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DikPix : fuck you you english piece of shit. My videos are much better than yours you beef boi. Coco is a masterpiece, better than shitty monsters shit. How dare you judge Incredibles 2 before even seeing it. I saw it and it's also a masterpiece - better than the original even. Keep your stupid phlegmy fingers out of my Pixar and stop being a blatant Cuck.

24 Frames Of Nick : I always forget about the existence of The Good Dinosaur

TheLonelyGoomba : What a brilliant video. I like it when Youtube actually recommends something deserving of attention

Alex Walker Smith : 1995 - 2004 - the Golden Age New, fresh, and heart with every film. 2005 - 2010 - the Simple Age Straightforward, fun, and capped with Toy Story 3 opening the door for... 2011 2018 - the Age of Sequels All aboard the nostalgia express... hopefully capped with the sequel we specifically asked NOT to be made, Toy Story 4. We’re due for a new age of Pixar around 2020. I wonder what it’ll be.

Moonatik : I almost stopped watching at "I know Incredibles 2 will suck, even though I haven't seen it" because of just how wrong and pretentious that statement was, but overall you make some strong points (even if I do think you give too much credit to the old and too little to the new).

Verlisify : I don't care what people say, the Good Dinosaur is brilliant! Its dark undertones make it not just for kids and the jokes are stellar. Reminds me of over the garden wall I didn't think Coco was that great, the dead world was super boring

Evan : NitPix grew up with Pixar

Kacpa2 : Disney must be torn down. Money making enterprise from hell that wont stop till it gets total monopoly......

Caro Mata : Talk about missing the point with Coco... anything can be simplistic and dumb if you strip away it's context. But Coco is a fantastic movie and deserves all the praise it's gotten, at the end of the day it is a wonderful depiction of a Mexican family and the traditions we have in our country... also bonus points, the movie is even better in Spanish, having so many inside jokes for Mexicans that it's not easily translatable to english, shows to you the care they had making this for it's target audience (Mexicans). This movie became the biggest movie in México in 2017, everybody went to see it more then once when it was in theaters, even some people that don't go to the movies a lot went to see this movie, and when a movie like that can impact a country, I can only say that this will be another PIXAR classic.

MegaMagikarpY : This video started good but it began to feel quite biased near the end tbh

Bobbicorn : This was true until Coco and Incredibles 2 came out and wiped the fucking floor with every film since probably Toy Story 3

Amanda the Jedi : I was fine with Toy Story 3... but dear god why Toy Story 4

Don't Subscribe : Do you know why you didnt like inside out? because you have no nostalgia with that movie.

Fresh Coconut RBLX : This vid perfectly fits the stereotype of the recent trend of “is (blank) dead?” vids lmao. Every movie released by Pixar nowadays performs phenomenally. Are they as good as they were like ten years ago? Definitely not. But Pixar is the opposite of dead. In the end NitPix is probably just someone blinded by the nostalgia of old Pixar films.

Troll Stark : Coco is a great movie, stop lying to yourself.

Norren Akthar : Inside out really wasn’t that bad

Timothy McLean : With all you criticize Disney for not giving Pixar the production freedom they needed to create some of their later great films, it's probably worth emphasizing that Toy Story as we know it would not exist without two rounds of Disney-mandated rewrites. (And from what I've seen, the first drafts wouldn't be that great.)

Cass : I think that triying to cash on lame sequels that no one asked for is what's really killing Pixar, but I honestly think that Inside Out and Coco are just as good as the "old" Pixar movies, so I haven't lost faith in the company yet. But again... Toy Story 4, why? The third movie was the perfect end for a perfect trilogy. I T' S T I M E T O S T O P

MASF Reload : The Incredibles II was not very good. I know critics loved it but honestly I think Disney paid them off. Me and two buddies watched it and we all agreed it was lackluster and broke our hearts waiting for 15 years for a sequel.

Ticking Clocks : You definitely hold the "classic" Pixar movies to too high of a standard. In fact, it's to the point that you fail to see any flaws in the older films. Up is overhyped because of that one 10 minute opening sequence, aside from that it's completely unmemorable. Even you must believe that because that one scene was the ONLY thing about Up you mentioned. This is only my personal opinion, but Wall-E is one of the weakest Pixar movies (that's not an unnecessary sequel) to date. Love the message but the execution was impossibly dry (to me). While I personally love A Bug's Life, many look back on it and say they hated it! Pixar was never perfect. Inside Out and Coco may not be able to be held up with the original Toy Story or The Incredibles or Monster's Inc, but they're definitely at the same level as Ratatouille, a brilliant but not iconic film. Incredibles 2 is a better member movie than Monster's University and Finding Dory by a mile.

AlbieTom : Where you lost me. "And now the Incredibles 2 is out in the UK. I haven't seen it yet, but I already know that it is going to be a passive uninteresting experience which achieves nothing new." This is where I take umbrage with you as a critic. When you sit down to watch Incredibles 2, I am assuming you will, you are walking in predisposed to a certain point of view. You should walk in a bit more open than that. If I walk into a movie expecting it to be passive and uninteresting then I probably won't enjoy it very much regardless of how good it may be.

Romulus Numa : Is DikPix dead?

Ticking Clocks : Coco definitely took a risk with having it be about a Mexican family. Not everyone was going to respond well to that and they did it anyway, which is commendable.

Benjamin Chen : Lol I liked the good dinosaur

FlameHeart979 : Turned this video off less than 30 seconds in. There's no WAY this dude is worth almost 30 minutes of my time. It's not even worth my time to write this comment, but hopefully it saves somebody else some of THEIR time.

paco ramon : Toy Story 3 is the best of the franchise.

LittleMissLounge : You touch on it at the end, but why didn't you wait until you saw The Incredibles 2 to do this video? No judgment, I just find that to be an interesting choice.

Mysterious Individual : Ratatouille will always be my favorite movie, it has a special place in my heart.

Bryson Robinson : PIxar films aren't for babies they are for people of all ages to enjoy. You should be ranting about Teen Titans go to the movies and a second think Nitpix Inside out, Coco and Incredibles 2 are PURE MASTERPICES . I'm not trying to start any hate but Pixar isn't dying Sony animation studios is dying. And Dikpix don't tell me you said the original Monsters inc. is **** because you seem to like Disney & Pixar. No hate and I'll see you guys next time!!!!

MyName is Jeff : Umm... Pete Doctor was executive producer of Monsters University.

rhonda howard : Funny how you bring up how hard it was to animate over 400 ants on screen when the limit previous set with their budget was only 50, yet give no mention to how much work went into animating the octopus Hank for Finding Dory. If you're gonna give credit for production effort, that took a lot of passion to do.

Robin Ashenor : I feel like you demonstrate a misunderstanding of the holiday when you expect Coco to focus on loss. It’s a celebration of the spirits of the dead, not a funeral

Katie G : I love how you bashed Coco yet didn't even touch upon how boring and lackluster A Bug's Life was plot-wise. It performed well, and at the time it was technologically mindblowing, as you said, but I bet that if you asked anyone who saw it the names of 4 characters from that film they wouldn't be able to tell you. You really shouldn't be giving free passes to the older movies just because they're from an era of generally good films. A common flaw with cartoon reviewers these days is that they don't take off their nostalgia lenses before reviewing, and you're falling into that exact trap. As someone who's been watching cartoon reviewers for the past eight years, I really hope you consider this feedback, because I do think you have potential to stand out from all the other manchildren on this site.

Monster Dobbs : TL;DW - The old Pixar was better

George G : While I do think Inside Out is massively overrated, I don't think you're giving the new Pixar films enough credit. Sure, they don't have the same traits as the old films, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. The studio is just trying out new ideas every year. Some are really good and some are just okay. Personally, I really enjoyed Coco. Just try to look at things from the studio's perspective.

Bright Sun Films : Such a great video!

Hunter Wolf : Shadbase will be sad if pixar dies.

paco ramon : After the incredibles 2 villain, I have to agree

The German Mapper : unpopular opinion: coco is better than rattatoulie

Maeve Butler : I loved cars

ChardBotham : Holy shit, thank you for going in on Inside Out. I like that film well enough but I've always thought the more "imaginative" conceptual elements were super gimmicky and surface-level. I've rewatched some of the older Pixar films this year and most of them haven't held up nearly as well as I thought. Overall it's much stronger than the bulk of their current content but I'm starting to think we all remember their golden days a little too fondly.

Josh L : Coco has an incredibly different message than what you think. Miguel, in the end, is willing to give up his dream for his family. He goes through the character where he sees family as more important. He does get to play music but that is only because Imelda has a character arc where she accepts that music should be allowed in the family. Not only this, but when you say Miguel has no personality, I completely disagree. He is one of the Pixar characters that I’ll remember and he is absolutely hilarious.

Sangth : The only videos on Youtube anymore: IS X DEAD? EVERYTHING WRONG WITH X. HOW X DIED. X IS NOT FUN ANYMORE.

Globai : Remember what happened in Cars 3? I dont

Globai : Sausage Party was alright

Miderlens’s WSquad : A bugs life is so underrated

Da Panda boi : Hey inside out was amazing

Fat and Sassy : Coco was BLLAAAAAAND

Bobart Fettuccine : I agreed with just about 90% of this video, and even as someone that loves Inside Out, I understand the Inside Out criticism but man, you dug way too hard into Coco, and for the first time in one of your videos you were completely hypocritical Nearly all of the issues you pointed out in Coco are present throughout the rest of Pixar’s library (such as Coco retreading a familiar story structure) and the rest were just nitpicking to such an unholy degree it came back around to being genuinely impressive And, as many have pointed out, you failed to bring up the great things that both Inside Out and Coco did, passing over them to further drive in the completely backwards and click-bait-y idea that “pIXaR Is DyINg” I love the first 10 or so Pixar films, but at least I’m able to take off my nostalgia glasses and see that they had flaws just like these new ones do I’ll take a dozen Coco’s and Inside Out’s over another sequel...or the Good Dinosaur You’ve officially lived up to your name, old friend

OddTillTheEnd : Okay, but I have a problem with your analysis of Monsters University. While yes, the Scare Games do ultimately teach Mike and Sulley about teamwork and self-worth and all that, it's a mischaracterization to say it has an entirely generic, overdone message. Mike wants to be scary. But he isn't. At the end of the film, he's forced to accept that. There's no kid's film BS about how "he tried really hard and achieved his dream despite the obstacles in his way." No. Mike is slapped in the face with the cruel reality that he has to settle for something else. And make do with it. I think that's a really interesting, subversive message. Plus, I think it's just a fun movie. I don't watch college movies, ever, so the tropes don't wear me out as much as other people, which probably has something to do with my opinion on it. Is it as good as Monsters Inc? Of course not. But don't write it off entirely.