The Most Accurate Hacking Scene Ever

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Rudy Ayoub : When I plug in the USB correctly on the first try

JackAllen Greenfield : This is me trying to hack kahoot

Doge This! : I wonder who came up with this... that person has never touched a computer at all!

Nico Meints : "start counterstrike" steam opens

RandomDetritus : As someone who hacks NASA and the FBI on the regular, can confirm this is legit.

Childish Madbino : What my grandparents see when I am fixing the WiFi connection.

TurnerAnimates : Third graders when they discover Inspect Element

StrangaDanga : When the cubes with number starting spinning I knew this was real shit.

heckinfrick : *im gonna hack the mainframe* 😎 **starts playing the dinosaur game on google chrome**

Simon Bullows : They missed the badguy putting a gun to the software engineer head to increase the speed of the counter hack.

Kim Jong Un : When you click 'Inspect Element' for the first time.

MorriMan2113 : this episode was brought to you by NordVPN

WIIFIGHT! : ">start counterstrike" Valve, you seriously need to stop this hacker problem.

Daniel Kwan : Typing so fast that you never see them hit spacebar.

Hascar : Where's the pop up asking for permission from administrator afraid this is unrealistic

Donkey : "I'm gonna launch a cybernuke" *North Korea would like to know your location*

Šimon Očkáš : Didn't know hackers had an amazing UI like this, with all those animations and textures

conE : *b l i n k y b o x e s*

Dr Shaym : "They're gonna have instant access to our entire investigation." So unplug the hard drive.

The Prism Star : 1:19 "Just hack, hack!" *what?*

Rapidshot : 3:06 *The bomb has been diffused.* *Counter Terrorist Win.*


No more will to live : I swear people who use the word "hack" for stuff like this are the kind of people who think you can overrun the US government with an iPhone

Tommy Khoury : You forgot: *hacker says some techy geeky stuff that means nothing* Protagonist: ENGLISH PLEASE??

DJEmonTV : > start counter strike > syka blyat

Averyzalia Sylvia : /Start Counterstrike Preparing to launch ..... Installing update.. ....... Preparing the game.. ... *CS Theme song start playing

MilindianaJones : What the hell is happening at 0:22 are they solving some sort of Rubik’s cube

NoScopeDeezCups : How it feels when you use a vpn to watch YouTube on a school computer.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : How it feels like when you turn on incognito mode for the first time

Rodrigordo : Launches cybernuke* Baidu was installed successfully

GoldenGuitar : Very unrealistic, women can't hack.

Andrew Paschall : “We have to stop this hacker right NOW!” Opens Malwarebytes*

Natalie Ngonela : When you use a formula right in Excel

W1ndj4cK : How to stop hackers: #1 Unplug your modem. #2 That's it.

Gabe McCastle : this looks like a job for NordVPN

PAPA DANKI : When i make a button that actually does something in android studio

sethvanbemmelen : Just press alt + F4 solves all your problems

lost soul : When you install a mod for Minecraft

BFFs Engineer : is this how you hack club penguin?

Dundee Dunds : Legit thought it was actually accurate when I clicked on the video. First frame proved me wrong

Let me sleep in peace : Is she hacking or starting a 4chan post

Its Ali64xX : Deleting your History as fast as you can while your mom is coming upstairs

Gian de Guia : >start counterstrike Castle, this isn’t the time to rank up your Gold Nova smurf.

Chaitanya Singh : Using their own IP Yeah... Real Hackerman shit right here

ShadoWafel : *launch Cybernuke* Windows updates are being installed

Dave Lawlis : All they needed to do was zoom in on a photo of him to retrieve the password from the reflection in his eye.

DaReal Tuck : nothing inaccurate here, the hackers just have an amazing UI team making their tools

Всеволод Тимченко : As an actual real blackhat with over 30 years of experience I confirm this is hundred percent accurate, except for one thing - none of the hackers wear balaclava. This part is just non-realistic.

Dipqi Ghozali : Wtf start counterstrike

J J : 0:38 me in 2012 and my brother who is helping me install minecraft mods