The Most Accurate Hacking Scene Ever

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From "Castle" Season 8 Episode 8 Copyright ABC


-Null - : What my grandparents see when I am fixing the WiFi connection.

TurnerAnimates : Third graders when they discover Inspect Element

Donkey : "I'm gonna launch a cybernuke" *North Korea would like to know your location*

JackAllen Greenfield : This is me trying to hack kahoot

I'm a moron, also : This is so unrealistic. A hacker would never get a phone call from a girl.

Kim Jong Un : When you click 'Inspect Element' for the first time.

Alex Hooper : #1 Rule of hacking, never use the mouse.

Its Ali64xX : Deleting your History as fast as you can while your mom is coming upstairs

The Prism Star : 1:19 "Just hack, hack!" *what?*

Vyse Arcadia : Yes because all great hackers have an image of a nuke with a launch button when shit is about to hit the fan.

Ajaaw Inc : 0:42 start counterstrike UpTdAtiNG sTeaM. vErIFyiNg iNStalLatIOn

Kyla Gillam : *smacks hands on keyboard* *IM IN*

Kentucky fried memes : Windows 11 is looking promising!

Natalie Ngonela : When you use a formula right in Excel

Kwill3ms14 : Clearly inaccurate. Where is the green text rapidly being typed on a black background?

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : She didn't say "We're in" once. That's just asking to get Cyber-Nuked. Or, as I like to call it, Net-gasaki-ed.

eraZure : 7.8/10 not enough spinning cubes

tree jesus : *clicks fingers* *stretches neck* we're in

J J : 0:38 me in 2012 and my brother who is helping me install minecraft mods

Tie Guy : I like how he just says "HACK!" like that's just something you do.

Just Derp : Hacking 101: You need fancy montages and talk computer lingo and smash random buttons

Kajetan Zarzycki : 1:00 "you are good, but i am better" *Launches cyber dogs to chase off the cats from the screen*

Hacked YT : >startcounterstrike *Counter Strike 1.6 launches*

_ Klondank_Bar_ : This is nothing. I stopped a virus by restarting my computer.

Nathan Drake : Why not just open task manager and end "hack.exe"?

I'm An Alien : *when you try a VPN for the first time*

Molly Cowman : This is one of these videos where you know the comments are all gonna be gold

Don’t Censor Hentai : When you use inspect element to add mascots to your friends list in club penguin.

Alex F : *start_counterstrike*

Stephen Hogan : "They're tracking our IP address! Truly the work of a master!"

I love you Karya : “Alright, I’ve hacked into the mainframe and disabled their algorithms.”

Adude601 : Dammit man! All you had to do was close out the backdoor and put in a morpher code so that he can't jimmy the system's outer wallhack. If he breaches the floodgate, your anti-co-encryptions are fried!

HerbHerbHerbert : Hacker: The mainframe has been DDOSed with a stuxnet nuclear python C+ attack, I'm gonna use Java to hack their HTML and put a rat in their firewall using a PDF JPEG file. Character who is only present to ask questions: What does that mean? Hacker: I'm in!

Craig : *launches cyber nuke at the US government* *closes inspect element*

I Hate Mozarella : "start counterstrike" the best commmand i ever seen

Speed _ : /spawn creeper

Dagan Ward : When you like your own comment

Francesco B. : voice on speaker: SYSTEM BREACH!!11 blinking red text on big monitor saying: ALERT - SYSTEM BREACH! - we got a problem.... ... - what?

When Music Talks... : *H A C K L O C A T E D*

Cube Head : It's so accurate that i'm gonna cum. They used the blinky boxes and never looked up an error message.

Triton 64 : What the hell is a "cyber nuke"

Random Dogface : *When you try to find more information about your crush*

Meat Man : *I could launch a cybernuke but im afraid it would completely fry his system*

LostInGames : I absolutely hate when I get cyber-nuked when theres just one blinky-box left

Main Stream Gaming : 2:53 it would have already reached 100 at that rate before they could launch the “cyber nuke”

Wolf Gaming : Launch “KIMJONGUN.EXE

lord tachanka : J U S T *H A C K H A C K* 1:17

Patryk Ostapczuk : >start counterstrike Ah yes, the common command to defend your devices. Why don't antivirus protections just use this instead?

NeoXero : Top 10 dealiest weapons. No 1 Cyber nuke