Batman Beyond ill 7

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Heavenly Controller : the most oppressed group of all... gaamers.... 😂

MandaloreGaming : Top quality

acornstairlift : Your videos have more quotable lines than a Tarantino movie

WTS Dubs : I'ma get that workshop.

Japanese Crab Ninja : "With the galss ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper. Especially the most oppressed group of all. Gamers!!!" "I AM A NEO-LIBERAL!" "Still nicer than the trap life." This guy deserves more subs.

mullet_muffins : "I'm righter than three lefts" damn I love this dub

chetoo is a figot : Why do I feel I met all of these characters in high school?

Masterchudi : Listen kid life's too damn short to worry about a lunchables that isn't crackers stackers Don't know about that bruce, pizza lunchables are the OG

Jam Jammerson : I'll be worse than the kids who play kingdom hearts HAHAHAHA

young thug’s intern : whatever Aryan Grande

Shockwave3456 : I AM A NEO-LIBERAL What an amazing dub

Anna K : especially the most opressed group of all; gamers

Johan Mckillen : 1:22 it's dialogue like this which is actually how a teenager talks, that sets soulbro's writing apart from the rest

CoolStoryCory : the writing is so good it hurts.

Angel Mora : Damn, I didn't know I was part of the most oppressed group of people

Don Calzone : "Let's team up and hate neo-liberals!" "I AM A NEO-LIBERAL"

Christopher Jorge : Omg this dub is funny asf.

Jack McMorrow : Of course the ouija board wasn't gonna work, they didn't even nail a burning Christ air 540 over a family owned laundromat.

ItsClemenceau : Life is never to short to worry about lunchables.

Nobody : Man the dialogue is so crisp! The quality of this dub is amazing.


cooljunkproductions : 3:27 "MY FRIDGE". killed me

Sandwhale Gaming : I will never not love this shit. You doin' God's work soulbro.

Viper Hareous : It's always Smash Mouth

darkjudgeofd00m : it's been a year since the last one but you can't rush quality.

Fulcren : how ya gonna UN-frick it wise guy?

ComedyPAB : I just got back from the G Unit concert. I was the only one there so it kicked ass. This is the best one yet.

Jake : "The spirit's back and pouring one out for itself!!" Damn I didn't realise I needed more ill so badly.

JustLeon_ : 3:26 you will thank me later

mybirthnameful : Last time I showed up this early It was prom night

windows95ism : Racist Gamers are the most oppressed group in modern history.

aguynamedGeoff : I feel proud to grunt into a computer for this.

A Rebel Without a Care : "With the glass ceiling broken all the oppressed groups shall prosper. Especially the most oppressed group of all: GAMERS."

im really fly : if u changed the nerds voice into a deeper 1 it would have been funnier but then again I drive a civic

M. Chedderbeef : 4:41 "THAT'S LITERALLY RAPE"

Biff Stevenson : See you on the tech deck flip side lmao

teewhaay : I can't lie. This abridged Batman Beyond audio is kind of on point yo.

Brett Slater : Omg! thank you so much for the JoJo throwback in the car crash scene. I was living!

ilr : no code red reference? you're not selling the outdated Gamer trope very well...

John Notstamos : Joe Boisits is great as Terry. His slightly slurred speech really captures Terry well

Artair : Sometimes I think I should probably end my pitiful life sooner than later. But if I did that I wouldn't be able to watch more soulbrothavids.

MazingerDestroXtreme : As always got like 5% of the jokes but still enjoy your work. Talking about professional. The effects, the voice acting, the music. Daaaaamn

Eclipseslayer98 : soulbrothanumbuh3 BlazingAzureCrow Lord Daedryth Team Four Star Bruva Alfabusa These are my 5 most favorite voice acting channels on YouTube.

Jdm Guy : 3:29 Ready Player One (2018)

CrapesVHS : Love the Half-Life 2 driving sounds

Blizzy-P : 3:28 you're welcome

SupremeMystique : LMAO "Especially the most oppressed group of all...gamers"

sean obihiro : i heard prison was a great workout routine. now this? this is results. sign me up.

Grand MasterBox : no one's paralyzing joy division. they're already dead

Luke_Ario13 : G A M E R S