When you don't know how to comfort someone

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Amanda Is HOLY SKADOOTLE : I'm not even gonna lie... This how it really be

Baker Boy : It’s like playing a role playing game and deciding which option is the best one

Spicy Puffin : "Hes just a dog" True, but at least hes loyal.

Sky High : 1:14 that face lmao

GoldenKnight175 : *Plot twist* He was the one who ran him over

Good boi123 : Person: My pet died :( TheOdd1sOut: Yeah they do that

Jazmin Luciano : *I’m both of these people depending on the situation* 😂

NitrousKing23 : He DEAD he doesnt have no more birthdays😫😭

eXO_Owoke : Just tell them about your horrible life. Usually calms them down.

yusei fudo : Griffy I think you killed the guy instead of comforting him 😂

Ramen is good : “HE gOt HIt bY CAAaar”

Omar Ahmed : Brooo i stg that's how every kid's sobbing like😂

Emperor Abdi : When your dad tries to comfort you

Br Ra : "Bro, i can get you a new dog if you want..."

Jhinnn : The only thing I can do in these situations is cracking unfunny jokes which make them even sadder

Somebody's Boss : 0:06 He sounds like the dog himself 💀😭

phippa6981 : I felt this on a personal level.

ItsKreyzy : This totally represents me I can’t think of anything so I blur random things out.

Nico Slade : His birthday was on SATURDAAAAAAAAAAAY

TheNBAFreak : _"Das tuff"_

Major Degurechaff : I can't help but think of CalebCity's cough video

Rachel : When my aunt's dog died, she was devastated and her friend told her it was just a dog....they're not friends anymore

Kay Thagod : I was expecting yelling at the end😣... but he jus lay there😥😭

whyyousad? idknanmolla : Your acting skills and bro you NEED to keep up with these i love them soo muchhh subscribed right away

OmgThatAnime : 1:05 Bruh 😂 his soul just left his body

Kahrioo TV : It's not even a real person. He's just a dog 🐶.. 😂

Let me sleep in peace : "Aww well at least you don't have to pick up his poop anymore"

TheFaze : *That's what they said to John Wick too and we all know how that turned out. You're on the list too, Griffy for that one*

CaliversElement : *he's just a dog*

XxPlayMakerxX131 : “That’s a good thing” what? How and why?

Akko is my Daughter : This is honestly me

Goku17yen : That wasn't very *cache* money of _me_

Prod. CXNDER : That crying sounded too real. 💀💀💀

Don’t comment about my profile picture : I would just avoid them

Yudanta : he comin to his dog now thx to griffy

Sriracha Flames : That is NO JOKE how I talk when I cry🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Jesse Gutierrez : When you see someone getting robbed Do it

Killer Waspy : Plot twist: His dog was an actual person.

matthew cleek : Griffy joined his dog that day... RIP 😭💀

wthmario : It be like that sometimes

Walter Johnson : "It be like that sometimes"

TheGreenRocket : I don’t need this personal attack

namjoons rejected handshake : *"oof"* - for when somebody spills their whole heart out, and you need a convenient, quick reply, to show your concern

LumpKing : Logan Paul be like with his sociopath headass lol

Vxxex : *Real tears were made in the making of this video*

Paprika Namjin : For real my cat is like a daughter to me I love more than myself so yeah pets aren't real ppl cause they can be better, bye.

No U : The crying is really realistic in this. I cried like that yesterday and I felt it.

Fat ass OAF : He not him when he’s hungry give him a Scooby snack

LumpKing : Y’all already know this is Logan Paul 😂

Peter Clouds : Lol this is me. I’m so autistic when it comes to trying to comfort someone