The Most Accurate Hacking Scene Ever

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Dr Shaym : "They're gonna have instant access to our entire investigation." So unplug the hard drive.

Wolff : When you write a code in Visual Basic that outputs "Hello World":

Rudy Ayoub : When I plug in the USB correctly on the first try

Lennyficate : 0:42 „Nevermind. Can't do anything. I'll play csgo“

Doge This! : I wonder who came up with this... that person has never touched a computer at all!

Tommy Khoury : You forgot: *hacker says some techy geeky stuff that means nothing* Protagonist: ENGLISH PLEASE??

NautiluS : The cyber nuke was the cherry on top

kreglfromworld : That's why I always keep the reverse uno card in my back pocket

heckinfrick : *im gonna hack the mainframe* 😎 **starts playing the dinosaur game on google chrome**

Schwarzschild Radius : Oh my GOD these comments

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : How it feels like when you turn on incognito mode for the first time

B S : Someone wrote this script and thought “yeah, that’ll do”

MisterTwister : >start counterstrike *T E R R O R I S T S W I N*

Mark McGaugh : I have worked in IT and currently work in cyber security. I'm almost positive this is what friends and family think what I do looks like.

VIBGYOR : *They hacked into my youtube recommendations*

Chaitanya Singh : Using their own IP Yeah... Real Hackerman shit right here

GCR : *me when I was in class and I would figure out how to unblock cool math games*

Melvin Cappellato : Quick PSA, if you’re ever being hacked and they’re down to your 5th firewall, things are getting pretty serious. Open your command prompt, type in “sudo no u” and you’ll have breached their mainframe and they’ll need to shut the operation down.

Malia M : “If I can just access the mainframe and break through the firewall” *typetypetypetype* “I’m in”

Simon Bullows : They missed the badguy putting a gun to the software engineer head to increase the speed of the counter hack.

Daniel Kwan : Typing so fast that you never see them hit spacebar.

ninja of fire : They just trying to acquire vbucks

Asteriati Dolfrre : *being hacked* >start counterstrike Plays Counter Strike

E.H.V.K. : "But I can slow him down" Decides to start Counter-Strike

Emufasar : What a teacher thinks you are doing when you use Chrome inspect

BFFs Engineer : is this how you hack club penguin?

aidan dix : I would love to see an accurate hack scene in a movie, just one person, sitting by a crappy custim pc, slowly writing out code onto a white screen and then getting errors that they have to google but none of it acctualy makes sense so it's just a ten minute scene if them looking up fouruns on why the error happens and then they realise they capitalised a variable at the start but accidentally used lower case everywhere else and then they change it the code gets a bit further and then another error pops up, and they punch their monitor, breaking it, then they realise what they did and havw to order a new one but because they have barley any money because casual hackers don't earn much so they just cry

All Usernames Taken : If you can literally see your computer's firewalls being "hacked" into then why don't you just turn of the damn computer?!

Hascar : Where's the pop up asking for permission from administrator afraid this is unrealistic


Dipqi Ghozali : Wtf start counterstrike

Šimon Očkáš : Thanks God they had a Hacker Rubik's cube, because that's how hacking works.

conE : *b l i n k y b o x e s*

Nico Meints : "start counterstrike" steam opens

MorriMan2113 : this episode was brought to you by NordVPN

Phil The Logician : *This comment section is absolute gold*

Jared O'Brien : They should just get a vpn lol

Rodrigordo : Launches cybernuke* Baidu was installed successfully

Brazilian human bean : //// *_INTENSE HACKING IN PROGESS_* ////


RandomDetritus : As someone who hacks NASA and the FBI on the regular, can confirm this is legit.

NonsensicalVids : when somebody figures out your facebook passsword true_1

pEW pEW : How did he they get the cats on without piercing the firewall, so accurate

ElkSam : When the teacher calls on you to turn on the WiFi for the smart board.

Zaween Exists : what is happening in my head when i try to get back to my old ass roblox account

W1ndj4cK : How to stop hackers: #1 Unplug your modem. #2 That's it.

NoScopeDeezCups : How it feels when you use a vpn to watch YouTube on a school computer.

takochako : Is it really so hard to do a bit of Googling and let the actors play with Metasploit or something?

Gurosama Bltch : Omg I thought this video was a parody. Can't believe someone actually thought that this would be a good idea.

Mr. PiGGY : I thought the start of the cats popping up, It was edited on, not the original xD