Richard Ayoade RAPS in Matt Berry’s 80s Synth Song ‘One Track Lover’?! | Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

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Comments from Youtube

Neil Walker : 14 years later people are still laughing at this, but in 2004 channel four decided this shouldn't get a second series.

LeftBlank : COME ON CHANNEL 4, Give Matthew Holness and Richard Ayoade a budget to make a new show, whatever they want to make.

Darragh McHenry : "She's smooth, like ice...cold to the touch and it isn't very nice"

Madness by Design : This was the most significant show since Quantum Leap - and I do not say that lightly...

simonpenum : Oi channel 4 how about you stop playing clips and COMMISSION ANOTHER SERIES

P L : One of the most underrated British comedies ever... But only one series :(

Alex Sabatino : "I wish I was more attractive like Dagless, one can only dream" lmao so great

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I know Matt Berry is a singer/composer, and that's good. But Richard Ayoade needs to do more raps, absolute classic.

TheSuperQuail : 2:42 I love the awkward way he drops that ice cube

Daniel Kelly : Cos the temperature's too HIIIIIIIGH

John McGrath : "If you go to a puppet show and stare at the strings, you're a freak "

Matt Gloss : The half-second struggle that Dean has putting the ice in the tumbler is the reason this show succeeds. Check out ADBC (A Rock Opera) too for more of Matt Berry and Ayoade's mad genius!

SweetDick Willie : The world wasn't ready for this, Marenghi really was just too far ahead of his time.

Mikey Clarke : To the teeming millions clamouring "second series second series!", a second series of sorts already exists! Man to Man with Dean Learner. Richard Ayoade's character hosts an actual talkshow. On the first episode, he interviews Garth Marenghi:

Nicholas Brown : I wish i could give this a million likes.

Dave W : Bring back dark place!

Josh Charlie : Dean Learner in the interview sections are some of my favourite parts of the series. Bloody amazing.

deweygumdrops : possibly my favourite moment in the series

Kris Silver : *You know nothing of the Crunch!*

bmt33 : Dr Sanchez’s meal suggestion has been a once a week dinner staple of mine for years.

jack smith : Never heard of this show before but damn is it good

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar : I'M A ONE TRACK LOVEEER

Kaffe Kaski : Best show ever! All the details, soundtrack and the acting is great! <3

TheMrMediocre : Dark Place was a great pastiche of the Shaun Hutson/James Herbert ilk. So underrated.

TexasGirlinVA : I can’t get enough of this show - probably my favorite scene(s) of the series!

Esmé : This song is really good

Dokka Chapman : I know that you can hear the song in full as an extra feature on the 'DeanVD' but this track seems to have aged pretty well considering the genre is back in style lol.

pigknickers : long like a finger! LMAO!

Sentient Meatbag : I just love how they managed to make Darkplace incredibly funny without having any jokes in it.

Dr.Lovve : the room has nothing on this

TheSuperQuail : Oh, Channel 4 execs... - you cancel every single good thing you ever broadcast and yet allow Hollyoaks to remain. What's it like having no imagination whatsoever?

Luke Wagstaff : Love that channel 4 is uploading more from this show

Cassandra Chavez : Richard, marry meeeeeeeeee

Chaz does not consent : Sanch open the door!!

Lee Mawdsley : Years ago during my COD days I had a logo that was an egg in soup. Cool fact for you there.

Lion Wild : 1:56 But you _are_ Douglas!

Kakarot : They act like their characters in IT crowd lol.

Jay C : "I'll get a Wimpy"

Chazzaaa : New soundtrack to my life

Jimmy Gillard : Bring back Garth and Dean!

DaveyBoy : Love this show :D

Damon Langley : season two when?

CM Tafty : Give us series 2 please

Oliver Lenaghan : Why did this only get one series!

SEA : <1 <2 <3

johnafirth : Both doors!

Lewis Rothschild : 3am can't sleep

MyShowbizName : This show is just the best thing you've produced in years. I always wondered why it seemed to be brushed under the carpet back then. Maybe they were going for cult classic. Success!

Ikunas : Bring back Darkplace.