Batman Beyond ill 7

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WeeklyTubeShow : I'ma get that workshop.

WeeklyTubeShow : I remember this one Pepsi commercial with Sisqo having a party in space and he catches a floating gob of Pepsi in his mouth. Shit was gay as fuck.

Heavenly Controller : the most oppressed group of all... gaamers.... 😂

Colonel Fuhrberger : whatever Aryan Grande

Masterchudi : Listen kid life's too damn short to worry about a lunchables that isn't crackers stackers Don't know about that bruce, pizza lunchables are the OG

chetoo is a figot : Why do I feel I met all of these characters in high school?

MandaloreGaming : Top quality

Antonic Knight : Nigga, how do you only have 35k subs? Your shit is genius!

Bob : Christ that North Carolina shooting joke, lesser men would have failed with that joke

Jam Jammerson : I'll be worse than the kids who play kingdom hearts HAHAHAHA

acornstairlift : Your videos have more quotable lines than a Tarantino movie

Shockwave3456 : I AM A NEO-LIBERAL What an amazing dub

Christopher Jorge : Omg this dub is funny asf.

ItsClemenceau : Life is never to short to worry about lunchables.

Johan Mckillen : 1:22 it's dialogue like this which is actually how a teenager talks, that sets soulbro's writing apart from the rest

The Slasher : It's always Smash Mouth

Matt2737 : "I'm righter than three lefts. Fuck Democrats." - Bruce Wayne - 2040.

mullet_muffins : "I'm righter than three lefts" damn I love this dub

Jack McMorrow : Of course the ouija board wasn't gonna work, they didn't even nail a burning Christ air 540 over a family owned laundromat.

Sandwhale Gaming : I will never not love this shit. You doin' God's work soulbro.

darkjudgeofd00m : it's been a year since the last one but you can't rush quality.

likessox92 : Cracker stackers gave me a pretty good giggle

ItsMichaelReid : FINALLY!

mybirthnameful : Last time I showed up this early It was prom night

CoolStoryCory : the writing is so good it hurts.

Japanese Crab Ninja : "With the galss ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper. Especially the most oppressed group of all. Gamers!!!" "I AM A NEO-LIBERAL!" "Still nicer than the trap life." This guy deserves more subs.

Lauren Carian : I just gotta say, your writing and subtle humor is what has me patient for your content! What sucks is that I show my friends your material and barely get a chuckle, but then turn right around and laugh at a bunch of try-too-hard-zero-effort-force-a-gag dub vids. Idk, man. You're so under appreciated, but your shit is fire. Please keep making more content!

Angel Mora : Damn, I didn't know I was part of the most oppressed group of people

fasf dsda : Gamers are the most oppressed group i heard it from jontron also fuck sjws

Biff Stevenson : See you on the tech deck flip side lmao


Lauren Carian : "got lloyd banks all to myself" LOLOLOL FUCK

Cosmic Turban : Oh hell yeah. I've been wondering if there would be another one of these.

Brett Slater : Omg! thank you so much for the JoJo throwback in the car crash scene. I was living!

NoJahns : Oh yay it's finally here!

ComedyPAB : I just got back from the G Unit concert. I was the only one there so it kicked ass. This is the best one yet.

aguynamedGeoff : I feel proud to grunt into a computer for this.

STONE MAN : I was wondering why your channel stopped growing, now I see it's because you're out of new ideas, most of your jokes are now repetitive and stale, rhyme this and that because you think it's funny, and acting like hot shit (which you're not) on and off the mic. Your content has been the exact same since you had like 2k.

John Doe : This was the best one holy fuck "and that's how I paralyzed a joy division fan from the neck down" You don't get that on TV kids

Elizabeth K : especially the most opressed group of all; gamers

Johnny Doe : A racist neo-liberal?

Matthew McCrary : Watch me tether 4g up in that ass lmfaoooo

Nobody : Man the dialogue is so crisp! The quality of this dub is amazing.

Jake Sanft : "The spirit's back and pouring one out for itself!!" Damn I didn't realise I needed more ill so badly.

im really fly : if u changed the nerds voice into a deeper 1 it would have been funnier but then again I drive a civic

teewhaay : I can't lie. This abridged Batman Beyond audio is kind of on point yo.

ShiverMeTimbers : fucking groupies and their smash mouth

Solomon Cornish : All these late 90s - early 2000s references are so good lmao 😂

Jetstoanywhere : this just was not as good as the others, nice effort though

thevideosinc : nice use of 5 steps