Slav sink music

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Justin Y. : _No Adidas tracksuit. Disliked._


DenioZ Production : Actually I like it

TheGuy : sounds like something straight out of Egypt

Andoni Armentia : Not all heroes wear clothes

Necro Spencer : Seriously thats some good shit

Ron Jet : Russian guy : Hey dude, wanna join our band? Me: Sure! Who are the members? Russian guy: Oh, me, my brother and our sink. *awkward silence*

h00daman : 10/10 would listen to album on repeat

Dingo : sounds more arabic to me

Autisticus Maximus : I would unironicaly listen to a whole album of this.

aem : "so what instrument do you play?" "..the sink"

Benjamin Farrington : Boy: yeah I'm in a band. Girl: what do you play? Boy: the sink. Girl: *starts dripping wet*

Josh Patterson : >Slavs playing Arabic music and calling it Slav music Suddenly the Balkan wars all make sense to me

Victor Gabriel : kebab detected

PAPYRUBY : What instrument do you play? "The sink"

Dylan McCaig : Better than 99% of music produced today lol.

Drayden Seefried : Why no addidas

axised001 : Someone give him some food already

Yash Kshirsagar : That was nicely sink-ronized

PerunGromovnik : Can someone give me tabs for the sink?

Takomaki : Meanwhile in Islamic Russia.

Jamesmartens55 : let me tell you about CARTHAGE.

Backpack : This is dropped harder, than Stalin in 1953.

Никита Куриллович : In Russia in the taps instead of water music is served

K9-1000 : Prince Of Persia

Dragos Rozsnyai : Imma beat the shit out of you guys, If you don't make a full version (song) about this. I swear. It sounds epic !!!

시공좋아 : music + nips are always right

Sam Dawson : Air trapped in pipe. Attempt to exhaust all air at any DCV and be mindful of port damage. Keep well away from exhausting ports in case of compressed air reaching pores of your skin to combat this wear all correct PPE.

Taťka Medvěd : Reminds me diablo 2 lut gholein...

Fishcustard42 : Witcher 4 OST: ...Uranium for Gopniks

Max Zhu : I need the tab for guitar. Or the name.

Teodor Angelov : From which song is this riff 0:10 'Ta ra ra ra, ta ra ra'?

TacTundra : that guy is very skinny, he needs more bread sausage and tourist delight

O(∩_∩)O : Please teach me master. How do you play the guitar so beautifully?

R4MP4G3RXD : We used this song to invade jerusalem

Krwnik : Best video on dis fcking planet

Capn Cook : why are slavs always in their underwear?

Evgenios Megas : First of all this kind of Music existed in Egypt as in Ancient Greece way before the Arabs .

CoolingNevada : Song name pls :D

ervk : Witcher 4 soundtrack incoming

Carl Alm : Still better than Bieber

Игзат Игзатов : Офигеть у меня тоже так труба гудит!!

Artur Qerimaj 8c Högastensskolan : Can someone make a 10 hour version, a half minute isn’t enough.. :(

Richard Bailey : This is by far THE best musical video I've seen so far!!

Valentin Ghita : Those guys know how to have a good time. :))))

II RaWmoD II : assassins creed origin theme

World Of Stickboi : + russian kid scream = 99999% Quality music vid xD

Adam Majewski : mega! nagrajcie płytę! :D

Lark Alfen : I want loop

I like tuning my guitar : This is what puts the breeki in the cheeki