Sims 4 BUT... Ken Is Happy With His Collection!

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Ken's human ant farm collection grows even more as an unsuspecting neighbour comes knocking on Kens door to welcome him to the neighbourhood to only be lead into his ant farm! If You Enjoyed Make Sure You Like And Subscribe And Press That Bell To Keep Notified! I hope you enjoy your stay and hopefully i'll you again tomorrow as I upload daily! Twitter: Facebook: Music: #sims4 #story #antfarm #humanantfarm #trappedsims #trappingsims #lockingdoors #xboxone #gaming #letsplay #sirteapot #evilsim #kenkush #humancollection #kush


Knights of the Geek Republic : Haven't played a Sims game in years but this looks fun and much more advanced than when I played the original Sims back in the early 2000s. Great vid bud! 👍

MumblesVideos : This was fantastic to watch I love these sim's gameplays they are so much fun and your commentary was fun too! Keep up the great work!

HoodieZNinja : Yo sims 4 is so great I love this and the mods people can do with it. This gameplay was amazing keep making more dude.

Ghidra Gaming : Haven't ever played a Sims game myself but always fun to see the chaos you can cause in these games

SWTOR NERD GAMING : Such a relaxing game to play.. I used to be so addicted.

Ian Poole : Great gameplay Sir Teapot and lolling at the rage at wanting people to leave

Shadowsteppkl : Awesooome!!Great video man!! +1 Big like from me!!See you arround :D😍🤗👌👍

Dominant Realm Gamers : this is an intense sims lets play love it!

RareInAmerica : A people zoo just what the world needs lol