish. he was such a cool dude. not just funny. he was definitely comedically talented, but he had a HEART of gold. i hope his friends and family are getting some comfort that he left an indelible mark on so many people and that he will truly live on. i love you, hare bear! p.s. that call from heaven TORE me up! it was funny and incredibly sad. was it ironic, as well?? 

Tomis Muska : Such a creative, sometimes abstract but somehow intuitive to whats going on amazing mind. :) rip

adamnson : RIP Harris. His death hit me harder than I expected. I've listened to nearly every podcast he was a guest on in the last few weeks...

Alex Morariu : You all should hear his interview on 'listen to this"... It will give you some new perspectives on drug addiction

Daniel Sisk : RIP :(  Thank you for the laughs.

Kris S : Thanks for the laughs, bro.

Ash Hunter : RIP :(

Andrew Myers : Funny guy big shame hope his family are holding on rip dude

Rachael Natoli : "Dabs make em sound a lot more harmless then they are... Just a dab" RIP man

GuitarSmasherz101 : Dude! Doug! You are mah favorite Youtuber and I love it all! Keep up de gooood werk!

Kenneth Ellis : Damn, still hard to get over... R.I.P Phoamy

Trent : I'm so glad VPN made this. Class act! RIP Harris 

Sick Sticks : The happiest tributes are the saddest.

alexa olsen : thanks you harris! and thanks for the tribute videos doug

Vadermods : goodnight sweet prince. thanks for the laughs.

elcacheton89 : "Just a dab" gonna miss you man

BEAZY E : Will be missed. RIP <3

Brandon Watts : Thanks for the laughs harris. Enough said

Liz Ortiz : He was very hilarious. So sad to know he's gone.

lilppblunt : Such a lovably funny icon. Please I hope you found peace harris!!

Doug Green : Forever missed. RIP Harris.

kyubii972 : Humble brag? Why

Bob : so glad you guys uploaded this. hilarious guy.

M B : I just got into Parks and Rec too. So sad.

DirtyOldSkunk : Why has Harris' death affected me more than any other comedian/musician/celebrity? I only just listened to Analyze Phish, his appearances on Comedy Bang Bang, Parks and Recreation, etc, this summer, and I only learned of his death a week ago. I still feel like I lost a close friend. Is it because he was a fellow Phish fan? Is it because his life story and descent into hard drug use is sad and unexpected (given his jovial attitude and humorous vibrance)? Or is it because he was such a charismatic and funny guy who had so much potential and his whole life ahead of him? Whatever it is, I still cannot get over this tragic loss, and I cannot imagine what crazy journey through the cosmos he would be taking us through if he was still here. I think I speak for all of us when I say I will never forget the amazing moments Harris has brought me.

wacky tobaccy21 : May he rest in peace. I've lost my best friend a month ago from today to an unsuspecting overdose. Just know that the universe has plans for them all. We miss you all

stepasidejesus : He was not funny

David Patrick : is that a play on Top pocket?

immorta1 : So sad RIP, thanks for Parks and Rec!

andgalactus1 : I was wondering when doug was gonna mention this, I thought he might mention it on the last live Getting Doug show since several of the people on that show were also on when wittels appeared. This one actually hit me pretty hard, I normally don't obsess over celebrity deaths because we all die you know? I think Harris wouldn't have wanted me to think about it too much either but, I don't know I just feel like it was before his time and he was seriously a genius. 

CaptainOpium : RIP :(

Abdul Osman : what is the song in the background?

Gareth Stanke : <3

sasha witwicky : beautiful dude. what a loss

6laderunner : Oh man, here I am getting choked up again. I hope Harris realized how beloved he was to comedy fans. We lost a lot of belly-laughs and an awesome person when he died, but his friends and family lost way more. Much love and support to all of those folks.

Kidblinks : He's touched so many people

AnVom_1130 : RIP man

Robert Fernandes : Thanks for all the laughs Harris. Hope you're enjoying that ice cream buffet.

FullBoarDaniel : R.I.P.

Nate Birkett : Good video but Tribute makes it sound like he's dead.

Papa Koolaid : My heart goes out, I can only imagine how you guys feel being so close to him and all the work he has done with you guys. I wish him a safe passage and may he live on through our memory

Malcolm M : Rest in peace cracked me up