My Evil Dog

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StevieStyle : My school photo every year

CrazyGabe79 : this dog needs to be baptized

DVincentW : Kinda cool actually superimpose him on the head of xenomorph bursting out of Kanes chest..

Angry Cow : Did you try putting it in rice?

20 subs no vids : *MOM WHERE IS THE HOLY WATER*

Nati Whatever : Awww look at that little spawn of satan, risen from hell's abyss.

Super Plush Productions : 0:23 sound like someone is trying to strangle Donald Duck

JazzTheFurry : when your mom sees your report card

Big Chungus : dog.exe not responding

Scourge 2009 : “Evil” *instant growling* “good boy” *instant stop* 😂😂😂

accyn : Cute

Eggs And Cats : dog.exe has stopped working


moonnlyy : 0:36 cardi pose for the camera

Sonickills 123 : Wtf someone make this to a meme 😂

OH YEAH MR KRABZ : When you feel something in your throat but can't get it out

Quad X : *Sounds like there's something trapped in your dog's throat, it might be a demon* 😈

Bleach Guy : 0:23 when a kid says "Fortnite Is the best game ever created"

lea's tanuki : That channel name does not check out

Dillon Burnett : Sees dog: (chuckles) Im in Danger

Lia : No seriously, why tf the dog acts like that? For one it's terrifying

Kasey s : What a beautiful animal god has given you good friend

That one Crocodile : *Your demon is possessed by a chihuahua*

Eric Aponte : Mr. Pickles, when did you change of skin?

Cloud Wing : -grabs bible- We Need To Preform An Excrocism!


Fabio Martins : Pennywise's dog

RyonaRei : I love the thumbnail lol!!

c h 3 3 t o : i think there's something wrong with your cat

ItzGalaxy : 0:21 Sound Like A Pressure Washer

Christian Zerbe : He not a puppy he is Satan

HulloTheLoser : He's moving his legs, possibly making the dog irritated. Notice he didn't attack the hand.

Nick Animation's Third Channel : That dog sounds like Donald Duck & Ricky Berwick

Vixiniara * : Hey doesn’t that hurt his throat

Tommy, Gracie & Leo : I have a chihuahua too. They are very protective of their owners and most people think they are evil, however, they are extremely smart and very lovable.

ThickerThanThe Snicker : Me when my friends make fun of me

ChiToon Art : Didn’t know my sister was in this video 🤔

Max vlog's : Kinda cute... (*˘︶˘*)

Kaitlyn Navejas : Sounds like a possessed Donald Duck

gan average youtube comment. : Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Moonlight io : be careful he might have ray bees


Twixic : what a good dog, i want one

Im Cerberus : All Chihuachas are Satanistic?

RaiiZ : The Anti Christ 😂😂😂

Oof_Anime123 4 : The dog is saying “KLK ACODKKSKFKLAKKkkclkaACAKKAJVCBAIK”

Gavin Strahan : That dog is Satan!

I'm obsessed with anime : Dogs hate baths right?? *TOSS IT INTO SOME HOLY WATER*

Hecc Hecc It's Sammy : [ERROR: DOGGO.EXE HAS STOPPED.]

Trigger Happy : Imagine a burglar breaking into a house and this dog is the first thing he sees