Gary Reacts to Video of Tom Hanks, Robin Roberts and Others Thanking Him for His Humanitarian Work
Gary Sinise Reacts to Video of Tom Hanks Robin Roberts and Others Thanking Him for His Humanitarian Work

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Our founder, Gary Sinise, has spent the last four decades supporting our active duty service men and women, veterans, first responders, their families and caregivers, and those in need. It's this commitment that he considers his true calling in life. And the reason that he’s written his memoir, GRATEFUL AMERICAN: A JOURNEY FROM SELF TO SERVICE, hoping to inspire others to find their true purpose through service to others. In honor of his commitment, our CEO, General Robin Rand, made a surprise video for Gary with General Colin Powell, Tom Hanks, Jay Leno, Robin Roberts, Ron Howard, Rob Lowe, Robert DeNiro, Maria Shriver, Tim Allen, Steve Buscemi, Joe Mantegna, Kristin Chenoweth, Richard Rawlings, Judd Apatow, Mayim Bialik, Sela Ward, Tim Allen, Aaron Eckhart, Iliza Shlesinger, Jeff Perry, Donal Logue and Kellie Pickler along with our heroes from the military, first responders, Medal of Honor recipients, Gold Star families and the USO, all expressing their gratitude to Gary’s for his humanitarian work, hoping to inspire people to give back. This was a complete surprise to Gary, everyone’s gift to him, revealed for the first time this morning online and on social media….and we’d love for you to take part and help us spread the goodwill! After watching, share the video on your social media along with a comment or video expressing why you are #GratefulLikeGary for the kindness and dedication of someone in your life. With Gratitude, All of us at the Gary Sinise Foundation


IBEW70 : This isn’t BS He actually does it. all over the US and offshore

Todd Barnes : I am a Marine combat vet. Mr. Senise, I salute you. Thank you.

Kirill Heart : I am Russian. Yeah yeah...i know i know. One thing: i respect what you do for your people. Sir, best regards to you.

German Emmanuel : "Thank you, Lieutenant Dan" :')

Mary Jeremiah : Robert DeNiro has respect for a I can’t believe this! Praise The Lord Jesus

Spectrehawk : a whole video of people saying thank you, and he still never says "you are welcome", only "thank you" back. speaks a lot to his character.

paul Gonzales : What a great humble man. True American. God bless you.

Ivica Milarić : Gary looks very genuinely surprised, so I guess he's used to no one noticing what he does.

J BIrd913 : Gary’s foundation built a house for a wounded warrior I know, and it was much needed and deserved.

Alden Buyer : Gary doesn't preach from a pedestal because he's too busy on the ground *doing*.

Thirsty4Socialist& CommunistTears2020 : 65 dislikes are from people with no soul.... Thank you Lt. DAN!!

StylinRed : One of my favourite actors, didn't know about his humanitarian work, makes him ever so much more likable!

rick flippin : Hollywood. That’s how you do it watch listen and learn. Thank you Mr. Sinise

WVbyGraceofGod : That was good! I think the world of Gary Sinise, he really deserved that.

Gung Ho Vids : Why anyone would down-thumb this video is a genuine mystery of the universe.

SuperCactaur : Gary is a wonderful human, and we need more like him

William Andrews : Class looks like this. Hollywood can learn from him.

S Madison : I couldn't see the video because something was in my eyes the whole time!💗

glenn mcilvenna : Wow I guess he’s been generous with his bubba gump shrimp money

Jackie : God bless Gary Sinise. Hes an amazing person.

Frankincensed : A very humble guy who was looking to help, not to seek praise. It was written all over his face

FrankB1110 : That was quite potent, people like him never ever expect any kind of gratitude, that makes it even more powerful

ohmightywez : What a humble, true American hero.

Fed Up : That is one beautiful human being. His shock only speaks to his humbleness. That was one amazing display of respect and appreciation to someone who deserves it. I applauded at the end of the video. Great work Gary

Maria Carter : Someone give him a tissue😆😇😇😇 maybe a hug or a drink 😨 Well done. Hopefully more will follow 😚😎

Justin Devine : I also have to mention the work Gary Sinise did with the World War I Centennial Commission, who I also worked for. Our organization was trying to get an official World War I memorial built in D.C. (which they are still fundraising for, construction has started!) and Mr Sinise gave his endorsement and voiced a few ads for us!

the jaywezee : If all those people really cared, they'd be doing what Gary Sinise does

Terry Gunzales : priceless Thanks Lieutenant Dan! You are the man and we love you!

Richard Freeman : 2:39 When did Steve Bucemi become Mr. Rogers?

papa 726 54 : What a great man! He makes me proud to be an American. How about Sinise for President?

SpockBoy : Had no idea. Always liked him, and now I know why. Congrats Gary!

Morgan Walker : Dont know Gary, never met him. I only know him by his deeds. Love ya Gary

Cliff Long : I don't say thank you very often but Gary's tireless efforts on behalf of veteran's like myself is truly inspirational. Thank you Gary Sinise for showing people that we can ALL do better.

N Hess : You have impacted our life ... thank you from the woods of Pennsylvania

Irene Macias : Amazing hero and a heart the size of the Universe - yeah infinite 🇺🇸💗💗💗‼️‼️‼️

Frank P. : Thank you Gary ! Used to be a DeNiro fan, not anymore.!

Matthew Westbrook : When this guy passes way it will be a national tragedy and he diserves to be honored as hero. God bless this man.

SouthEast Home Recording & Guitar Building : Truly an amazing person. Thank you Lieutenant Dan. We love you Mr. Gary.

Jason Spiekerman : From a 2 time combat/disabled Vet, Thank You Mr. Sinise! Your smile made me smile, and that is priceless :)

P.F. : Such a humble, personable , giving, & loving person. Gary Sinise, kudos to you!

SuperGroceryShopper : Why is this man not on Keanu level of internet memedom

Gypsy Girl Crafts by Pamela : What an amazing man! I’ve always known that there was something special about him. He deserves the Medal Of Freedom!

fiama7 : I am worried when Tom Hanks thank some one! And that Messianic checker floor?

Mike C. : Wow, what a wonderful video! Blessing upon you Lt. Dan!

Kimberly Cave : These are amazing events! And a memory for my kids and I, always! Thank you

Dennis Vidot : Orloff MD, Judith The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People

Chris P : A person we should all aspire to be like! Thanks you sir!

mike joerger : Such an honorable man thank you for everything that you've done

Smiling Bob : Thank you Gary All of us vetrans appreciate what you do. You are a true American.