My Evil Dog

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StevieStyle : My school photo every year

Nati Whatever : Awww look at that little spawn of satan, risen from hell's abyss.

grace abesvlt : Have you tried turning it off and on again?

CatGods : At first I thought you were choaking him.

Darth Vader : He likes it.

DyingSanity FH : When you feel something in your throat but can't get it out

The Spritz : That dog is broken.

skeletor : When daddy chokes too hard

unprogressed : what a nice watermelon

Turtle Topian : *When was the last time that dog went to church?*

Napoléon Bonaparte : DOG VAMPIRE 😱😱😱😱

Marcus Huusko : *I think there is something wrong with your demon...*

ja dzieńdobry : Me when I have to wake up at Monday morning...

Arrow Maker : Could he be like that because you are choking him

TwoBallFixAll : Snickers : You’re not you when you’re hungry

Knocked : Rare scenes from "IT 3"

imani Miller : your not you when your hungry. snickers satisfies

Aidan K : I have a solution, put holy water in the dog's water bowl.

Ne[x]T. : I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

israel juarez : What Im I doing with my life?

iLikeFop : It sounds like its chokein

Slender Sans : XD

Gustavo Marquez : Looks like the hodge twins

LightLiak Blue : When my mom tells me to go to school

Keleigh Mccrorey : Maybe hes like THAT CAUSE YOU CHOKING MAH DUDE OUT

Graci MMM : I love this I find it cute sometimes😂❤

PyroFree : wait is he trained to go evil?

Angelo Trementini : ...ok...

Kathryn 1978 : when its math

Nanah Souza : *WATH?*😟

the savage beast 21 : Stop chocking him 0:12

Avurn San : Dogs on drugs

Tanner Testerman : If Dio Brando was a dog

JOSE1212RAFAEL : Turn On-Turn Off

Lia : No seriously, why tf the dog acts like that? For one it's terrifying

Phoebe Lewis : U dog is mental

Asha Rossman : Did someone say 666

Darren Athaillah : Wakanda dog

Alice Carlisle : You cant tell me that dogs not a demon😰😰😰😰😰

Kaitlyn : Me when a boy tries to flirt with me 😎

Liza Arts : So good trained!

sea cucumber : that’s a really cool hamster


Tommy, Gracie & Leo : I have a chihuahua too. They are very protective of their owners and most people think they are evil, however, they are extremely smart and very lovable.


Few TV : ...

Nathan Brown : That thing is possessed

Bobby Sin : somebody call an exorcist

Cynical : Cute