The Most Accurate Hacking Scene Ever

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Tommy Khoury : You forgot: *hacker says some techy geeky stuff that means nothing* Protagonist: ENGLISH PLEASE??

RandomDetritus : As someone who hacks NASA and the FBI on the regular, can confirm this is legit.

Hi It's Me : *_When you download music from a MP3 converter_*

Secret bun : every hacker in films **I'M IN**

Nincadalop : >start counterstrike.exe "This is not a time for games Laura!"

Richard Gamrát : Hacking is not that hard... i mean really... you just have to click on random keys on your keyboard pretty fast! And never... i mean never!.. use your mouse...

Magheeta : I dont know shit about hacking, yet even I feel offended somehow. That cyber nuke though... Cyber.... Nuke....

Primaski : System.hack("Enemy_Computer");

Dy'Huan The Bardbarian : I am learning programming but how much i still need to learn to reach that master level i want to send Cyber_Nukes

BFFs Engineer : is this how you hack club penguin?

Strife : "I could launch a cyber nuke"- Quote of every year ever combined. Edit- woah that's a whole lot of likes, thanks guys :)

ThomerTD : Oh no they are hacking my ip address I might press random keys to slow it down

Zuver : Have you tried putting it in rice?

DunkinDapper : As an expert hacker, I can confirm.

Dr Shaym : "They're gonna have instant access to our entire investigation." So unplug the hard drive.

TXP Ghost : *Opens cs:go* > sv_cheats 1

Turbo : *Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne*

Rafie_ArsyadYT : Delete System32, that will solves it

Bucket_head : What was stopping them from turning off the WiFi?

W1ndj4cK : How to stop hackers: #1 Unplug your modem. #2 That's it.


Kolefish : I didn’t pay thousands of dollars on a degree to be portrayed like this.

ecosophist : The Most Accurate Hacking Scene Ever "Hi it's John from IT. I'm trying to open that file of yours but it's password protected. Is it the same password as your network logon? Yeah, cool, what was it again? Thanks".

Hydrogen Cyanide : Nice GUI, because command lines are too complicated and time consuming to code I guess.

vickie g : shoulda just tried turning it off and on again

Kamran Kyarimov : Movie Hacker’s #1 Rule: Never. Touch. Mouse.

prototype : this is what those kids ddosing you on xbox live are doing right now

TW3F4TES5 : Me showing my friends how change font color in command prompt

Cyphrum ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ : *I cAn LaUnCh A cYbErNuKe BuT iT wIlL cOmPlEtElY fRy HiS sYsTeM*

Chaitanya Singh : Using their own IP Yeah... Real Hackerman shit right here

Rishabh Nair : Those damn UI's man such complete dedicated and cool hackers, firewall breach has percentage bar and level counters damn.

fawaz algayeb : “The hackers are trying to get into our server and access the data!” -“*ENGLISH GODDAMNIT!*”

Isavirs : Not really realistic, they forgot to compensate for the cyberspace required to use a cyber-nuke. This could have really created some serious launch bugs.

Flamingo Tony : Just use tunnelbear.

Luka Lukunic : Start counterstrike What now RUSH B blyt

Aik Salad : *start counterstrike.exe* Rush B Cyka bylat *Close counterstrike.exe*

Exactlywill Is it : Did anybody else notice the category for this video is education

Zarándy Ádám : These comments gave me life

PariArk : As a programmer, I laugh every time I see one of these lol

magmablock : >start counterstrike cyka blyat

TheFrostyIcecreamSlush : Didn't know hacking in real life was so dramatic.

Depression Session : As someone who has to constantly stop the FBI from getting into my 500gb "homework" folder, I can confirm this is accurate.

Blanche : CYBER NUKE.

MegaSir3 : "amagyddon 'm 'fraid"

Advena : I have no technological knowledge whatsoever, so I can't even understand if the title is ironic or not

Jincent Jin : Thanks to this video, I now know how to hack anyone.

InstaSound : 0:42 **csgo opens**

Zuver : CMD: color a I used to be a hacker...

Whiplash_TM : People just don’t understand how hard it is to align code cubes in during an aggressive hack. I really appreciate the level of detail and accuracy that production companies are bringing to modern television. This also reminds me I need to polish my RAT tomorrow night. I probably need to check the IP fluid levels too.

Cuffka : There's no way the writers of the show think this is how this works. This might be the greatest shitpost ever.