Udemy Is Infringing Upon My Content

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MrSorbias Tutorials : This happens also here on youtube. Tho here it's easier to get your content back if you're aware what's happening. Nobody is coming to tell that our videos are being stolen so we need to find it oursef sadly.

Christopher N : If it were me: Buy the course, copy everything down. Then hire a lawyer and then sue udemy. Udemy is probably proteced under DMCA safe harbor but the person who uploaded it isn't. Get Udemy to get the contact information for the uploader and then directly sue the uploader.

Craig Bennett II : I would talk with a lawyer if I was you. How did you find out your content was on there?

KENYAN ONLINE : That is gross. They should pay you.

Eddy Gaines II : Can’t you sue them for content infringement? If they never paid you for your videos then make a copyright strike

Andrew : Sleazy for sure. Now I feel bad for having bought hundreds of dollars worth of courses off of that site. Wondering if any of it was stolen. :-/

akbar alam : Wtf... sue them bro. You work so hard and help others ... you make useful content and they stole it. Sue their ass bro... you should definitely take action.

casey brinegar : lol wtf! Thats crazy

LaBlanca Monique : I sent an email to udemy

the konz : what the hell, someone made at least $136k with your intellectual property. not saying it is your money, but they took your right of distribution, so that's illegal. imho, you should take actions against them and get compensated. props to you not making some drama out of this and calmly stating facts and asking for opinions. i would like to see more people doing this instead of drama.

Robert R : Have you contacted Udemy about it? Something similar happened to John Sonmez and one of the courses he sold.

rlee1185 : I found you by accident on Reddit because of this. I have liked, commented, subscribed, and hit that notification bell.

feggy : I have like 600GB of Udemy courses... Thanks to FTU <3

Chris Wiley : All content you create is copyrighted. Legally you can do something about it. I don't know about compensation but you can make them pull it down and since they made money off it you may be able to recoup some of it.

S Renalds : I recommend contacting a lawyer... $194 x 11k would be a nice starting point for negotiations.

shatley123 : I enjoy using Udemy as a learning platform. But you MUST know never to buy unless there's a sale (there's one every other week basically) Of course I can't say what it's like from a creators perspective.

Nep Cab : These people are so sleazy, there’s no one evaluating the courses before they get them live? Or maybe they did review it but aren’t able to pinpoint you as the original creator, the sleazebag may have edited any mention of your name

Zach Gollwitzer : Wow thanks for posting this. I have used Udemy to basically teach myself programming from the ground up, and the entire time I’ve been learning on this platform I have absolutely loved it. Many of the courses on the platform are awesome and seem to be authentic, but looking at a course like the one shown in the video is absolutely disgusting. As someone who has created educational content and who has learned a lot from your videos, there is no excuse for this. Udemy should definitely be held responsible for this, but further, the owner of this course should be legally reprimanded. Would love to hear the results of you reaching out to Udemy on this! Also -- The same account infringing on your videos seems to be doing so on others. https://www.udemy.com/django-mastery-in-django-python-course/ seems to be pulled from the following YouTube course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TKp2pSkp8k&list=PLxCXpg7hNB4hEXgMXWIrvOhmPNXPw2-zf

Flame2057 : I think you should email Udemy. If you give a mouse a cookie he's gonna want a glass of milk. That is to say that if you let one person rip you off, more people will as well.

Tyler Benton : That's whole other low man. It's bad when people steal videos and re-upload them on Youtube on their own channel but Udemy. This is my first time seeing this TBH.

ShadowWhelp : DMCA and request all the profits made from your work?

Kleber Silva : Just sue them and get some money :D

Coding in Flow : Damn this makes me mad just watching it happening to someone else.

Devin Checa : Your content does not deserve to be hijacked like that. Talk to John Sonmez and see how he handled it. Just remember, they would not do this if your content was worthless.

Steve M : Shame on them. Take action.

Jacob Tran : sue them..

polyspastos : they did the same with sentdex

Xavier Ortiz : I'd be super pissed. I'm no lawyer, but I'd look to try to take some kind of legal action to be honest. I'd try to pin down either the person that stole your content, or directly to Udemy. Definitely talk to a lawyer I'd say. That's not cool that you have to watch someone else make coin off of your hard earned time, which equates to money. You can always make money back, invest, whatever. You don't get your time back.

mechakinggidora : You're pretty relaxed about it which is good, or at least well composed. Personally I'd be pissed, I feel as though one of the best courses of action you could go for is trying to maybe reach out and see if there's other content creators who noticed their stuff has been stolen and posted without permission. From there some kind of class action could be taken cause this is scummy as hell. Just my opinion though.

Faizan M : Another thing I want to point out. That book called 'Automate the boring stuff with Python' that they're selling at the price of the course is actually infact free and with no charge to use for anyone. Looks like they're targeting other free sources too

DEAD HOUR : Be mad dude this is absolutely rediculous take one their actual course videos and put it on your YouTube channel I bet it won't blow over well with them.

KURU : I'm usually against suing and all that stuff, but this absolutely calls for it. The fact that they even watermarked YOUR video as well? You'll win the case hands down.

Tio Dave : If they gave it away for free, ok. Charging for other peoples creation isn't cool. Unless they have permission.

Muddasir Jahangir : Sue them for 1 Million dollar :D

unicornlord : class action lawsuit comng.

Daft Z : This is what the courts are for unfortunately

ISFiYIywAFIBc6qAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQrXTJiCtY3Asd4WF : I got a Udemy ad on this video.

S.L. : If that's true, report to Udemy directly. Give them a chance, like youtube, some people abuse for greed. Or upload your course and More to sell at Udemy, once people and Udemy realised you are the original creator, it will be hard not to take your side. Plus you should be earning from Udemy with your course/s.

Gavers23 : DMCA the content, then lawsuit against whoever uploaded it for copyright infringement, with damages from Udemy as well since they charged money. It's really clear cut.

iamgabrielandiam17 : YOU SHOULD NOT BE HAPPY!

Roro Rima : oh .. that's bad

llNamEll _ : The udemy ads make me wanna die anyways lol

Joshua Tsang : The advert for this video was that annoying Udemy guy...

MonikerOne : Sue them into the ground

LaBlanca Monique : and the dude that put it up has 2 others that im sure arent his...and is just banking off of them.... i wonder how many authors on udemy are doing this

ruma : Didn't know that, totally sucks man. I think you have a strong case against the platform. Me two cents is to find other victims and to press charges together ( or at least to send a letter for compensation ). Good luck!

ThaEzioAuditore : This video is on the front page of HN

HyAcey : They should either pay you or you should sue them for a compensation + removal of the video on udemy.

Rezan moh : Hello Chris. I think I was the first to report this "course" to you ( I did reported to udemy as well) .. I got it by a free coupon, when I watched the first video I thought oh that's Chris so it must be a great course then when I watched another two videos I found that everyone of them is from different person. And I didn't bother to watch the others as I discovered it most be stolen so I reported to udemy and to you .. I don't know how much responsibility udemy hold over this and of course you have right to be angry , but I didn't mean to make a problem between udemy and you .. ( I like you both :) .. ) .. Udemy has a huge number of tutorials and I don't think they have time to check them all thoroughly and I'm not defending them here. I hope they will solve this problem fast. As a side note I would say if it wasn't of high value then people would not try to steel it! . So keep the good work . Such thing are signs of success.. you have many people here who appreciate your efforts ..

Tom Czubat : Take legal action