How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer

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Auralnauts : Hey guys. The remix of "You Spin Me Round" is available everywhere. Here's a link to stores

Rowan J Coleman : Hey it works. This got me excited for a movie which doesn't exist haha

EXCEPT : This is the reality that exists. Beautiful.

Christian Paystrup : Everyone: This matches up to “blank” movie trailer. Me: That’s the joke. Thanks for telling everyone that.

Keith Olsen : Forgot to add "shot that won't actually be in the movie"

Marc Schultz : Saw this when it came out. The book was better.

Poirot's Mustache : The world... is *changing!*

Ovation : this is phenomenal, thank you for sharing!

Chrissy G : this also shows us, how important the music is

Seryopelor : I'm really confused right now. I'm hype af for a movie that doesn't exist.

DoodleDoop : " *There was an idea-* "

it's me : random guy/woman whispers: "Oh my god" *random place gets destroyed by named thing*

Matthew TP : "I... am the reaction." legit gave me chills.

PinkAbuuna : Cant wait for FILM TITLE's global release!

Diogo David : you forgot a final scene with a random joke

Godzillarex : You guys are brilliant and deserve so many more subscribers and views! Hilarious and awesome video.

OzzyOscy : *_13 ACTION TRAILER RULES_* #1: Someone must say "they're coming". #2: Fade in and fade out between each shot of locations or characters. #3: During each fade in/out, a noise similar to a bell or a hammer hitting metal must be used. #4: Guns. #5: Explosions. #6: Cars. #7: Stealth jets! #8: Show someone with cuts on his face for no reason to indicate heroism and battle. #9: Try and get a location of a city or well built-up area during sunrise or sunset. #10: Include a passionate kiss. #11: Show a large building or famous landmark being destryed by the antagonists. #12: During a fleet-in-space shot, there must be an unexplainable hum from the craft. #13: No black people, unless s/he is the chief of police.

OnlyChase : Fun isn’t something one considers when analyzing repetitive movie trailers But this... does put a smile on my face

The Tenth Planet : And if it's a sequel, the trailer will usually have a darker/more somber cover song mixed with a choir and feature a villain (who is more than likely British and/or pretentiously philosophical) voicing over for most of it about how grim things have become, how the main characters will lose everything if they keep going down this route and usually during this, clips of the protagonists looking sad or angry will be shown as well as some slow motion destruction and reaction shots to said destruction (or at the very least edited to look that way) And as the music builds up, more and more action happens with the obligatory "main character screaming in anger/despair with the optional throwing of *insert random object here* to a wall or floor" clip. And then when the choir reaches it's peak show a clip that teases one of the characters will probably die but not really. Then the film title fades in followed by it's sequel subtitle and end with the villain sounding pretentious one last time before a massive action set piece plays for a few seconds then cut to black.

Jordan Casey : Middle aged dude looks over at his wife and whispers loudly "Mmm. That looks good" right when the trailer ends

MforMovesets : Kinda funny that I'd watch it without seeing anything in the trailer, because my head creates the amazing but overused images.

ccrazool : One slight error. It's not #FlimName it's #FilmNameTheMovie

Vishnu Manoj : It couldnt be more true

kamikazegargoyle : You forgot "in a world". And the stinger joke at the end

AlleeCat2 : This just makes me imagine a Battleship style gritty action movie based off the teacups ride at Disneyland

Roach : Rated PG-13 for mild violence and swearing (and maybe a sexual innuendo, who knows)

Egnato 116 : Gotta mention the slow motion shot of the hero making a jump that he is clearly going to land perfectly but the trailer makes it look like "maybeeeee?"

Rosamund Schmidt : The book was better.

ScienceWaffle : Don't you just love movies from the legendary director Director

SplinteredX : that thing that i referred to earlier, well its happening and it will destroy us all

onedeadsaint : this makes me feel vindicated. I have discussed aspects covered in the video, but you guys clearly meant in-depth with your trailer analysis and nailed down every aspect of the current, modern trailer formula. fucking great job!

Emmet Emerald Elder : Why am I exited for this movie that doesn't exist

Ryan J : 1:36 and Michael Caine

MultiMusic : This is just perfect, except that this music does have some interesting chord progessions, while movie trailer music is typically totally musically uninteresting (but you got it SO right with those bangs and vfx and all)

Festus Omega : This is total garbage. By which I mean it's completely accurate.

BattleUp Saber : Very good trailer, can't wait for someone to do a full reaction/ breakdown and point out all the easter eggs i missed! (Thumbnail must have a red arrow or i wont click it)

Adam Smith : Cough cough the new Alita trailer cough cough

Solo : *BWAAAA*


Why It? : You forgot the part near the end of the trailer where the music stops and they enter a bad joke.

Toon Ruins : As a video editor I feel personally attacked by this. But it's beautiful.

• Loser • : lol I'm gonna use this for my school movie presentation.

RIPjkripper : We have Zack Hemsey's Inception trailer to thank for the BWAAA. To be fair, it was pretty sweet that first time

Wayland C : A.k.a the new Tomb Raider trailer.

EPM 101 : It’s a pretty good formula.

Tomas Saez : I want to see that movie

Monroville : I really like the visionary director Director. He/She makes truly visionary films with strong visuals. 2:07 is the bending done by Bender? And how can Producer produce and executive produce? Regardless, I cannot wait until TITLE comes out in a theater near me.

- StickyMations - : This video forgot to include the recent trend of the support character saying the line of: "Hey, I'm putting together a team/crew/group..." Followed up by a sentence that finishes the statement

-D- Devil- : The *bwaa* gets me everytime

Isaiah Reitan : “This clearly PG-13 film is not yet rated”