Swim for your life out of the GDR!

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patchesdf : Imagine being the last person shot for trying to escape like a day or so before the wall came down?

ComradeRed2020 : I am glad they made it! And I am glad the guards didn't shoot. No one should force you to stay in a country you don't want to stay in.

Tara Strong : Wow, the feels. Her last words before the end of the video "I hab's geschafft!", an expression of delight and relief: "I made it!"

frank sally : I love right at the end when it hits her that they made it and she freaks out.

mikemorr100 : If people are terrified and trying to escape your country, maybe its not them, maybe its you.

TheKetsa : And today guys like snowden fly to Russia... Strange world.

TheSOlmos : Man, the kinda struggle people have had to go through always makes me realise how much I take my easy life for granted

OPBjorn : It's not socialism it's communism

ZAKAZEE : Communism , not even once 

skoda slov : Any idiot that talks to me how komunizm was great should watch this. Many died escaping from here to Austria too.

Ana Ghinet : Should be grateful they didn't shoot, regardless of whom they could've shot by mistake. In Romania the guards at Portile de Fier didn't have these moral problems.

Miniwolf 567 : My mother and her family tunneled under the Berlin Wall in 1973 because her father was in West Berlin for work Quite interesting.

Skandalos : But... but socialism is paradise!! Capitalism inhuman!

Daniel Veazey : I wonder what these people are up to now.

Brocialist Party of America : Reminds me of how there are people who swim across another river to get to a better life. Except that river is called the Rio Grande and we deport the people who cross it.

John Mcclane : That's intense

Fernando Video Juegos Correo : I hate the comunist

Rob Cockerham : There is something about being in the water which makes you feel protected from gunfire.

metomigakuen : Alberta is voting for a socialist government in a few days. Run/swim while you can.

BigGreekGeek : A truly shocking video! Made me shiver several times.  This is we we should fight for our rights and freedom! 

Brommes : today I wish I could escape to the east !!!

Pau Vega : Now everything has changed, the west is not freedom anymor:  in Europe our evil gards kill african refugees that swim to EU border escaping from poverty and unjustice

Allison A : So powerful. I'm speechless. 

ger962 : today you would have 1 person helping and all the other filming.

ussp38 : wow powerful stuff

skutt64 : Socialism makes the best, most humane and most happy society. Just look it up, it's facts on paper.

John Barnes : I was in West Berlin in November 1988 and I recall standing in this very spot. Our tour guide told us about this daring escape that had taken place only a few months earlier. What I'd like to know was how they managed to approach so close to the Eastern side of the wall without being spotted. (Especially in broad daylight.) As I recall, there were guard booths on the eastern side designed to keep unauthorized people several hundred meters away from the wall. Either they had some kind of connection that enabled them to get closer or they were just incredibly lucky.

Julius Fawcett : Borders are only ideas created by humans to keep the elite safe from sharing everything with everybody

kyle kpr : we're going to be asking canada to save us like this soon so i guess i should start getting better at my long distance swimming.

Charlie Wolf : That was intense. Thanks for sharing this humbling piece of history. 

serioussam909 : And today flights from France or Germany are treated as domestic flights in Eastern Europe (no passport control or customs). So glad that Russians are no longer ruling over a half of Europe.

Kirk Kelsen : I well remember looking at the Berlin Wall in September 1989, the world's largest jail, totally unaware it was about to fall. It was, the fact of it, deeply disturbing.

Chilltownify : shows the lengths people will go to escape oppression..take note North Korea, etc

Caitlin Coffey : Does anyone know the name of original owner of this video?

Lee Lewis : I watch this video often.Socialism it's so great they have to swim for their lives!

Alex Foster : if youtube comment section existed in the 1980s: SEND THEM BACK, THEY ARE ILLEGAL MIGRANTS, REEEEEEE!

This slice of paradise This sacred throne of Kings : Now how about we cut to America and their filthy NAFTA regime on the entire continent. 1,500,000 farmers in Mexico lost everything they had because the U.S was shipping in corn/wheat grain the local Mexicans couldn't keep up with. Out of those 1,500,000 Mexicans, who knows how many thousands were literally dragged out of Mexico and put into meat factories working like slaves covered in cow shit, piss and guts. It's all fine and dandy pointing the finger at communism and saying how bad it was but how about you go live in a Chinese village next to a factory that burns tyres for fuel and feel your lungs burning from breathing the air.....what about being homeless in New York...going bankrupt paying for hospital care? Capitalism and Communism both have committed their fair share of crimes but I'll stand by communism every single time. I had family that were communists in Burma.

themastertrevor : woah that was intense.

Francis de Vent : Hi there, Could we use this movie for educational purposes? Best regards.

PurpleFiiilth : -How did you know they wouldn't shoot? - We didn't

socokid : Through bewilderment and exhaustion, a wide eyed yell of "We've done it!!" by that woman at the end. Imagine that feeling... wow.

David King : Unfortunately today, it is not so easy as swing across a river.  The tentacles of zion cover the globe.  Better to seek out and fight, than to try to run away.

Dan Cooper : East Berlin was nothing like, say, modern Sweden. The US far-right wants to conflate Democratic Socialism with Venezuela and East Germany, the US left very reasonably thinks Sweden is a good model to copy.

Angelus Mortem : Anyone, who wants to learn much more about life in the eastern block/communism I'd like to recommend lectures/interviews of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, avaliable on YT.

notsoseriousmoonlight : I remember watching this back when it happened.  If I recall correctly, the woman was pregnant and didn't want to have her child on the East side. I think she broke her ankle in the escape, which is why she was being assisted away.  It is a very powerful video.  Had the tourist not been there filming...  Thank you for posting, people need to remember the way things once were.

Der Congo Mann : A real insight into the people escaping from the non glamourous lifestyle of the DDR. But now you get stupid Americans uploading videos of their idiotic, ignorant selves crossing between former Communist countries; saying crap like; "Crossing the iron curtain guys, now entering into evil Germany, there are no soviet border patrols here, etc.

Hank Hill : It's incredible how much importance we put on what essentially are imaginary lines. Just being on one side of a river as opposed to the other changed the entire course of those people's lives.

greekmarine : soviets would have a great ally if they didnt move east germanys factories and infastructure to their lands and make them pay for reparations.that way their economy would be much better

kim jørgensen : Amazing. Imagine this is only 25 years ago. 

Ethan Nelson : Amazing, isn’t it? The lengths people will go to to escape tyranny and oppression in the name of freedom.